Alphee Trading System one


ATS1 Technique Descriptions:


ATS1 Overview:




Bradley: Calculate a graph using the Bradley technique.


Chart Wheel: How to calculate charts and save chart files.


Compare: Compare the natal chart against an IPO chart file.


Composite: Calculates how a stock performed over a period of time.


Dow Jones: Working with the Dow Jones.


Fibonacci: Calculates Fibonacci, support and resistance lines on a graph.


Filing: Use to move IPOs from one chart file to another.


Icons Buttons: Shows what each program icon does.



Indicators: How to work with different technical indicators.


Internet: How to use the Internet to get information to help you trade.


IPO: How to get the time for the first-trade chart IPOs.


Intraday: How to work with intraday data.


Load Prices Data: How to load prices.


Load Prices Data 2: How to lower prices to work with.


Multi Box: Calculate the weights of stocks and forecast their future.


Natural Cycle: Different models to calculate a future forecast for stocks.


Neural Network: One of the best mathematical methods to calculate future forecasts of stocks.


Rating: Calculates the strength of the stock for the future.


Rating Saving Forecast: Calculates the strength of the stock for the future.


RSI: How to work with Relative Strength indicator. 


Screening: Different screening concepts for choosing stocks to trade.


Set Up Program: How to set up the program. The program Setup must be completed before using the program.


URL HTM:  This file is like a new training directory showing you many URLs on the internet that offer insights in trading to help you make better trades.



There are YouTube videos for the Alphee Trading System webinars. You need to be connected to the Internet to view these webinars.

Webinar 1

Webinar 2