Horary: What should I do with my father?

Horary Question: What should I do with my father?

By Alphee Lavoie

Date: February 17, 2003

Time: 02:03:50 PM

Place: West Hartford, CT


One of my client’s telephoned me to tell me about his situation. This is what he shared with me. “One month ago I lost my mother and now my father is living alone. lt puts a lot of responsibility on me because he’s very old. This is a very hard winter and it seems that every week I need to his home and shovel his driveway and make sure that everything

in the house is working properly. Do you think that we should move my father to an assisted living complex or maybe a convalescent home?”

A look at the horary chart shows that my client who we shall call the Querent is ruled by the Moon in the radical third house. Seeing that the question was asked about his father, we will have to make all references from the fourth house which rules the father. In horary I use the tenth house for the mother and the fourth for the father. I always look for a signature in the chart as verification that the chart will accurately speak to me.

The planet Mars, ruling the mother, just passed a conjunction to the planet Pluto, ruling the mother’s eighth house of death, providing a very strong signature that the chart is correct.  With the sign of Libra on the fourth house cusp the father is ruled by the planet Venus in the sign of Capricorn. Venus is not afflicted, indicating that the father is not in bad health, just old as seen by Capricorn. The ruler of the father’s sixth house (the ninth house) is ruled by the planet Neptune in opposition to Jupiter and conjunct Mercury. The sixth house ruler, Neptune in the sign of Aquarius conjuncts Mercury, which is also in Aquarius and tells me that his dad might be quite  forgetful. This could also mean that he has or may have Alzheimer’s in the near future. With Neptune in opposition to retrograde Jupiter  probable health problems with poor circulation and a weak liver are possible.

The fourth house cusp, ruling the father, holds zero degrees of Libra.  This strongly suggests that it is too early to make a decision regarding changing his father’s environment. More time needs to pass to see what develops before considering such a move.

Should he place his father in quarters for assisted living? To answer follow me carefully. We will begin at the fourth house from the fourth house, which is the radical seventh house, ruled by retrograde Saturn in the sign of Gemini. Mercury is in the seventh house trine the cusp of the fourth house, suggesting an answer of Yes. But the Moon’s last aspect will be a square to Saturn, the ruler of an assisted living facility and would definitely say No.   We need to assess these two possibilities. lt appears that if the Querent were to move his father into assisted living he would not be there very long. This is indicated by the possibility of the memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease that we previously saw in the chart. We have to keep in mind that the planet Mercury rules the father’s twelfth house of convalescent homes and trines the cusp of the fourth house ruling a convalescent living facility. Additionally, the Moon in the father’s twelfth house trines the father’s ruler,Venus. This strongly suggests that the father would end up there someday.

My final answer to this question is to for my client to keep his father in his own home for a now. Eventually he will need to go into either assisted living or a convalescent home. The ruler of his father’s sixth house of health is in a close applying opposition to retrograde Jupiter.  This aspect could affect hiss health enough that the son would have to place him in a convalescent home. This is also seen by the fact that Mercury, the planet ruling the convalescent home, is in an applying aspect to Neptune and opposition to Jupiter, which clearly states that the health of the father would be the factor that makes it necessary to move him from his current home and place him in a health care facility like a convalescent home.

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