The Silver Stock Market Trading Software


The Sterling Silver Market Trader  Program


Here’s all of the incredible capabilities that you get with



ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE — this is just a stunningly accurate Forecasting Using the BlackBox module

* GANN Planetary Lines shows Supports and Resistance

Statistical Module indicates which astrological or astronomical criteria that moves a specific market of your choice

Efficiency Tester checks any single or multiple criteria to tell exactly how efficiently they work with the market

Stock Locator searches a list of stocks to see which ones are good to trade at certain specific times

Millennium Star Trax 6.0 Deluxe – the cutting edge astrology software

An AstroFinance Trading Course – 12 hours of DVD teaching by Alphee taking you step-by-step to begin to trade using your Sterling Silver Software.  Alphee takes you literally from the very basics of Astro Finance Astrology to learning the features of the Sterling Silver Market Trader, and then applying them to see how easy and accurate it is to trade all markets.

Sterling Silver is truly a remarkable package. This piece of software goes far beyond just astrological concepts to include many astronomical ones for more accuracy. It contains everything that you need to trade the markets.

All of this is yours for under $1000!


The Sterling Silver Market Trader has ALL the Features of the Bronze plus the following   features


This version is our first step for meeting the needs of traders.  In addition to all the modules that are presented in the Bronze version, the Black Box Artificial intelligence module has been added.

The Black Box Module This ingenious and practical module allows you to create forecast projection lines that take into account various astrological factors:

There is no need to analyze astrological factors one-by-one as the Black Box module will perform this analysis automatically.  In this study graph we used Aetna’s past historical price to educate the computer by giving weight to all the chosen criteria. Now it is well armed to project an accurate future forecast.  All things in the sky can be associated with the markets.

This module is one of the backbones of the all the Market Trader Millennium series programs.  This module is, essentially, a black box with a intelligent brain.  It utilizes all types of statistical and special mathematics to educate the artificial intelligence using past historical stock prices. When the artificial intelligence resultant graph conforms with the past results, the module projects the graph into the future to help you make decisions when to buy and sell the stock.

This module works with any of the six bell curve formats to calculate the results.  The BlackBox is so sophisticated it will optimize the weights for each chosen criteria, the aspect orbs, it will shift the orb and the planets position using different kinds of advanced mathematics to make sure that the optimized resultant graph conforms with the past historical price data.  It will then use all these findings and project future prediction graphs for the stock under study.

The theory behind all of our A. I. artificial intelligence modules is to use part of the historical price graph to backtrack and educate itself using multiple astronomy/astrology criteria. The computer will find the past performance of these criteria and give weights to each one according to their track record. It will keep going back and forth over the price graph, readjusting the weights for each criteria using special statistical techniques, NeuralNet and special mathematics. It will then use all of these weighted values that it has learned to predict future turning points.


The Multi_Search module allows you to scan files of horoscopes for all types of different Astrological criteria. The searches can be made to find phenomena within the natal horoscope or to find transiting phenomena to the natal horoscope or in the sky.

With this module you can run many tests. For example, you may locate all charts with the Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio, and with Venus retrograde.

Let’s say you want to find (from your chart files) a company that has transiting Jupiter conjunct or trine their Sun in the next two months because there is is a strong possibility that the stock may go up. This module will do that. The module will list all the companies that meet this criteria.  You can send this list to a chart file or make a hard copy on the printer.  Conduct simple searches or very complex ones.

The Rating module allows you to rate first trade charts from a first trade chart list to find all the charts that has a very strong profitability for a very strong move up or down. Many Market Trader owners trade very well using only this module.  I would not advise it but I definitely use this module to find which stocks out of my 25 stocks that I trade will be more profitable within the next month.   This will help me choose a few of them and then I will do my homework with the artificial intelligence of the market trader software. This module measures the strength of the aspects from a astronomical/astrological model that I created. This module allows you to create any models to work with.

The Knowledge Bell Module 
allows you to do a study for any chosen stock in a market.  Do a study and save the results to disk then at any time you can ‘call back’ this file, click anywhere on the graph for a future date and a forecast for that day will be displayed.  What an excellent feature!  These studies can be created from any of the artificial intelligence modules or the SuperSearch module.  You can also use the model maker to create any studies that you want.  Once the study is created and saved to disk it is an excellent forecasting tool to help you make a quick decision on a special stock that you are trading.

Star Trax Millennium Astrology Program- this program is very important and you will find it in the Market Trader Sterling Silver, 24K Gold and Titanium programs.  It is a completely separate program that AIR Software sells to astrologers and is independent of the Market Trader.  It is the Millennium Star Trax software. This powerful program covers all areas of Western astrology, with some unique features that summarize decades of Alphee Lavoie’s personal astrological experience as the astrologer, astrology teacher and researcher.  Astrologically speaking, the program does it all!

Phenomena Module calculates and displays preset phenomena in the sky like retrogrades, 

the planet in signs etc


The Sterling Silver comes with a full version Star Trax Millennium program