Alphee’s Horary Certification Course




 We are offering three-levels of certification for this complete Horary course. You can buy Level I to begin with and upon completion of the coursework and passing the exam you will be awarded a Diploma of Certification. When you are ready you may then proceed to Level II and receive Certification for that and then on to the finish line with Level III. The course contains over 75 hours of video teaching by the internationally renowned astrologer, Alphee Lavoie. His expertise in the art of horary is established worldwide.  

Alphee is a certified astrologer, NCGR Level IV in counseling and rectification, though his expertise extends to Horary, Electional and other branches of astrology. His reputation as an expert astrologer is known across the globe and he is considered THE leading astrologer in Horary. Since the 70’s he has lectured at every UAC, NCGR and AFA conference. He’s also lectured at ISAR, OPA and many national conferences, worldwide, throughout the USA and even locally in Connecticut. He has been featured on local and national TV and radio shows and also recognized as a leader in the field of financial astrology, offering clients the benefits of his line of financial software. 

Alphee has been counseling clients with astrology since 1962, two decades before horary became popularized. He wrote a monthly horary column for Dell Horoscope for the past 25 years in addition to publishing four exceptional horary books. Alphee is a Master Teacher and recognized as the ‘teachers’ teacher’. For 60 years as a professional astrologer he has been counseling clients through their natal charts, yearly updates, horary and electional charts and rectifying charts as well for clients all over the world. As if that isn’t enough, he established his own Astrological software company for professional and laypersons alike called AIR Software. 

Please note that this course is not online nor is it in person. The course was presented live and then has been transferred into a video format and is sent to your physical address on four jump drives. This certification course is self-paced. Upon completion of the course, you will be required to pass an exam. Once you’ve done that we will send you a diploma certifying you as a Certified Horary Astrologer by Alphee Lavoie from the Astrological Institute of Research. The Astrological Institute of Research is the school that Alphee started in September 1977. When you receive your certification for this course you should know everything necessary to answer horary questions correctly.

This course is very practical and offers techniques that are tried and true and yield real and accurate results. Alphee uses modern rulers and has been influenced greatly by the work of his beloved teacher, Ivy–Goldstein-Jacobsen. Alphee is very thorough and precise covering rules and principles of horary and gives step by step delineations for each horary question. He covers so many topics of questions. Some are fairly simple and straight-forward while others are pretty complex. And because the course is on digital video you can go back and re-watch any part of any class that you want to study for review. 

As an added perk and tool for your horary work, Alphee’s Air Software company is also including a Free Horary AstroClock Software Program with the Course so you can read an instant horary chart any time you want. The AstroClock  runs continually in the background on your computer so you can bring it up at any time and are ready to answer a horary question in an instant.

Level I 13 classes 24 hours of videos $199.00

Level II 12 classes 22 hours of videos $199.00

Level III 15 classes 30 hours of videos $199.00


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Thank you and God Bless!

Alphee Lavoie, Certfied Astrologer, NCGR Level IV