Super Search – Find any celestial phenomena

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SUPERSEARCH by AIR Software is so complete that there is nothing to compare it with and nothing else even comes close. That’s why we call it SUPERSEARCH Software. With this program you are able to search for hundreds of astrological /astronomical criteria or techniques in seconds. Your search can be a simple find when Jupiter squares Uranus. Or it can be as complex as you want. For example, you may want to know when Mercury reaches its maximum speed and squares the Moon or squares Mars in the sign of Cancer, and when Mars is retrograde. You can set up to for search this and that or this or that, or these but not that. You can search for Uranus square Pluto for 1000 years in 13 seconds.





Search high and low….This program is so complete that there is nothing , not even close, like this anywhere else!
It comes with 7 instructional Videos
Showing You Step By Step How To Use The Program

The SuperSearch program now runs with our NEW fast ephemeris calculator. You can find aspects between two bodies for over 2000 years in less than 17 seconds.
Update to work with 2000 Asteroids

Check all the features of this program you can find anything in the past and in the future
The SuperSearch Program will conduct all types of multiple searches. It will ‘search’ in different Zodiacs … geocentric, heliocentric, declination, geocentric or heliocentric latitude, spherical angles (aspects in both declinations and geocentric positions), and right ascension. You can do searches for transits to transits or transits to any natal charts.
Search for days of any aspects or any angle between a pair of planet or midpoints. Find planetary pictures, the speed of planets, speed difference between a pair of planets, direction or acceleration of planets, slowest or maximum speed of any planets, eclipses, moon phases, planetary phases, orbits, ascending and descending nodes, Perigee, Apogee, retrograde, mutual reception by planets or by houses. Find planets for any position in the any zodiac. You can also find planets waning or waxing, void of course moons, planetary patterns such as grand trines, grand squares, etc and much, much more. You can search for planetary pictures (make your own) or Arabic parts. You can also use all known aspects or create your own for a search.
The sky is still the limit!Check this out:

Your searches can be straightforward or as complex as the following:

Find days when Mars conjuncts the transiting Midheaven on Tuesday or when Mars conjuncts the Moon on Friday.
Find when Mercury reaches its maximum speed and squares the Moon or squares Mars in the sign of Cancer. And include when Mars is retrograde too.
YES! It works with transiting angles and houses. This is incredible! WATCH THIS.
Find a chart that has Jupiter is in the fifth house trining the Ascendant, the ruler of the fifth house conjunct, sextile or trine a planet in the second house and the ruler of the second house is exalted or dignified.
If this is not complex enough for you ,you can go on and on .
You can set up to for search this and that or this or that, or these but not that.
Select up to 100’s different searches simultaneously and do multiple searches at lightning speed.
You can search for a month, 50 years, 200 years 1000 years or more. The program allows you to set for accuracy versus speed. The higher the accuracy, the longer the search. This is a great feature that allows you to zero in on certain time spans and then reset your search for more accuracy. This is wonderful if you are searching for 300 years or more in time.
The search findings are displayed graphically and numerically.

Click the mouse on any ‘finding’ lines and the chart will be displayed for that date and time. You can calculate and use 46 different kinds of predictive techniques to analyze these charts.

You can even use our famous Time Tunnel module to work with this chart or any chart that you have calculated and saved to disk.

A Chart Filter Module: You can set any type of criteria, search an entire chart file to see which charts will have this criteria coming up in the future.
Don’t be fooled by other programs with similar names. Super Search by AIR does it all.. there’s nothing like it anywhere!