Alphee’s Mentoring Course



Alphee’s Mentoring Course of 38 Hours of Classes

When Alphee talks you know everyone turns their head to listen to him speak about his life long career In Astrology!

It’s no surprise that he is one of the most sought after astrologers to lecture at the major conferences, both nationally and internationally. He began to work with clients in 1965. Since the early 70’s he has been booked up a year ahead with clients who then referred many of their friends and family members to him for astrology chart sessions. Now that he is approaching 90 years of age he has changed his course of work, retiring from client counseling and moving instead into more online teaching.

Through his online Mentoring Course you will be able to watch this Master Astrologer teach you so much about astrology, particularly related to how to effectively work with clients. You will be able to watch all of the 19 audio/visual recordings of Alphee in action through this online venue. There are also questions and answers on the recording by the audience. Similar to his outstanding popular Horary Certification Course, this Mentoring Course contains 19 jammed packed classes by the Master of the subject himself.

Here’s the run down of exactly what you will learn from Alphee when taking this exciting Mentoring Course!

He begins with his view on Houses as they are one of the most important components in the chart and really need to be studied fully. Without knowing what each house contains and reveals the study of astrology is not complete.

Next he introduces his view to the 12 Planets that comprise the actions taken through them in the houses. Each planet has its own characteristics and it is very important for you to know how they act and react to each other in the chart. Some are very harmonious while others create great friction. All of this reflects back to us how our personality acts and reacts to external events.

Class 3 focuses on the aspects between the planets and how they interact with each other. This is a very important concept needed to be understood more completely in the chart. These three topics provide a solid foundation for the rest of the chart interpretation.

Keeping in a similar vein, Alphee now introduces you to the Chart Patterns recognized by a very well known astrologer, Mark Edmund Jones. These special chart patterns provide much understanding to the patterns of action that a client aligns and reacts to.

Class 5 is where you will look at the actual chart that Alphee pulls from his files to decipher the houses, planets, and aspects in relationship to each other. This is where the actual beginning of a chart reading occurs.

In Class 6 he then moves into a phase that he refers to, ‘Looking at the Big Picture.’ This begins to open you to seeing many things that are taking place in the chart (and the clients life) with a high powered lens. This provides you with so much information… some in the here and now and some taking you beyond today’s happenings.

Now in both Class 7 and 8 you will be taught many of the important Prediction echniques that you will need when reading a chart.

Next in Class 9 and 10 Alphee conducts a live natal chart reading with a client.

And in Class 11 he conducts a full counseling session showing you how to do a yearly update for a client.

Class 12 is about digging deeper into the natal chart to discover more about how the client confronts and handles different situations in his life.

Class 13 is all about relationships. Alphee uses the Davison chart between two people when he works on a relationship chart. It could cover man and woman, friends, parent and child and a host of other pairings.

Class 14, 15, and 16 focuses on Horary Astrology which is a very valuable tool when working with clients. As we go further you’ll see the benefit of using horary with a client.

Class 17 is one of Alphee’s most favorite topics! He loves to share about his book, 4 Paths to God! It’s a very special book and if you take the course I know he will tell you all about this discovery of his and how it has enhanced his life!

Class 18 is a focus on the planets Jupiter and Saturn.

Finally, Class 19 focuses on a lecture by Alphee on Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.