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This is Alphee’s second horary book and book stores can’t keep it on the shelves!!  This is the practical, definitive text to finding lost articles through horary techniques.  In this informative how-to-do book, Alphee, the Master of the Art of Horary, will teach you:

* The rules of horary as applied to lost articles

*  How to apply these rules through actual step by step, in depth chart delineations.

*  How to find missing items for complicated situations, i.e., step-daughter’s mother’s friend’s ring.

* How to calculate timing, direction and distance for recovery

copyright 1995


“No other text on horary to my knowledge has concentrated on this most difficult type of horary question.  This may be something of a first in horary literature.  And it is rendered by a master of the subject.” ROB  HAND

“I’ve been deeply involved in astrology for many years, and yet Alphee Lavoie still manages to maze me with the accuracy of his work.  I’m pleased to see that he’s at last written a book in which he reveals some of the techniques behind his astonishing skills,”  STEVE  FORREST

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