Carol tape


Mind, Body, Spirit Meditation / Hypnosis CD Series

     By Carol Lavoie  

This series of meditation/hypnosis tapes are designed with very special features to take you into the deepest levels of the Alpha stage.  Carol’s soothing voice gently lulls you into the hypnotic meditative state.  She guides you through all stages of relaxation as well as the visualizations and post hypnotic suggestions for your desired goal.  The soft music in the background has been pulsed to the wavelengths of the deepest Alpha level of 2 hertz to bring you to the brink of sleep. This is the deepest level in which you will still have tremendous awareness and harmony within your own consciousness.  The CD’s have a safe release to let you emerge on your own at any time from this quiet state.

The techniques used on these CD’s are safe and effective and have excellent track records for accomplishing their goals.  If the mind can conceive it, the body can achieve it.  Remember that these are tools to assist you in achieving your goals.  All manifestation processes require that you have a goal, a strong desire to achieve it with commitment to consistent practice and a clear visual image of achieving what you want.

Decide now and change your life!

Most CD’s are between 25 -35 minutes long.  These CD’s are offered for improvement of body, mind and spirit.

Price:  $12.00 + s/h for each CD, including the sets of 2 (Past Life and Chakra Balancing).

The 3 CD set for Slim and Trim is $29.00 + s/h or each can be sold separately.


For your Body

Stress Free –  This CD is remarkable and is the backbone of the entire series.  Carol’s soothing voice gently and safely takes you into a very deep Alpha level which allows you to access your deepest level of relaxation and become stress free.  As you emerge you are aware and alert but deeply relaxed with a new attitude to approach. This program can be used in both the morning and evening.  Do NOT play while driving a car or any function that requires your full attention.

Smoke Free – Hundreds of my clients have easily and permanently quit smoking using this tape daily for a limited amount of time.

Slim and Trim – ( 3 CD set)

Physical  –   Melt those extra pounds as your energy soars and your renewed attitude fires you on!  It’s the perfect adjunct to your healthier life style.

Mental causes – Address your mental blocks to losing the weight you want to lose and reprogram your thinking and beliefs.

Emotional causes – Address the core emotional issues that have kept you from losing weight  and discharge the emotional impact that they have held over you.

Fountain of Youth – We all want to find the fountain of youth and here it is!  When we can visualize what we want with crisp clarity, our body responds.  This CD will assist you in doing just that – so get that face lift or toned body, regain the flexibility and agility of when you were younger.

Good Night, Sleep tight! –  Can’t sleep?  This CD will gently lull you into the most relaxed state of body and mind to offer you a restful night full of sound sleep.  Wake up alert and ready to go, without any side effects of drugs or medicines.


For your Mind

Be your Best –  Take control of your life to build your confidence and overcome your insecurities with this excellent CD.  Increase your ability to present and market yourself with ease and assurance.  Public speakers have also found this to be an invaluable tool for developing the confidence they need.

 Focus and Memory –  Allow yourself to use  the other 90% of your brain with greater focus, concentration, memory retention and retrieval.  This helps so much with preparing and taking tests and everyday mental clarity.

For your Spirit

Finding the Love you want – This tape has been used by many who within a 3-4 months time have found their life long partners!  You can find the love you want too!

Speaking with your Spirit Guide –  This CD safely takes you through all the steps you need to contact your spirit guide and resolve some of your issues or questions that you have.  It puts you in touch with the highest guidance that you can receive.  Now you can become your own psychic and receive the truth and guidance that is right for you!

Past Life Journey –  This two CD set presents an in depth explanation of past life theory and what you can expect from the actual experience.  The second CD takes you safely on the most amazing journey into your own past lives.

Healing – This incredible healing CD has been used in healing circles all over the world.  It will teach you how to offer healing for yourself and for others as well as distant healing.

Spiritual Vortex –  This CD is designed to bring you more enlightenment and cleanse your aura for a purer channel and state of balance to attain the highest you can on your own personal spiritual journey.

Chakra Balancing – 2 CD set.  This set has one CD to explain the chakras and how they work in our bodies.  The second CD takes you through the necessary exercises to literally rebalance each chakra energy for more vitality, purity, wholeness and balance in your life.