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NOSTRADAMUS V.3 – Horary Program With A.I.

Nostradamus V.3 is a stand alone program and its Artificial Intelligence will easily and accurately answer questions such as those posed above. And, now, it is even more accurate and easy to use than ever!
The Nostradamus II computer program is written by the world re-known MASTER OF HORARY, ALPHEE LAVOIE, who gave it a brain of Artificial Intelligence! Nostradamus V.3 has been completely revised and is absolutely amazing…if you have any questions for which you need to know the correct answer, then this program is a MUST HAVE! With Nostradamus II in your computer, it is like having Alphee right by your side, answering your important questions!
It is a complete horary program with artificial intelligence. That means the program understands English! Just type in the question as if you were asking Alphee, and Nostradamus will use all the horary rules,
give delineations, and a complete, real ANSWER!
Should you travel? How will the interview go? Is the doctor’s diagnosis correct? Will this appointment be positive for your relationship? Is this the right doctor for your friend? Point to the direction that I should go to buy a lottery ticket. Will my daughter marry this man? Is my child safe at this school? Should my son’s friend go to this college or that college?
Nostradamus V.3 knows everything! And all aspects in the horary chart are delineated on screen, including the Moon’s first and last aspects along with planetary aspects. Choose either Modern or Classical settings. The program allows you to set any planet to rule any sign that you wish. The program weighs all of Lilly’s dignities and debilities for each planet and uses terms, faces, trips and dispositor. Planetary hours and lunar days are also given.
This Window is the Data Entry Screen for the chart data. Just ask the question by typing it in English in the entry box, then view the chart wheel instantly along with the chart aspects, pertinent information, aspects and delineation, lunar hours and days, and the Answer bar in red and green percentages. The artificial intelligence in Nostradamus is so smart that it even tells you how strong the YES and NO answer is! The higher the percentage in green lights, the stronger the YES answer is and the higher the percentage in red lights the stronger the NO is.
1) Just type in the question as I did below:

The answer is YES to “should I apply for this job”. Under the Final Conclusion Header it shows 83% green lights which is a very strong YES.
The calculated result for the question
Displayed under the heading of Astrological Details are all astrological criteria and weights that the artificial intelligence uses to arrive at the answer.
Horoscope Wheel
You can display the horoscope wheel for the question and make your own assessment .
Nostradamus V.3 provides you with lots of information to help you analyze the question. Below you will see the window that contains a short description for the aspects to the rulers. It will also give you exact timing of important aspects.
REMEMBER: This is not a report writer; this delineation is just to give you more insight regarding the question.

The INSIGHT module is another information module. It will not actually tell you a specific answer but does offer important insight, suggestions, and advice regarding the question posed. Below is the Insight window:
For each question Nostradamus V.3 will give you the Lunar Day, the Planetary Day and the Planetary Hour

Local Space Chart
Using Local space techniques to find lost articles in Horary is a technique discovered by ALPHEE! It is just one of his many discoveries in astrology that is changing the way we use astrology and makes it even more accurate and precise! Nostradamus V.3 will point to the direction of the lost article, or to a bank where you can get a loan, or to the direction to take to look for a job……. the possibilities are unlimited! It will also give you Distance and Timing.

Displays Planetary hours and planetary strengths with two choices of either Ptolemy or Egyptian.

Arabic Parts
You can also analyze Arabic parts in your horary question. The program comes with 68 Arabic parts and you can create your own parts to save to disk. We created a very unique module to deal with the Arabic parts and it provides a fast and easy way to analyze many, many parts.

Nostradamus V.3 gives you a lot more
By clicking on the ‘Describe and Info’ buttons you may find additional information that will describe, clarify, who, what, where and distance of people, places, things, compass directions, timing, outcomes and health conditions! It even offers advice to improve situations. Find out :
“Should my daughter go to this college or that college?”, “How can I improve my relationship with my son?”, “Clarify my father’s health”, “Point to the bank where I can get the loan”, “Describe my new boss”, “Will my boyfriend come back to me?”, “Where is my lost diamond ring?”, “How far away is my stolen car?”, “Should I take this new job?” “Who stole my ring?”…it can also describe who did it and so much more.
Nostradamus V.3 displays all lunar aspects with times of occurrence. The program has a brand new interface and gorgeous screens with excellent graphics! Choose from 26 different wheel styles and colors! Print out the horary wheel in gorgeous color. Make and save notes about each chart. Nostradamus II is a stand-alone program. Tailor the program calculations to your specifications by choosing the house system you wish to use, select parallax or abberation, select to use the True or Mean nodes. We have pre-made models already in the program for you, but you can change the rules and weights of the A.I. model yourself at any time.
The Nostradamus V.3 is also a chart calculating program so you can calculate horoscopes for any date, time, place, save any them to files, and retrieve them as you wish. And there is another fantastic feature that we offer you! You can ADD NOTES to your horary charts so that when you retrieve the chart at later date there is a reminder about what occurred with the chart. You can update these notes at anytime. It is a really neat feature so that you can review the exact information that you gave your client regarding that horary.. You can send the chart wheels to a file, to a clipboard, or the printer. The program comes with an atlas). The program offers you a choice of using over 30 beautiful chart wheel formats in 25 different colors. They are all just Gorgeous!
The program offers you a choice of using either the artificial intelligence to arrive at the proper houses (the Querent and the Quesited) or manually entering the proper houses.
The A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) even understands homonyms (words with multiple meanings), such as safe, lie, or sign, and asks you to select the correct one! The documentation comes with a dictionary of the words that are utilized by the A.I. in the program. The program will even correct misspelled words and suggest corrected ones! Now that’s a SMART piece of software!
It will also make comparisons, so if you want to make a purchase of a car and don’t know which one is the best for you, you may ask, “Should I buy this car or that car or the other car?”
Nostradamus V.3 is a very smart program that helps you to arrive at the right answer for all your horary questions! There is no other program like Nostradamus V.3 and no other program that gives you so much information about a horary question….and in-depth RIGHT answers!
If you already work with horary or are just learning this fascinating branch of astrology, then Nostradamus V.3 is a great partner to have!
You can view each astrological criteria and the assigned weight used in our calculations, making this program an excellent learning tool.

if you use a word that is not in the program’s dictionary, that word will be automatically sent to our webpage where it will be added to the dictionary . Periodically we will place the new dictionary on our web site to be downloaded.

Just listen to what owners of our Nostradamus V.3 have to say about it:
“I’ve been using Nostradamus right from the start and never, ever thought that a computer program could give me an answer to a question. I was so amazed when Nostradamus gave me the correct answer to a very serious and important question. It guided my decision and changed my life. And I just bought Nostradamus V.3 which is greatly improved than the original one. Thanks so much Alphee… I know that I can trust Nostradamus V.3 to help me guide my life!” C. P.
“I can’t believe that Nostradamus found my credit card for me at the conference!” J.P.
“I am not a novice at either horary or astrology. I find Nostradamus a wonderful aid to anyone using horary and a great way to learn the fundamentals of the system. It’s accuracy really amazes me!”. M.B.
If you already own Nostradamus in Windows you may update. And if you are new to Nostradamus V.3 you are in for a real treat!
Watch the video on the features Of the Nostradamus Program