The Bronze Stock Marking Trading Software

 The Bronze Market Trader  Program


It comes with 21 instructional Videos 

Showing You Step By Step How To Use The Program

The Bronze is the simplest version in our Market Trader series. However, even in its simplicity you can perform many functions that would be almost impossible to do manually.  One of the corner stones found in each version of MT is the SuperSearch module which permits you to verify any and all astrological statements.

For example, let’s say that you have heard someone say, ” When there is a Full Moon the gold prices will rise.”  Is this true? Do you want to gamble on it and make a trade? Or would you prefer to verify this for yourself before you put your money into it?  SuperSearch will do that!  Simply, take the gold prices (we have data from 1973), calculate the Full Moon dates and compare the dates to the price of gold.  This analysis will use about 400 Full Moons for the past 33 years.  Manually this could take days to complete.  The Market Trader will complete the calculations and analysis within just seconds.  To conduct this procedure all you need to do is simply fill in this entry box.


You will see all Full Moons compared to the chart of gold prices:


Then the Powerful Efficiency Test Module will give you a statistical portrait of this full moon aspect:


The graph displays the sum of all the full moons.  Notice that the graph is drawn for 10 days before the full moon in 10 days after the full moon.  The vertical dotted line displays the exact aspect.  You can view the percentage move of each down or up.

It shows that the best trade strategy based on Moon phases is to buy 1 day after the Full Moon and sell it in three days. In the past, gold prices went up 203 times and down 167 times. So, now you know that there is a chance for gold to rise up at the Full Moon, though we suggest that you check other events as well.

The SuperSearch module is an extremely powerful tool based on the Astrology Language. It allows you to deal with different astrological events. In this example, you can watch he summary influence of all aspects between all planets:



Here it is:

Or you can analyze “positive” and “negative” aspects separately:

There are many other useful features in the Bronze version of Market Trader. Here are some of them:Click here to see more detail on the SuperSearch/Efficiency Testing

Click anywhere on the price chart and you can get the corresponding transit chart:

The Statistical Module allows you to perform the astro- statistical research.

Another ingenious option in the program is the allowance for the computer to do all statistical screening of all the criteria that you selected to use.  This module works with sophisticated statistical mathematic algorithms to help analyze the astrological/astronomical strength of each of the chosen criteria for the market under study.  It will back-track each one of them to see how well any of them have a strong influence to move the market either up or down according to the percentage of the bell curve that you set up. It will delete all the criteria that doesn’t have any influence on the price movement for the stock under research.  You can set these findings by statistical percentage or by their chi-square rating. You can then use these findings to help educate the artificial intelligence in the Black Box Expert, NeuralNet Expert and the Easy Expert to make future predictions.

The following graph shows part of a statistical study about IBM stock.  This graph was calculated when transiting planets make aspects to the IBM first-trade horoscope, geocentrically.

The Ephemeris Generator allows you to generate daily planetary positions in many different styles, zodiac and predictive techniques.  You can calculate years, then  print and bind them.



The Daily Module allows you to calculate daily planetary criteria. This is excellent for intraday trading because calculates transiting angles.

The Planetary Lines module with hundreds of options is also available in this version: