Zero-In Rectification Astrology Software

Rectification Zero-In


It comes with 5 instructional Videos
Showing You Step By Step How To Use The Program

This program was designed to zero in on an exact birth time. It’s possible to work with this program if you know the time within a few hours. But if you don’t know the time of birth at all it is still possible to rectify a chart but you would have to do a tremendous amount of work to get results. Our full rectification program is deliberately designed to handle the complex rectification projects. Rectification Zero-In comes with 5 step-by-step videos on how to get the most out of the software and set up your rectification events.
After all of the rectification events are entered you need to select the rectification techniques that you want to work with (we have 42 of them to choose from). You may select more than one at a time. I usually start with solar arcs direct and converse with transits direction and converse. The following screen allows you to move the birth time by a predetermined amount of seconds. As you continue moving the birth time forward or backwards, all aspects are posted with the orbs for each event for that birth time.

The double wheel below shows you every event for a specific birth time:

The only accurate way to ZERO_IN on a birth time


Price: $129.00-Update
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