Does occultations path on the map produce results in mundane events

I calculated some Moon Mercury occultation to see if occultation path on the map can predict Mundane events. Last November 14 we had Moon Mercury occultation and the path was right through Europe. So I went on the Internet to search for November 14 Europe. There were a number of stunning news articles written on that date for Europe. Some of the titles were:

Anti-austerity protests, strikes spread across Europe

Europe in anti-austerity protests – 1st Pan-European General Strike – November 14, 2012

The  path of this Moon Mercury occultation.

I remember back in September of 2001 the Moon Saturn occultation brought in 9/11. The Moon Saturn occultation was on September 10, 2001 the path is shown below went right through United States.

We had another Moon Saturn occultation October 7, 2001, that’s the day that the second Iraq war started. As you can see the path started in the United States and ended up in Iraq.

On May 9 2013 we will have a couple of important occultations that will bring energy to the USA.

There is a Moon Mercury occultation may 9th, 2013 below you’ll see the path of the occultation.

This Moon Mercury occultation path look exactly like the moon Saturn occultation path that brought in 9/11.

One would think that this Moon Mercury occultation will not be as destructive as the Moon Saturn occultation.

On the same day of May 9th, 2013 there is Moon Mars occultation. The path is displayed below. The path goes through United States that end up in Baghdad. The patterns remind us a lot of what happened on 9/11 but the occultation energy is totally different planetary configuration. The 911 were both from the Moon Saturn occultation and on May 9th the energy will be from the Moon Mercury and Moon Mars.

If we look at the epic center for the Moon Mars occultation we see that the shadow of the epic center covers New England area of the US

Another thing that I’m curious about is that on May 9th there is new moon/ diurnal techniques that I’d been researching for the last few years. It shows the energy involving the United States and North Korea.

I calculated new moon for April 10, 2013 for Washington DC. Drop the planetary lines on a map. Then I move the lines using diurnal calculation each day to see when they cross major points on the map. On May 9th we see that Saturn lines goes right through North Korea and also through Washington DC on the same day. In North Korea the Saturn line is on the descendent and in DC the Saturn line is on the ascendant.

Last June of 2009 I used this technique to make a prediction on North Korea and it happen exactly on the day that I said. I did a lot of research with this technique and I was able to show every major war in United States and hundreds other things that happened to the USA and in the world.

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