Does Electional astrology really work?

by Alphee Lavoie, Ncgr Level IV, Counseling and Rectification

Electional astrology is a branch of astrology in which you elect a time to begin something. It could be starting a business, getting married, writing a book, selling a house. Electional charts are treated just like a natal chart. If the election was drawn to sign a corporation, for instance, you could use that chart to make future forecasts for the corporation as long as it is in existence. There is no such thing as a perfect electional chart. We can’t move the planets to the precise positions that we want. We have to work around the planetary positions in the sky. Electional charts can take a lot of time and a lot of hard work to construct. I designed an election tool kit to assist you to find times in the future where there are more positive aspects than negative ones. You can downloadthe tool kit for free on this website. Electional astrology is a close relative to horary and actually follows the same rules.

The strength of horary comes from the planets, aspects and houses. So in electional work we need to know which houses are involved that rule the action to be undertaken. Next you need to know the planets that rule those houses and make sure that those houses and the ruling planets are in positive aspects. From my 48 years of experience in working with electional astrology and setting up thousands of charts for clients I’ve come to know that this branch of astrology is solid and truly works.

A few years ago a person who became my client was trying to sell her house in St. Croix. She had heard that astrologers were able to set a day and time to list her house to sell it. She found such an astrologer and paid him good money to calculate an electional chart for her to list her house to sell. Months later her house wasn’t selling.  After talking to a lot of local people my name came up. She called me and told me how someone had elected the time to put her house on the market but it wasn’t selling. I asked her for the date and time that she had been given. I looked at that electional chart and was astounded that someone in our field would think that this chart had the appropriate characteristics to be a positive aid for her to sell her house.  Personally, I wouldn’t have given that chart to anyone. Here is the chart.


The astrologer told her that he put the sign Cancer on the Ascendant because Cancer rules the home or house. He also put the Moon on the rising sign again because the Moon rules the house or home. But he failed to see that the fourth house is more important because the fourth house is the actual sector of the chart that rules the home.  A The first house rules the seller. The astrologer had placed the ruler of the seller in square (negative aspect) to the Sun and Mercury located in the fourth house of her home. So his chart clearly shows the seller in conflict with her home. This chart says nothing positive for her to have her house sell.

This is the election chart that I calculated for her when she telephoned me:


This chart has the right astrological language for her to sell her house.  The seller is ruled by Saturn, the buyer is ruled by the Moon, and they are in trine aspet which is the most powerful and positive aspect in astrology. And the Moon is located in the fourth house ruling her home. So the three houses involved include the client, her home and the seller. All of these three houses are in a positive aspects configuration. The first, the seventh and the fourth house are the most significant houses to put energy into when selling a home. Notice that there is a grand trine between Saturn, the Moon, and Pluto. Additionally, they are also invovled in a kite aspect to Mars and the Sun in the 10th house. The kite is also an extremely powerful configuration.

The 10th house is always the street value of the house. So if the 10th house is in  a fixed aspect then the seller will get more money for his house. And this is so in this chart.

The chart has a lot more positive aspects that will strengthen the potential for a sale. And, she did sell the house. I enclosed the note that she sent to me after she sold the house. Not only did she pay me for the electional work but she also sent me extra money because she was a satisfied customer. I find this always happens when a client is happy with your work and can site many examples like this one.

Having the right tools will always make you a more accurate astrologer.  My own electional work is calcualted with my electional computer software called Father Time which makes my job as an electional astrologer so much easier and much more efficient.  Read the note below that this client sent me.