Astrological Report Writer



Our newest software program will blow your socks off! Alphee and Air Software are featuring our new Report Writer with the text written by Astrologer, Bernie Ashman. This software is truly one of a kind as it does so much. Our program is incredibly thorough and complete because you receive a fantastic Natal report and also a complete Transit and Progressed Report as well!

And, as a bonus, the program also calculates an attractive colored Graphic Astro Profile to print out for you or your clients! 

This report can be printed out or saved to Rich Text File so you can send it on the internet to your clients.

Here’s what will be included:

This is a full, complete Natal Report delineation of all the Planets in signs from Sun to Pluto, Houses, Aspects, the Nodes, and Ascendant.

This report shows you all of your daily dates as well as a full delineation for that transit. Select to see or print Transits for 1 year, 3 years, 5 years or 10 years ahead! This feature is filled with incredible information so you will know the exact dates of heavenly activity that are coming. Now you can get the edge to plan ahead with this feature. Mark your calendar accordingly or just keep this information by your side on a daily basis to check and see your ‘good and bad’ days ahead of time.

Another added feature to this program is the Progressed Report. Similar to the Transit Report it gives you dates and delineations for each aspect and house position of the planets. With this report you will be able to discover where your progressed planets are  for 3, 5, or 10 years!

This information is very important for the astrologer or client to further discover many more times that can bring you ease, prosperity, success or potholes down the road.

The Astro Profile in an amazing feature. It is a linear graph displaying red and green bars for each of the twelve houses showing you days that are beneficial and easy as well as those that can be problematic. It’s absolutely amazing and will alert you to ‘good and bad’
days, at a glance! 

To watch an overview video of this program click on this URL