by alphee Lavoie

For the last month and a half on the NCGR Yahoo group all the posts are discussing and arguing the the Sibly  US chart. Every day this are 10 to 15 posts. Everybody’s put their two cents in they bring in all kinds of different situations and events that should instead be the United States chart. It’s up to a point it’s not worth reading their posts anymore.

Something is wrong somewhere with these astrologers. Because a good practicing astrologer we take the Sibly chart and prove that it does work or doesn’t work. There is a branch of astrology known as rectification that would solve the problem. They have no idea how to practice astrology. They go round and round with a head trip. They talk the talk but they can’t walk the walk.

I’ve heard of an astrologer  call rectification, wrecktification.Off  Course if you don’t know how to rectify chart or has no experience doing it , you would make fun of it. I’m glad I was an astrologer back in the 60s and 70s where all the astrologers were practical and logical. Back then Astrologers made astrology works for their clients.

So if you do think  that the Sibly’s chart works or does not works  then do the work and prove it. Any smart astrologers would do it.

I studied with Charles Jane and he always told his student that every chart needs to be tested to see that if it has the right birth time.

After 46 years as a professional astrologer I know that you can be extremely accurate in helping your client if you have a correct birth time. I have thousands of the example that proves that to be true.

Back last August I had a person that called me and told me that she has been trying to sell her house for the last two years during that time she dealt with two different astrologers. Even with their help her house was not selling. So she call another astrologer and that astrologer told her call alphee. She did.

The first thing that I said to her was do you have an exact birth time. Because if you don’t have an exact birth time I’m to busy right now to rectify your birth chart. So if you don’t have a good time I’m sorry but I can’t  work with you. She told me the time and told me it’s from her birth record. I always asked for a couple of events that happened in her life to quickly verify the birth time. Using the events that she gave me the chart doesn’t seem to be correct. So I called her back and said are you sure this came from your birth certificate. She admitted that the time of birth came from her mother she was born at home. So at this point I figured I might as well rectified her chart.

She originally had given me at time off  2:30 AM  and I rectified her time too 4:41 AM.



The first thing I noticed with the new rectify chart was in a couple weeks on August 30 the planet Jupiter was making the station retrograde exactly trining the IC of the new chart.

That sort of raised my antennae a  bit.

So I figured let’s use this energy. After examining a few predictive techniques in this new chart. I found that the progressed Moon was exactly on the ascendant . The Moon, rules the home.




In tertiary converse Uranus exactly trines the Moon.. And Saturn conjunct the IC ruling the fourth house. Great aspect to get rid of a house

in minor converse Mars conjunct Venus. Mars ruling the seventh house of the buyer and Venus ruling his money. Somebody will come with the money.

In solar arc direct Saturn was jumping the seventh house cusp bringing in the seventh house energy. In solar arc converse the converse midheaven was conjuncting Uranus in the seventh house. Seventh house energy always bring buyers.

So I called my client back and asked her if she had a real estate person. She said yes. I said to her this is what we do. Call her up and tell her to put an ad as many newspaper that she can for an open house the whole weekend of August 26,2011. Now the next thing I had to do was to find time to make the phone call  for the ad. I chose the day and time when the moon was exactly trining Jupiter and her first house and trining Saturn in a fourth house. That was August 22 at 2: 38 PM

if you look at the transiting eclipses and the new Moon in the forward and backward transit. The houses they are in and the aspects they make. I love these you can tell the Tempo of what’s going on in your life with these four points. Describing the big picture. It always helps me to make decisions with my clients. In this situation the transiting eclipse in the ninth house directly in opposition to the Moon. And the new Moon was in opposition to Saturn in the fourth house. Both of these energy re-enforce selling the house and moving. In backward transit the eclipse was in the eighth house in opposition to Mercury in the second house. Money was the energy here the backward transit eclipse conjuncts the natal moon in the third house. Again the home.



Now do you think that I could have help that client without a real time chart. NO!

You have to laugh your fanny off when you hear astrologer saying I can get more out of the solar chart that I can get out of a real time chart. I have heard astrologers make this statement too many times.

There is no way that you can make me believe that. Maybe if you’re talking to a fiveyear-old or a person that doesn’t have the experience in astrology. But a real practical working astrologer  won’t buy it.

Astrologer can gab all they want about astrology. But talk is cheap You can only prove the validity of astrology when you make it work for your client. Or better than that till you prove that you are a real practical working astrologer. Return to read more Articles  click the this URL


Copyrighted February 2012