Carol Counselling


Carol is a full time counseling astrologer with 34 years of experience. Her clientele comes from all over the world for her natal chart and yearly forecast sessions.

In our first session of our hour and half together I explain your natal chart for the first part and the second part focuses on a forecast for about 6-9 months.  I explain what is occurring now to help you understand the future energies that you will encounter and how the cycles might repeat themselves. I do not tell you what to do though will offer advice but all decision making is up to you. 

      The forecast portion is based on the cycles and predictive techniques that I use to explain what the energies are presenting and suggest how best to handle them. When we are plugged into our GPS we know where the highway is clear sailing as well as where the road blocks and bumpy roads are.  With this information it is so much easier to navigate the journey. When we understand how to handle life’s little surprises – when to make changes and when not to, when and why something is happening in our lives and what we need to learn – it is much easier to proceed. It’s the evolution of our soul that is the destination.

I begin every session with a brief prayer and invocation of gratitude.  I believe that you know yourself better than anyone else and encourage you to trust your instincts.  My natal chart sessions are designed to be empowering for you and provide an in-depth glimpse of yourself through my observations of your chart – explaining your patterns of behavior, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, talents and life lessons. I call this just a glimpse because this first session is 1.5 hours long and each personality is so complex that such a short time together cannot reveal all that you are. However,  it is sufficient to offer you enough information to review, reflect, and muse upon yourself to identify things that either you did not want to address or confirm what you already knew.  Without a doubt we are very complex beings!

Annual Update Sessions   @1 + hours

In this session I will discuss and layout your entire year’s energies using various astrological predictive techniques.  You’ll understand the larger cycles presently at work in your life and those that will come throughout the year. I then break down the months and weeks to pinpoint special times that are positive for action and also challenging. It’s a very comprehensive road map to give you full insight into the year ahead to mark your calendar and empower you to know how to get the best out of every single day.

What I need from you to make an appointment:   

When we schedule your appointment I discuss what will be done in the session as stated above.  You will need to have your exact birth time from the birth certificate on hand when we make our appointment. 

Payment may be made by check, credit card, money order, paypal or cash.

At this time all of my sessions are conducted over the phone or on Skype. If you are within the United States I will call you so there is no phone charge for you to incur.

As we talk I digitally record the session to later send to you either on a URL or CD so you have a record and can listen to it again.  At the end of our session you may ask some questions,  however, 99% of my clientele does not have any questions when finish our session.

               My Philosophy and Approach to Astrology

There are so many different schools of thought in astrology and how to approach a natal chart during a session. Some astrologers believe that our role is that of a therapist, psychologist,  healer, or psychic chart ‘reader’. It could be all of those but I prefer to consider myself just another pilgrim on a journey to my Divine Self. And that is the journey I would like to help you take as you explore your self and make wondrous discoveries.

My philosophy and approach to a session is really quite simple. I  use the modern methods of Western astrology (not to be mistaken for the Classical approach) which encompasses the more humanistic approach, which was debuted and popularized by the in-depth teachings of esteemed astrologer, Dane Rudhyar. Later is was modernized by other such renown astrologers as Steven Arroyo, Michael Meyers, Howard Sasportas, Richard Ideman and many superb experts in astrology, including my husband, Alphee.

Astrology is mathematically based.  The calculations come from the  numerical data of the birth date, time and location, with many adjustments and corrections being made for such things as time zones and daylight savings, precession corrected, type of zodiac used, house selection, etc. The resultant astrological chart is precisely calculated and in today’s world the computers and astrology software can do that within one minute. The calculated horoscope is filled with symbols and numbers in various sections called houses. Astrology is a symbolic language set on a stage of geometric angles and divisions. These are what we need to have in our toolbox in order to accurately interpret a horoscope chart for an individual.

As you can see astrology is a nuts and bolts science. It is not psychic work. People often ask if I am a psychic. I am not. I am highly intuitive and always guided by my God Self, my Beloved I AM Presence.  And there is a difference. We are all naturally intuitive to some degree.

To me astrology is a wholistic science that lends itself to all areas in life. In fact, last count there were over 80 specialized branches of astrology! As an NCGR Level IV certified astrologer we need to study for years to be able to accurately and effectively counsel someone through their chart.

For me approaching a chart is like watching an unopened flower before it blossoms – there is some color and form, but the essence is not yet fully revealed – exactly what shape it will take is not yet known. Those are the potentials – will the flower come to term intact? Be pollinated and bear its fruit? Will some of the petals wither? Will certain parts fall from outside stresses, will it be able to withstand attacks on its stem and roots from other outside itself?

So when I first see a client and open my computer to their chart, I wonder at all of these potentials. Who are you and what will transpire in your life? I do feel that the chart is the reflection of the heavenly energies that each sensitive point embodies. I do feel that each of the archetypal energies are present in us and at our disposal to aid us in fulfilling our daily and many-fold ‘ultimate’ Divine Plan. I do believe that life continues on after the change called death but I never impose that belief on a client though we do talk about their baggage from their past and how to deal with it.

Sometimes clients call and ask if this will conflict with their religious beliefs. I tell them that it will not though I do make reference to God, the Presence, the Universal Spirit. When one is undergoing self realization spiritual foundations are involved as it is our essence but there is no conflict with one’s chosen religion. I explain that this session is all about you – who you are, what makes you uniquely you and how you can better understand and grow in conscious awareness to more successfully interface with your life. It’s designed to assist in your personal evolution.

I look forward to being of assistance to you in your own journey to the Divine within.  God bless you!

Fees for consultations: 

1) Natal Chart Session – Our first full natal session is 1.5 hours long and includes a 6-9 month forecast.  The fee is $195.00 and I digitally record the session to sent you.

2) Yearly Update – Our next session will be the yearly update which is about 1 hour + long for $195.00 – the session is recorded and sent you.

I do appreciate your referring family and friends for a session.

Payment accepted by Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, money orders, checks and cash.

God bless you and your loved ones.