Father Time Electional Astrology Software


Electional Program With A.I.
(With 3 Artificial Intelligence)

It comes with 8 instructional Videos
Showing You Step By Step How To Use The Program
Acting at the right time is imperative for success! How many times have you seen someone begin a project and it doesn’t work, then they wait a year and it becomes a million dollar success? Initiating actions at the right time is a must for success! Electional astrology is the complementary branch of horary, and nobody knows as much about election astrology as Alphee! Father Time is AIR’S superb election chart program, created by Alphee, with Artificial Intelligence. It will find the very best times for you to to action.
State the action and set the parameters in this window.
“I am so impressed with Father Time III. I used it to find a date for my surgery and it was the easiest thing to do. And my surgery came out perfectly without any complications or delays or hitches! Thank you, Alphee and Father Time III!” C.K.

Why spend hours trying to find a good Electional Chart…
When FATHER TIME can do it better in just seconds!

Get the edge with the perfect timing to: Go for an interview, mail the letter, see the lawyer, sign the documents, make the phone call, schedule surgery, apply for the aid, buy or sell, get married, gamble, open the business, hire employees, sell your house, and so much more!
Father Time understands English so just type in the event that you want to initiate just as if you were telling the astrologer what you want to do. The extensive dictionary easily handles words with multiple meanings and will allow you to select the correct meaning so the program can select the correct houses. Father Time will find the most powerful election charts in seconds while using other programs can take hours!!
Just click on the calendar to set the dates for the search – you may go as far into the future as you wish. You set all parameters: The time span to search in months, weeks, days, hours, choose to use or not include retrogrades, select modern or classical rulers, exaltation, detriment, fall, VOC, waxing-waning Moon, intercepted rulers, orbs, aspects applying and separating. Calculate aberration and parallax, save chart notes, see planetary hours, lunar days. Once these are set according to your choices, the program will calculate thousands of charts in a blink to bring you best charts (with exact times, to begin your activity. These charts will be sorted by weight, through the entire period of time that you specified for the search. Fine tune each chart minute-by-minute if desired. Nothing beats Father Time for finding the very best!
For Example: You want to find a day to get married and only want to marry on a Saturday or Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM in the month of June. This is NO PROBLEM for Father Time! Just tell Father Time this is what you want and the program will find the best astrological horoscopes within that time. Try to do that with a regular astrology program…It’s not impossible but very impractical! You can spend hours doing this. That was the reason that prompted me to design and write this program.
If you have the need to do an election chart in which you want a certain house to be in detriment, such as having a ruler intercepted, or retrograde, etc., but you want your ruler to be exalted, this is very simple for Father Time  to take care of. Just set the parameters to this with simple clicks of the mouse and watch how quickly Father Time  obeys your command!
Window showing the results of the search
The wheel on the left in the above screen shows the horoscope wheel for the first election chart listed. As you move to the other dates and times the chart will show the horoscope for that date. The graph on the right shows the pocket of time in green that is the very best for initiation of the event on that date. The exact time which is the best on that date is shown by the vertical line on the graph and, as you can see, the time is give in the upper left hand corner.
Enlarge the chart wheel for even more information and the aspects will be graphically displayed in the horoscope. While the chart is on screen, you may view all the planetary positions, all aspects applying and separating, change the orb used, select applying aspects only to work with, show a double wheel of the natal and election charts.

Fine Tune the Election Chart
You can move the chart by increments of time, from 30 seconds to one day, in order to fine tune the election chart. As you click on the increment option in minutes or seconds, the new chart wheel and aspects for the new time will be displayed. This option allows you to make last minute fine tuning adjustments to the chart if you wish.

Change the actual chart wheel design and color and print the wheel from this screen.
Patterns in the sky
Father time have many special tools like finding patterns in the sky. It will find grand square, grand trine, kite, T-square. It will look for 15 different astrological patterns This will help you to find days one there are a lot more positive aspects and less negative aspects in the sky to start doing your Electional work.

SPECIALIZED ELECTION WORK Father Time  can find election charts with the Querent’s or the Quesited’s ruler intercepted or retrograde for those special situations. Search and find a great electional chart with a Void of Course Moon if the need is there. The sky is is the limit!

Father Time weighs the strength of the natal chart to the time span for the electional. Graphic display of times that are good and bad for initiating the action based on Natal Chart, Transit, or the Natal and Transit combined. This helps to determine when your natal chart (or client’s chart) is under benefic or dertrimental aspects. The option helps to focus on when the best period appears for calculating an election time.
The program allows you to calculate and save any election chart. And there is another fantastic feature that we offer you! You can add notes to your election charts so that when you retrieve the chart at later date there is a reminder about the notes you made. You can update these notes at anytime. It is a really neat feature so that you can review the exact information that you gave your client regarding that election horoscope.

Choose from 25 different wheel styles and colors. Comes with the an atlas. You can change the rules and weights of the A.I. model at any time. Electional work just doesn’t get any easier than this!!
Find out how easy and effective you can do Electional work with the proper tools. Why spend hours doing Electional work when you can use the father time program and come out with better times in just minutes. Seeing is believing. Try and see for YOURSELF.


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