Alphee’s Air Software’s New Features in Star Trax update 7.2

1 – Star Trax 7.2 comes with an “Extra Disc” that allows you to work with over 1800 asteroids. The program allows you to work with 20 at a time.

2 – In ‘Techniques’ we added a feature to find out which asteroids fit better with your natal chart. (or any natal chart)

3 – There are many new designs for printing horoscope wheels

4 – In ‘Dynamic Astrology Module Blackbox Scheme’ we’ve updated all the astrological models.

5 – Also in the ‘Dynamic Astrology Module’ we added a new feature called ‘Profiles’. Check it out.. it’s really neat!

6 – In the ‘Fast Election Module’ you no longer have to keep clicking to advance  every minute. You can set it on ‘automatic’ and it will continue analyzing minute by minute for as long as you let it run. The benefit is that it keeps track of the best chart and places it at the top of the list. What a timesaver!

7 –  At the top left of your screen you will see the date that the Star Trax program was last updated.

8 – We’ve added a few new screen horoscope displays

9 –  ‘rectify_example’ –  This is a very thorough and complete tutorial on how to accurately rectify charts presented by Alphee!     Alphee’s Air Software Star Trax 7.2 is the most complete, powerful and all around astrological software program for today’s Astrologers!