Alphee’s Trading System




The Alphee Trading System was designed for the nonprofessional stock traders who want to make money with the stock market. I spend over 40 years researching using astrology techniques in the stock market.
The ATS1 has some real good forecasting modules. It is design to forecast when to get into a stock and went to get out of it to make money. You can check a list of stocks to find out which one you should buy and sell for a quick and fast profit. Another great feature of the program is to watch long term forecast for your mutual fund, dividend funds, or any stocks in your IRA or 401(k). We put forecasting modules in here that was only available in our $3500.00 Titanium Program. The AST1 has over 10 different forecasting techniques. Price $499.00
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Features in Alphee’s Trading System:

Astrology: You may enter and calculate a horoscope for any date that you want. Set up and manipulate chart files with the following module.


By clicking anywhere on the screen on the price graph to see all the planetary positions and aspects for that day. This is a terrific feature to show which astrological energy moves that market.

The NeuralNet Module in this software  educates itself and creates an artificial intelligence to forecast the future trend of the stock under study. Before today this module was only found in our Titanium trading software. 


The Bradley Module is another forecasting module, derived from Donald Bradley’s techniques. We go beyond his technique by optimizing weights and values of the astrological criteria to the movement of price. When the artificial intelligence can predict the past movement of the price then we project the results in the future forecasts.


The Natural Cycle Module. This will forecast future price movement by using only the planetary positions.

The Composite Module.  This excellent feature shows the movement of each planet, the relationship with each other and how it affects the market on the study.


The Rating Module is a very important part of the software to help you know when to buying and when to sell. It works with the first trade chart (the day and time that a stock had its first trade). The software uses its special artificial intelligence module to show when the stock has potential to go up or down. The density of the color shows you how strong or weak the stock is. This is what I personally use to find out which stock I am buying each week and when to buy and when to sell it.


The Multi-box Module is one that I designed specifically to watch my dividend stock and mutual funds. When you are working with a mutual fund or dividend stock it is imperative to know when the stock begins to go down and when to sell. This module shows me how long the stock has a trend to stay up or go up and when it will begin to lose that strength alerting me that I need to sell it.  It’s one of the best features in this software to keep track of the all that you are trading. 


The Astro Model Module is a fast and quick way to get results for certain markets. In that module I also made some models to forecast intraday.  

The Statistic Module calculates how many times an aspect occurred; how many times the stock went up and how many times the stock went down.


The Technical Analysis module allows you to draw  Support and Resistance lines for many techniques.  

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The Composite Module is an excellent module to show the trader how the planets in sign or aspect between planets react in the market under study.


The Compare Module lets you compare any stocks to your natal horoscope to see how compatible you are with that stock.