With a total of over 80 years of Astrology experience, we will help you find the answer for any question you may have! Whether you want to get a forecast for the year ahead, or get a compatibility reading on your new relationship, we can help you.

Each session focuses on one of the following topics:
– Natal Chart Reading. This is highly personalized analysis of your strengths based on your exact birth date and location. This session also includes a forecast into the near future.

– One Year Forecasting. For those who are just interested in what to expect of the next year, this counselling session is the best answer!

– Relationship and Compatibility. This type of session helps you find areas of stress and ease in your relationship. It works not just for new romantic relationships but also for other types of relations as well, such as relations between siblings or relations between children and parents.

– Horary Astrology. This a unique yet powerful approach to to find answer to any question you may ask!

We also offer Election Astrology Sessions and Chart Rectification Service

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Our Team

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Alphee Lavoie

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“If Astrology doesn’t work for you, don’t blame astrology, blame the astrologer” – Alphee Lavoie **Confirm its your quote

With over 50 years of Astrology experience, Alphee offers a full line of consultation services including:

– Natal Chart Reading

– One year Forecast

– Horary, Relationship and Compatibility

And many more!

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Carol Lavoie

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“We Dance around the Ring and Suppose, But the Secret sits in the Middle and Knows!” – Robert Frost

Carol is a full time counseling astrologer with 34 years of experience. Her clientele comes from all over the world for her natal chart and yearly forecast sessions.

Carol focuses on the following type of counselling:

– Natal Chart in depth analysis with 6-9 month forecast

– Yearly Update as a follow-up to the initial Natal Chart session

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