Does the birth chart live on after you die?

By Alphee

I remember reading many years ago a book by Ivy Jacobsen in which she mentioned that the natal chart keeps living on even after you pass away.  In the last couple weeks I decided to test this concept and see if this is really true.  In order to test this concept an accurate birthtime for the native is a necessity. Seeing that the new project for my ‘gators research group is to rectify all of the United States presidents’ charts we needed to collect birth information.

Fortunately for us there are a few books on presidents chart, however, each one gives a different birth time.  I decided to feed two birds with one seed and decided to  research Ivy’s statement  using a few rectified charts of our U.S. presidents.

Astrodatabank gives John Fitzgerald Kennedy a time of 3 PM which gives him a 20° Libra  rising.

Doris Chase Doane gives him 19 LIbra 59 rising witha a time of 3:15:28 Pm LMT in her book , Horoscopes of U.S. Presidents.

“A Rectification Manual: The American Presidency“, by D. H. presents the time of 3:39:15 PM wtih a rising sign of 27 Libra 37.

I rectified President John F, Kennedy’s chart time to 3:17: 32 Pm which makes his Ascendant 23 Libra 24:06 rising.

The events that I used to verify if John F. Kennedy’s charts lives on are listed below.   All the events that I used occurred after his untimely tragic death.

  • Father died November 16, 1969
  • Mother died January 22, 1995
  • His son, John, died July 16, 1999
  • His wife, Jackie, May 19, 1994
  • Jackie married Ari Onassis October 20, 1968
  • His son, John, got married September 21, 1996

Father’s Death

His father’s death occurred on November 16, 1969 when the Solar Arc Sun was exactly conjunct his midheaven.


In Tertiary progressions Venus, ruler of his natal eighth house, conjuncts the eighth house Venus.

In Minor progressions the Midheaven is in opposition to Uranus, the ruler of his intercepted fourth house.

Mother’s Death

In Secondary Progresstion the Moon is exactly conjucnt his MC.


the Sun in his eighth house.  In transit the planet Neptune squared the Ascendant.  Neptune is in his 10th house of the mother. In backward transit Jupiter conjuncts the ascendant bringing in an eighth house energy to his ascendant.  He has Jupiter in his eighth house in his natal chart. The progressed Moon was conjunct the Miidheaven. The prior eclipse was conjunct his fifth house cusp which is the eighth from the 10th.

Death of his son, John

The previous eclipse was conjunct the fifth house cusp.  In transit Jupiter squared the planet Neptune ruling the fifth house and Jupiter is in is eighth house bringing in both the fifth and eighth houses. In backward transit the prior eclipse was in the exact opposition to the Sun in the eighth house.

In minor progression the Sun was conjunct the Midheaven and the minor progression ascendant made a tight conjunction the Moon – the eighth from the fifth house of his son.


Jackie, his wife, died May 19,1994

The prior eclipse was in the seventh house of marriage partners.  In backward transit Mars, the ruler of the seventh house, was semi-square the ascendant.

In secondary progression Mercury was conjunct the Moon.  Mercury is in his natal seventh house.

The tertiary converse Moon opposed Saturn exactly while tertiary Venus exactly opposed Saturn, both indicating losing a love one.  The progressed tertiary midheaven was conjunct Jupiter in his eighth.

Converse solar arcs showed a tight square between Jupiter and the Sun, both in his eighth house.  Solar Arc Pluto also made a tight square to Venus in the eighth house.  Pluto, ruled the eighth from his wife’s seventh house. The tertiary converse progressed  moon opposed his natal Saturn and the delineation of that can be losing a loved one.

These are just a few of the many astrological correlations that I found and which are too numerous to mention here.

His son, John, married September 21, 1996

The new moon and Mercury at station direct were both conjunct his moon in his 11th house. The 11th house being the seventh from his son is the house of his son’s marriage.

In backward transit Jupiter was exactly conjunct is 11th house moon again indicating the house of his son’s marriage.

Tertiary Jupiter was conjunct Neptune ruling the fifth house.

In minor converse progression Neptune, ruler of the fifth, was sextile Mercury, ruler of the 11th of his son marriage.

We can even see when his wife Jackie married  Onassis and and his brother, Edward Kennedy, had his cancer operation.

A Provatative Idea

It’s amazing how the chart can live on forever.  Seeing that this concept does hold validity, I wonder…. does it mean that we could predict when the soul is reborn again?  Just when did John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s soul energy really begin?  I guess this is a metaphysical question that has plagued so many of us to question our origins. Did he (and we) live in another life with a chart that prepared the way for this present one?  Did John F Kennedy’s essence truly manifest on his birthdate of May 29, 1917 or did it already previously manifest elsewhere?  If the chart of a person who has passed away still lives on what are the possible ramifications of the chart for future incarnations?

Wow.. it seems that the chart holds even more than we are aware of  and offers so much to seriously ponder.

I want to thanks Ivy for makng me aware of the concept