Alphee's Horary Astrology, The Master's Work

Alphee’s newest Horary Book. A true milestone in Horary Astrology with over 50 charts covering many exciting examples. 

A perfect book for those who are smitten with the magic of the Art of Horary!

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Horary At Its Best!

A compilation of Alphee’s Horary articles from his past 6 years of writing for Dell Horoscope Magazine.

This book is a MUST in your Astrology Library.


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Lose This Book.... And Find It With Horary

This is the practical, definitive text to finding lsot articles through Horary techniques! Alphee’s second Horary book will teach you the rules of Horary as applied to lost articles and much more!

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Horary Lectures

Alphee’s first Horary book focuses on using Horary and applying it to questions that emerge in a counseling session. The book contains two Horary chart examples, one of which will answer 9 different questions using the same chart!

This book is a MUST for Your Bookshelf!

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Four Paths To God

This new and exciting book is for anyone who seeks inner peace and self realization! Alphee discovered a method using deeper interpretation of astrological aspects to find your own personal inner balance!

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