The Titanium Stock Market Trading Software


The Titanium Market Trader Program


The Titanium has all the features of the Bronze , the Sterling Silver and the 24K Gold plus the following features.

The MarketTrader Titanium is one most powerful, complete and accurate Astro Finance Programs on the market today. The MarketTrader Titanium has five back testing modules that educates itself using past historical market prices for any stock and projects this study into the future to help you make better trades. The program now has the capacity of working with Uranian planets, fixed stars, hundreds of asteroids and other important points in the heavens, such as Galactic Center, etc. What makes the Titanium so powerful is the fact that it has the ability to do many different studies simultaneously for a stock. This is an excellent feature allowing you freedom away from the computer along with the capability of adding different studies. You can set options for the Easy Expert, Composite Expert and a Blackbox Expert and save these options to a chart file.  At any time, you can load these presaved study options and the computer will analyze all these modules one after the other, superimposing each study on the main screen.

The Titanium is  the top-of-the-line, state of the art program in our Market Trader series.  There’s nothing on the market that even comes close to what we offer with this program.  It includes all features described in all of the previous versions and covers all issues of financial astrology. We continuously upgrade this program and develop new add-ons.

An Overview of the Market Trader Titanium

THE SUPER SEARCH MODULE: Calculates hundreds of Astrological/Astronomical criteria and ties it to the stocks’ historicalprice. It works with the efficiency testing module to study the strength of any criteria. You can set it to work with only one criterion or many criteria at one time.

THE EFFICIENCY TESTING MODULE: This module is extremely important to use when working with the markets. It graphs the strength of the aspects and displays the percentage of the up-and-down movement of the stock.

THE STATISTIC MODULE: This module works on different types of statistical algorithms to help analyze the astrological/astronomical strength of each of the chosen criteria. You can then use these findings to educate the artificial intelligence in the Black Box Expert to make future predictions.

THE BLACK BOX EXPERT MODULE: This module is the backbone of the Market Trader Titanium program. It utilizes all types of statistical and fuzzy logic mathematics to educate the artificial intelligence using past historical stock prices. When the artificial intelligence conforms with the historical stock price, the module projects the graph into the future to help you make decisions on when to buy and sell the stock.

THE COMPOSITE EXPORT MODULE: This module takes the historical price, calculates every day that each Astrological criteria happens and displays an average price movement graph. Choose to work with transits to transits (planets in the sky) or transits to a natal chart (1st trade or corporation horoscope). This is a quick and easy way to view how each planetary position in every degree opening between a planetary pair affects the market.

THE LARRY EXPERT MODULE:  This module works with the Golden means and Fibonacci numbers.

THE EASY EXPERT MODULE: This module is a very powerful module it works with past historical events and projects strength arrows indicating the potential of the market understudy if it is going up or down.

THE NEURALNET EXPERT MODULE: This module uses NeuralNet mathematics and all kinds of Astrological criteria projecting future potential of the market understudy.

THE EPHEMERIS MODULE: This module enables the user to look at ephemeris table for different types of the zodiac. It also has the ability to view all these ephemeris tables on the vertical or horizontal graph known as graphics ephemeris.

THE TRANSITING CHART MODULE: This module provides an excellent and easy way to 10 see visuals to analyze different astronomical phenomena on the price graph.

THE MULTI- SEARCH MODULE: This module enables the user to scan files of horoscope for all types of different Astrological criteria. The searches can be made to find phenomena within the natal chart or to find transiting phenomena to the natal chart.

THE ANGLE ANALYZER MODULE: This module is used to quickly view how planetary positions or openings between planets affect certain markets. THE STEPPING MODULE: This is one of Bayer’s famous techniques. You can choose a top of bottom, planetary pair and an angular opening to project future tops and bottom.

THE TREND LINE MODULE: Allows to draw trend line on the price graph.

THE CYCLE ANALYZER MODULE: This started as an experimental techniques. It is very good to find patterns between the price chart and Astrological cycles.

THE BRADLEY BAROMETER MODULE: This module allows you to work with the Bradley techniques. It has all kinds of different options to work with.

KNOWLEDGE BELL MODULE: This module allows you to save important criteria to help you make future decisions. To get instructions on how to use the Bell Icon go or my web site The right find the button and MT studies. Then click on video studies by Alphee. There you will find many construction on how to use some more ingenious part of the software.

RATING MODULE: This module allows you to rate first-trade charts. Compare your natal chart to the best stock chart.

PLANETARY LINE: This module allows you to draw gains planetary lines and goes way beyond that.

EXPERIMENTAL TECHNIQUES: This module allows you to work with regular cycles not astronomical.

THE ALARM CLOCK: This module will calculate future days for transit to transit, transit to natal chart, ingress, planets changing direction.

NEW BRADLEY MODULE: This module will calculate Bradley Barometer graphs using specific models.

TASK FEATURE: This feature allows you to calculate one or more module at one time.  You can setup an Easy Expert, BlackBox and a Composite save the setup in TASK. From the main screen you can open this task and the computer will calculate everything in the task and project all the graphs to the main screen.

Now for the meat of this program!  The Titanium allows you to work with additional astronomical objects such as 5000 asteroids, the eight Uranian planets, fixed stars, the galactic center and many other points.

The NEW Bradley Barometer Created By Air Software. This Barometer technique goes far beyond the regular Bradley.  It allows you to create and test your own models.  With slide switches you can change the aspect strength to fit the past prices.  This proves itself to yield much more accuracy than the old Bradley method.


The Easy Expert Module
  is an incredibly powerful module, calculated using statistic mathematics providing the analysis of hundreds of astrological phenomena and gives you the forecast based on this analysis:

The red and blue arrows represent the most possible price movements in respect to the analyzed events. You can create more complicated models based on a combination of the Easy Expert and Neural Net models.

The Neural Net module  –  Neural Net mathematics is one of the best algorithms for curve fitting cycles.  Again this module educates itself using astrology/astronomy criteria according to the stock or market’s past performance and uses this intelligence to make a future forecasts. Just this module alone is worth the price of the entire program!

The following graph is a Dow Jones forecast create with the NeuralNet Expert Module

The Cycle Module
 not only allows you to work with planetary cycles but also allows you to work with regular days, months and yearly cycles (not astrological cycle).  Again, it will use the Neural Net or the BlackBox to educate and optimize your prediction forecast.

Compared to the previous versions of Market Trader, almost all modules in the Titanium are modified.  For example, in the Composite module in Titanium, you can observe the turning points regarding any planetary cycle:


Quick Task Solutions
  is an extremely useful feature that allows you to run the ready models using all four artificial intelligence modules at once. The results of each forecast  will be superimposed on the main screen. If three of the four forecasts calculated with different mathematical techniques points to the same turning point, you can take your money to the bank.

The following graph was calculated using the Easy Expert and the Neural Net module.  The green line graph is a forecast from the NeuralNet module and the red and blue arrows are the forecast from Easy Expert module.


The following graphs were calculated using all four methods of the artificial intelligence and then superimposed over one another. Everyone that these graphs are calculated with different mathematical techniques


Take a look at the graph above.  The heavy Green line is a Neural Net calculation.  The magenta line is the Composite calculation.  The blue line is the BlackBox calculation.  And, of course, red and blue arrow comes from Easy Expert. Notice in this graph that the Neural Net represented by the Green line hugs the black line (the real price) in the blue section. This is how good a fit it makes to the curve!

If you observe this graph you will see that all four forecasts point to a BUY on March 16th and March 22nd.  All 4 forecasts point to a SELL on March 29th.   Noticed that after the 29th a sharp down is indicated.

You don’t need to know any astrology to use any of the artificial intelligence modules in the market trader software.  The program comes with proven models that work to help you make decisions in your trading.  It allows you to create your own models.

The users of Titanium version can get several add-ons to the program:

  • Add-On to find the most influential asteroids (the search is done among thousands of them).
  • Add-On to find the most influential planetary pictures.
  • Traders Hit  List which allows you to work with the list of first trade charts, displaying everyday planetary weather for each one of them: