Rectification V 3 – Precision Chart Rectification

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Rectifying a birth time can be difficult using a regular astrology program. Having had to rectified thousands of chart in my practice I decided to write a rectification software to make my job easier. WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MAKES WHEN YOU HAVE AND USE THE PROPER TOOLS. I highly recommend this program to rectify natal charts.
This Rectification Software Program is a stand alone program. It has many advanced and sophisticated features to offer you more techniques and information to make chart rectification easier and faster.
Load the chart to be rectified. Set the amount of hours, aspects and events that you want to include in your calculation. I recommend using 7 to 10 life events.

Set the predictive techniques that you want. You may select as many as you want. There are 47 different predictive techniques. I prefer to use solar arcs (direct and converse) and transit to zero in on a time. Then I will test other techniques to see if the time holds true.

The special scanning mathematical feature will find important aspects to the angles for each events and predictive techniques, helping you to zero in on specific clock times.
What a treat!

Using the time scale and a special scanning chart feature makes it so easy to zero in on a exact birth time.