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Alphee Lavoie
The Astrologer’s Astrologer
For Over 51 Years


If Astrology didn’t work for you don’t blame Astrology, blame the Astrologer


Certified in counseling and rectification

51 years Experience as a full-time Astrologer

Alphee is the ”Astrologer’s Astrologer” who has many professional astrologers  turn to him for answers and advice for themselves and their clients.


Alphee offers a full line of consultation services    including:

  • Natal Chart Reading
  • One Year Forecast
  • Horary
  • Electional
  • Relationship/Compatibility
  • BirthTime Rectification

    All services are described below.

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    Alphee brings his 50 years of experience as a full-time professional astrologer to each of his consulting sessions. He uses many astrological techniques to give his clients the best answers. His versatility and success as an astrologer has brought him international recognition. For half a century he has helped many local and international clients in their life changing decision making process, with many of them being business owners. His clientele continues to grow with daily referrals.

             Astrology Natal Chart Reading – It’s All About YOU!  

First time reading with Alphee

In the spiritual groups it is said that planet Earth is the best schoolroom in the Universe.

   Our initial session lasts for about 1 and ½ hours as I take you through your chart and then look ahead into the next year. Your natal chart is calculated from your exact birth date, time and birthplace. The natal chart describes the potentials and liabilities that are inherent in your soul at the time of birth.  As I analyze all the planets and the relationship between them you’ll begin to see what you are able to achieve with ease in this life, what could be challenging as well as what the lessons behind the challenges are about and how to best handle them. Knowing this will give you an awareness to better use your energy to accomplish what you want and be more in control of your life situations.

I explain some of the ‘karmic’ issues as shown in the chart and how to work through them in this lifetime. Cycles repeat themselves and they are easy to see in the chart. You will understand why you repeat the same mistakes and ways to avoid that behavior. Remember, it is said that we choose the time to return to re-embody ourselves on the earth as this is the quickest school in our solar system in which to grow. We are here for specific reasons and the chart analysis will help you understand those reasons with more clarity and compassion for yourself.

As I tour you through your chart I’ll describe each planetary focus in your life and how the planets relate to one another. There are many astrological techniques employed to help you understand the deepest parts of yourself. We’ll talk about what to do when these influences touch your life and what you need to learn from both the positive and challenging energies. This consultation will help you capitalize on your potentials and to learn and grow from your weaknesses.

In our session I scrutinize every department of your life and make you aware of what’s in store. Each planet in your chart indicates a specific archetype of energy.  Knowing how to handle each energy is essential for success. My approach is both very practical and spiritual as I explain the energies as they act on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Once you understand these four levels of your being you can become a more complete, self actualized person.

This session also includes an overview into the year ahead.

Price $250

The Yearly Update Horoscope Chart 

In this session I focus on the present and what the next 12 months look like.   This is all based on your natal chart and how it will be aspected. I will tell you where you are in the bigger picture of  life’s cycles and how you are moving forward. I’ll provide you with specific months and days when you will need to pay attention to certain energies in order to use them to your advantage and improve your life.  I’ll also tell you what departments of your life will be in high focus and how you can best work with what life dishes out. You’ll be alerted to when the ‘potholes’ in the road of your life will appear during the next year and where you will need to slow down so that you don’t run off the road.

This session will give you a comprehensive month to month analysis for the entire year.  From this session you will be able to mark your calendar with all of these important dates. This hour long session is the best thing to help you navigate the year ahead like a champ with flying colors.

I employ many time tested, accurate astrological techniques for my predictive chart counseling session.

The session is recorded in mp3 format. After our recorded session I send you an email with the Url to pick up your recording to play it over and over. 

Price $250

Horary Astrology

   This is the magical branch of astrology that is closest to divination.  Horary technique allows the astrologer to answer a question by calculating a horoscope chart for the exact time at which the question was asked. In this regard it is similar to throwing the coins of the I Ching or laying out a Tarot spread as the client asks the question.

With horary there is no limit to the types of questions that can be answered. The theory behind horary is that the client has an important question in his mind and calls the astrologer when he’s passionate about knowing the answer. It is at that time that the planets in the sky are set up just the right way to give the correct answer. I believe that Christ said, ” my father will talk you through the heavens”; that’s exactly what horary astrologers work with.

When a client asks me the question i will then ask him dozens of questions in order to get as much clarity about his query. Once I feel confident that I know enough about the particulars of the situation I will clock the question and set up the horary chart. Within that day or the next I will give my client an in-depth answer to the question with step-by-step advice as to how best to handle the situation.

I began working with horary in the early 1960’s when this branch had been put on the back burner and was relatively unknown to the astrological community. Today professional astrologers send me their clients when they need horary charts.

I have authored three books on the subject and for the last 15 years have been writing a monthly column in the Dell horoscope magazine…and still do.

Here are just a few commonly asked questions that can be accurately answered by a horary chart:

Should I buy this house, I saw two different cars and want to know which one I should buy, I lost my diamond ring please help me find it, I went for an interview for a job..will I get it?, should I move my mother into a convalescent home, should we adopt this baby, should I invest in the stock, will my boyfriend ask me to marry him.

As you can see any question asked can be answered with horary astrology.

This is one of my favorite stories about using a horary chart.

In the mid 1980’s an 85-year-old woman called me.  She said,” Mr. Lavoie I don’t know what you do but a few people told me to call you telling me that you could help me.”  Her question was about her husband who just died and had a business partner. The business partner told her he was the sole owner of the industrial park where the business was located and therefore entitled to entire ownership of the business.  But that is not what her husband had told her. She was looking for the business papers but couldn’t find them any anywhere. She knew that they were in the house somewhere but just where was the mystery.

I took the time that she asked the question about the location of the missing papers and then called her back. Of course I tried to be sweet and cute in my handling of this dear 85-year-old woman. We began by clarifying the compass directions of north, south, east and west in her house.  I asked her to face Northeast from the center of her house and let me know if there is a hallway there. She said, “Yes”.  I then said, “Okay, let’s walk down the hall together. Does that lead to the garage?” With that she stopped and gasped, “Mr. Lavoie where are you?  I can’t see you anywhere but you must be somewhere in my house”.  Even though I was in my office in Connecticut she really thought that I was walking down the hall with her! Adorable!  I told her to take a few more steps to the upstairs and we did find the deed on the second floor of the garage and she was able to recover what she deserved from the business that her husband left behind.  Horary astrology, when read properly, is truly an amazingly accurate and helpful tool.

Price $150

Electional Astrology

This is the branch of astrology in which the astrologer finds the best day and time in the future to begin an action or endeavor. This election chart becomes the natal chart of that venture. You can do election chart for almost any activity such as, marriage, starting a business, sign corporation papers, move into a new home, send an important letter, begin a law suit, have surgery, and much more.

A good election chart brings all the right energies between the planets and houses that support the action that you want to take….and that gives it the strength to succeed.

You’ve heard the expression ‘being in the right place at the right time is a lot better than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.’ That’s where electional astrology comes in to give you the edge to succeed!

Just the other day my wife and I were at an art show. This woman came up to me and asked if I remembered her. I replied I don’t think so. She says, ‘ 43 years ago you did an election chart for the exact time for my husband and me to get married. And we are still married. Meet my husband again.’

In 1982 a new client made an appointment to have a session with me. Here’s his story.

He started a business 1980 investing close to $1 million but he had to close the business. He had heard about what astrology can do with an election chart. So I drew up a chart for the exact time for him to open this new business in the same field of electronics. I gave him a time of 6:50 AM.  We decided that he would advertise in the local paper and be open at 6.50am so everyone could stop by for hot coffee and a free gift. His business made him millions of dollars after that and still is going strong today.

In my 50 years as a professional astrologer I have done thousands of electional charts. The proof of electional astrology is always in the pudding. My wife Carol and I had a seven-year relationship before we got married. It was a rough one because it was on and off and on and off.  When we finally decided to get married I calculated and electional chart for 10:57 AM. I told the Minister don’t say I pronounce you man and wife until that exact time. While we were get married all my friends were in the back of the garden gazebo taking bets how long the marriage would last.

27 years later and Carol and I are stronger than ever!!


 Read the article that I wrote about how Electional works (Click here)

Price $250

Relationship and Compatibility

Astrology offers a wide range of insight through many of its different branches.

  One of the very best ways astrology can shed new awareness for couples is through the technique used in delineating relationships and compatibility between two people. This could be of a romantic in nature or involve a parent and child, business partners, siblings, person and a pet, or any other type of relationship.

Synastry charts show the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship through the needs of each person and how they handle different aspects of life with a partner. Relationship charts point out the areas of potential conflict and ease. It can show what keeps a couple together and why they love each other.  When two people understand the friction in the chart they can work it out so that it doesn’t become a deficit. Through this chart an astrologer can tell you exactly the reason for becoming involved in the relationship as well as the strength of the energies between you and what you have come together to accomplish as a couple. This compatibility reading is a must if two people are planning to spend their lives together.

These types of insights and awareness are brought to the foreground for all relationship readings. We know how difficult a job it is to raise children in today’s society. And to complicate matters many parents are raising children in an extended family.  Because the children are not of their blood extra problems can arise. For any parent a lack of understanding of the complex makeup of the child and how to relate with those energies make this session is a must. This type of chart reading can really make a huge difference as it reveals the patterns and energies that can create the stresses. Some kids need more hugging and others want their distance. Some kids have tremendous talent which need cultivation. Some kids need more guidance while others are clear about their direction. These are things a parent should know about each child. The synastry and relationship charts can help create more harmony through the understanding of the mix of the energies and how the parent can be more effective with the child.

Price $250

Chart Rectification Service

This branch of astrology can reveal the exact birth time that you were born. Since the 1930’s birth times have been recorded in most of the states in the USA. But are they all exactly accurate to the minute?  Some are close enough to work with but my experience for half a century shows that many can be off by half-hour and even more. A good astrologer needs specific information to rectify a chart. This information provided by the client must be accurate dates of major, life changing past events that occurred in the client’s life. With that data the exact birth time can be pinned down.

Is the exact time really that important?

Absolutely!! Using the exact time of birth allows you to calculate the exact degree that is on the horizon when you took your first breath. That is what determines the beginning point of the horoscope wheel. This starting point is called the Ascendant or rising sign. Without this information of the exact degree of the rising sign the entire chart can be thrown off in a natal session as well as for any future forecasting sessions. From that exact birth time we also calculate the Midheaven which is the point where the ecliptic intercepts the upper meridian. These two points are very important; especially if you are interested in forecasting future events.

I usually ask my clients for 7 to 10 exact days when major events happened in his/her life. The following is a list of the types of events that are necessary in order to accurately complete a chart rectification:

Change in career, promotion, arrests, major home moves, accidents, marriage, divorce, serious relationship, lawsuit, major health issues, operations, death of a family member father, mother, child, sibling, grandparents, spouse.

Another reason to have your chart rectified is that many people were born at home and not in a hospital. In those circumstances a birth time was omitted. If a family member can verify the birth occurring either during the day or night then we at least have a starting point to begin rectification.  If a person has absolutely no idea what time of the day he was born then it is extremely hard and an enormous amount of work to bring in an exact time. Of course some people call me without even knowing the exact day they were born which are cases that I won’t even attempt a rectification.

Once there is an accurately timed chart it is easy to give an accurate reading.

Price $250