Horary Lectures Book



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This book is Alphee’s first horary book and is an outstanding volume, transcribed from the tapes of his Thursday night classes on Horary.  The focus is using horary and applying it to types of questions that emerge in a counseling session. Horary Lectures offers in sight and techniques that will be found in no other book as they come from Alphee’s 34 years of experience and discoveries about what truly works in horary and what does not!   The book contains two horary chart examples, one of which will answer 9 different horary questions using the same chart!  This book is a Must for your Bookshelf!

“I like a book that reads the way a person talks.  With Lavoie there is no beating around the bush.  He gets straight to work telling you things you’ve always wanted to know about horary.  Lavoie’s down-home common sense approach comes from his 34 years of full-time horary counseling.  He has moved beyond his teacher, Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson’s teaching through his own experiences.  She would be pleased.  This book was much too short.”


Merilyn Artman-Zaitoon, Mountain Astrologer Magazine, 1991

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