Star Trax Astrology Software

Millennium Version 7.2

Update from 7.1 May 2018



You don’t have to pay for classes to learn how to use our incredible software.
The Millennium 7.1 comes with over 56 help videos which teach you step- by- step how to use every feature of this program and learn more astrology!
Millennium Version 7.1 calculates all of the planets within two seconds of arc for over 10,000 years.
It works with the five major asteroids, more than 1500 asteroids and eight hypothetical planets (Uranian planets).
You can add up to 25 extra points in your chart wheel.
These points could be any of the asteroids, or eclipses, new Moons and special points.
The program calculates over 60 different predictive techniques.
Just the drop and drop feature alone is worth the price of the program!

“I have quite a lot of astrological software from all over the world that I used very often. And I love them all, but your Millennium I now ADORE! The drag and drop function, statistic and rating options, model maker, special chart options, etc., WOW, WOW, WOW! All unseen features and most insightful and ingenious. It is a dream come true. You do know what tools astrologers need!! And your programs truly are STATE OF THE ART!” L.DJ., Norway
If you want your program to have ease of use, speed, packed with useful techniques and many time saving special features, then Millennium 7.1 is the software program for you! You will be amazed at the information that you can get with each click of the mouse.


Graphic Ephemeris – Horizontal & Vertical · Solar & Lunar Eclipses And Occultation’s Path On A World Map · Alphee Twist · 2 Real working Rectification Modules (not just moving the ASC) · Time Tunnel · Research Module · Extensive Searches in 7 Zodiacs Module · Aspects Strength · Calculates & Displays 12 Different Chart Patterns (excellent for electional work) · Arabic Parts · Planetary Hours · Essential Dignities · Lunar Days · Local Space · Fixed Stars · Chart and House Breakdown · Synastry · Davison · Composite · Daily Delineations · Planetary Tree · Sensitive Points · Culminating/Rising · Time Rulers · Slide Show Module · Astro Clock · Alarm Clock · Displays Graphs For Money, Love, Career and More · Retrograde Study Module · Galactic Center · Speed of Planets · Distance from the Earth · Monthly Personal Calendars · Planetary Phases · Ephemerides ·Planetary Pictures · Statistic Research · Chart Rating · Hoff’s Tables · and MORE.

CALCULATIONS: Millennium Star Trax v.7.1 calculates all traditional planets, over 1000 asteroids, 8 hypothetical planets, Prenatal Eclipses and New Moons, Postnatal Eclipses and New Moons, Black Moons, White Moons, Arabic parts, Equilateral Ascendant, Planetary Pictures, Vertex and more. You can make a planetary picture and use it as a planet.

ACCURACY: The Millennium accuracy is extremely high in its planetary routine. It calculates all the planets within two seconds of arc for over 10,000 years.
ASPECTS: Over 23 known Aspects, Solstice Points, Parallels. You can select all of the aspects you desire, plus create your own and add in as many as you want! The full range of choice is yours! You also can work with any Harmonic.
IT FINDS: Eclipses and draws the eclipse path on the maps, days with Stelliums, Grand Squares, Grand Trines, Grand Sextiles, T-squares, Mystic Rectangle, Finger of God, Kite patterns, Multiples aspects strength, and more. This is a great feature to zero in on good or bad days for Electional work and the lightning speed of this program is just incredible.
DECLINATION LONGITUDE EQUIVALENT: Convert the planetary declination positions to ecliptic longitude positions as described in K. T. Boeher’s book.

CONVERT CHART FILES FROM OTHER PROGRAMS: It will convert chart files from Solar Fire and Matrix programs. It will also convert from ASCII. This module is incredible if you need to load a lot of charts. You can input them into Excel or a word processor with comma deliminated and in seconds calculate thousands charts.

IT CALCULATES: Midpoints, Harmonics, Daily Delineations, Eclipses, Occultations, Speed of Planets, Rising, Setting and Culminating, day or night Part of Fortune, Parallax, Aberration, Mean or True Nodes, Arabic parts, Essential Dignities, Moon and all planetary phases, Degree, Terms, Fixed Stars, Planetary Hours, Lunar Days, Synastry ,Multiple Davison, Composites, Local Space, Topocentric Chart, Draconic Chart, Speed of Planets, Real Working Rectification modules, Statistic and Research Module, Final Dispositor, Chart and House Breakdown, Composite and Davison Chart, Planets Motion Direct and Retrograde, Ingress, Apogee, Perigee, Geocentric, Right Ascension, Heliocentric, In Mundo, Spherical Angles, Occultation, 14 Different House Systems, Declination and Latitude in Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs, Planetary Pictures, Planetary Phase aspects, Declination Longitude Equivalent and much, much more! Mix-and-match any 45 predictive techniques and search for anything in the sky at lightning speed!

PREDICTIONS: Secondary, Tertiary, Minor and Solar Arcs, all in Direct and Converse, Naibod, Direct and Backward Transits, Profection, Solar and Lunar Returns (precession corrected), Returns for any Planets, phase returns for any pair of Planets, diurnals charts, Ingresses – Over 60 different predictive techniques!!
Watch an overview video

SYNASTRY, COMPOSITE AND DAVISON CHARTS: You can calculate hundreds of Davison charts at one time and calculate a Davison chart with every chart in your chart file.
SEARCH AND MORE SEARCHES: The Millennium program does all types of different searches. I don’t know of any other program that can do as many searches as the Millennium.

DRAG and DROP PLANETS: Drag planets anywhere in the horoscope wheel and the appropriate date of the aspects will be calculated and posted. This could be done for all methods of prediction. You have to see this in action to believe it!

ALL KINDS OF INFORMATION IS GIVEN WITH ONE CLICK OF THE MOUSE: You can double-click on any object on screen (planets in the horoscope will or aspects) and see information about that aspect or planet)

HELP: We have one of the best HELP modules in the business! It’s animated just like a movie! Click on the category of ‘help’ that you want and watch as you are shown step-by-step exactly what you need to do. It’s just like watching TV on your computer with a teacher walking you through each step! We have over 100 movies in the Millennium Help Files. Not only you’re learning how to use the program but you are also learning new astrological techniques.

STICKY CHART MODULE: You can load a few charts in the sticky chart module to bring them up with one click of the mouse. Let’s say you are working with natal chart on the screen. You may also want to see the business chart, the new Moon chart, and the partner’s chart. With the Sticky Module you can view them with one click of the mouse to help you make better decisions.

ASTROCLOCK: The AstroClock is a great feature. Bring up the Astro clock and then minimize it to continue to calculate each moment of time in the background. Click in the icon tray and instantly you will see the horoscope wheel of now with all the planets and houses for the moment for your locality and time zone . You can set the your AstroClock for any locality. This feature is excellent to see a chart when the phone rings. It provides an instant horary or elective chart.
On my personal stock trading computers I have my AstroClock set for New York City.

EPHEMERIS: Print your own ephemeris in Geocentric, Heliocentric, Sidereal, Right Ascension, Latitude & Declination, Declination Longitude Equivalent. Calculate and print the angles for your locality minute by minute, hourly, daily or weekly. Calculate each day when any planet crosses the angles or any house cusp.


PERSONAL CALENDARS: Choose all the options that you want and print your own Personal Calendar for each month. Why buy an Astro Calendar when it’s not specific for you? Now you can make your very own, just the way you want it, based on your exact natal chart information! Choose from so many options to include in your calendar: Aspects to natal chart, ingress in natal houses, ingress in signs, void of course Moon, planets going retrograde or direct, aspects in the sky and much more. Allows you the print in a nice landscape format for a month or a year’s time. (12 pieces of paper)

SOLAR AND LUNAR ECLIPSES AND OCCULTATIONS: Calculate Eclipses and Occultations and draw their path on the maps. Yes, our program paints the occultation path on the maps!

Features you’ve Never before seen in any Astrology program:

LUCKY DAYS—BEST DAYS—CAREER DAYS—ROMANCE— MONDAY— TRAVEL and much more. The program uses a prefab weighing module to print a beautiful strength graph. You may print these for any length of time that you want. No wonder we call it DYNAMIC ASTROLOGY. The program comes with many models already prepared for you to use immediately. The program also comes with a model maker for you to make your own models choosing from a multitude of Astrological techniques.

Millennium Star Trax includes our exceptional TIME TUNNEL module from the original StarTrax, with many new features and improvements. Thousands of Star Trax owners rave about this module.

TIME TUNNEL: This is a really neat way to view aspects days, weeks, years at a glance. It works with all predictive techniques. With the time ruler you can advance one day at a time and a window displays all the aspects of that day. At one glance you can see an entire year’s activity in front of you and you may use it with all predictive techniques.
By clicking on any intersection on the graph an aspect table will be displayed and, the exact date and time for that aspect is shown. It offers a most effective way to work with clients as you can see what is occurring simultaneously in the chart. Time Tunnel is actually easier than shuffling papers of printed aspects or thumbing pages in the ephemeris where you can easily miss important aspects.

SELECTING POINTS FOR YOUR CHART: In seconds you can add or remove planets, asteroids or points. You have the choice of removing them completely or holding them in the horoscope wheel without calculating any aspects to them by choosing ‘Used’, ‘No Use’ or ‘No Asp’. You don’t need to change anything on the screen, get out of the program or restart the computer. No matter what module you are working with you can make, add, or subtract planets or points and the program will automatically recalculate these new points to the working module.

EXTRA POINTS : Add up to 25 extra points in your chart wheel. These points could be any of the 730 Asteroids, Fixed Stars, black holes, Arabic parts, your spouse’s Sun, etc. You can work with all the 45 predictive techniques with any of these points.

TIME RULER: Allows you to zero in quickly on any date and time for any Astrological criteria.
You can advance concepts, planets and points in the natal chart, in transit or any type of progressions by seconds, minutes, hour, day, weeks, or months at a time. As you make changes to the Time ruler the program automatically recalculates everything to the new time or date. This is wonderful tool to zero in on any astrological criteria. You can also set it in animation and watch the planets move around the chart wheel by themselves. The time ruler will work with all the modules of Millennium.

You can create your own screen horoscope wheels. The program comes with many different styles and colored chart wheels. You can create chart wheels with different Astrological glyphs, colors and designs. Save all your designs to a file and bring them up anytime you wish.


Create your own printing output exactly as you want it. Add to it, then save the layout to a file. With one click of the mouse you can recall any pre-saved layouts and make a hard copy on the printer. You can use the following in your designs: Chart wheels, chart breakdown, aspects, planetary positions, planetary hours, lunar days, local space, midpoints, fixed stars, rulerships, graphic ephemeris, dynamics output, charts for many prediction techniques, Synastry charts, Davidson and composite.

FAST ELECTION: This is a feature that I use every day. Let’s client calls you and he has to make an important phone calls the next day. He wants to know the best time to do it. This is where Fast Election comes in.

GRAPHIC EPHEMERIS: You can calculate and print graphic ephemerides for any Harmonic. These ephemerides can be calculated for transit to transit or transit to the natal chart. You can calculate the graphs geocentrically, heliocentrically, in declination or latitude.

VERTICAL GRAPHIC EPHEMERIS: This is another one of Alphee’s ingenious creations!! This feature offers you a very fast way to work with any type of predictive technique to a natal chart at a glance. You can move the natal chart planet ruler up and down this ephemeris by just sliding the mouse up and down. A very unique and easy to use technique.

CYCLE CHART MODULE: This enables you to view hundreds of solar returns, lunar returns, Moon quarters, ingresses, Planetary Phase return, Eclipses, diurnal charts and more in seconds. If you don’t want to sit and calculate each of these charts individually, then this is for you! You can calculate hundreds of them and have them ready for viewing in a split second with Millennium!! It is incredibly fast. You HAVE to see this!!

LOCAL SPACE: Calculates local space charts and aspects. It also calculates the planets above or below the horizon.

DAILY ASPECTS: This module does many things. With it you can calculate transiting aspects to natal charts, transit to transit, ingress in signs, ingress in houses, change of direction, retrograde or direct. You can also set an alarm to ring when certain criteria occurs. Let’s say that you want to be warned when the Moon crosses your natal Midheaven or the transiting Midheaven or when the transiting Moon crosses the transiting Midheaven. Set the criteria and the computer will ring to let you know the exact moment that this happens. This module gives you delineations for transiting planets to your natal chart.
This module allows you to calculate transiting angles to transiting planets. Find the time of day when the planet Jupiter is transiting the transiting or natal fifth house or when the planet Uranus squares the third house cusp or any transiting or natal house cusp.

ASTRONOMY: This module gives you astronomical information: Position, latitude, altitude, Right Ascension, Declination, speed and the distance from the earth.

You can view any time period, months or years at a time, for any information.

RISING AND CULMINATING: You can set this module to rising, setting, culminating and anti- culminating. You can set it to show times when a planet crosses each angle.

PLANETARY HOURS: Calculate planetary hours and planetary days, either from midnight to midnight or sunrise to sunset.

DYNAMIC GRAPH: In this black box module you can plot weights for aspects for any time span using any type of predictive techniques, such as transits, secondary, tertiary, minor, solar arcs. All of these can be done forwards or backwards.

STRENGTH OF PLANET: After you have calculated and plotted the weights of the aspects for any charts using theBLACKBOX module, the next graphic shows the effect of each planet. It indicates the dates and the effect of each planet. Red bars indicate the planet is negative during that period. Green bars indicates that the planet is positive during that period. The darker the color the stronger the aspect. The lighter the color the weaker the aspect.

Dynamic astrology using the BLACKBOX module: We have created all types of models to help you quickly analyze the best days for love, business, money, friends, traveling, relationship, communication and much more. The following graph was calculated for the best dates to deal with money and finances.
You can even input ALL THE MEMBERS OF AN ENTIRE FAMILY OR TEAM and find out when that ENTIRE GROUP is at its best to go on vacation.

You can enter a few models and sum them up to give you timing when all of these energies are at its best or at it worse.
ARABIC PARTS: The program comes with many Arabic parts. You can make up your own and create your own planetary pictures. It works with planets, houses and rulers of the cusps. The program has a module specifically to work with Arabic parts and their aspects to the natal chart.

PLANETARY PICTURES MODULE: This module calculates every possible planetary picture to the natal chart. It uses three planets calculated with plus or minus. Example: Sun – Sun + Moon, Sun – Sun + Mercury, the possibilities are to make planetary pictures. It will display aspects to natal planets to any of these thousands of planetary pictures. It calculates pictures within the natal chart and uses all types of predictive techniques.

PLANETARY CHART MODULE: Recalculate any point of the natal chart to any house cusp. Example: Place the Sun on the Midheaven or rotate the chart so that the sixth house cusp becomes the ascendant. This is a another fabulous feature for horary work. For example, if a question is asked about the daughter so you have to move the fifth house to become the ascendant. With the Millennium all it takes is one click of the mouse.

SLIDE SHOW MODULE: Take a whole chart file and view each chart in horoscope format one after the other. A fascinating way to view every horoscope in the chart files without having to load them individually.
CHART PATTERNS: This will select chart patterns such as Stelliums, T-squares, grand trines, mystic rectangle, finger of God and kites. It is a wonderful aide to help you arrive at the best times to do something or calculate an Election chart. Click on any patterns on the graph and it will display a chart wheel with the pattern on it and give you the date for that pattern.

RECTIFICATION: EXCELLENT Module in Millennium: The Millennium comes with 2 rectification modules. One module lets you test the accuracy of your client’s chart in a couple of minutes. The other assists you in chart rectification. Input as many events as you want and the program will calculate a possible Ascendant and Midheaven. It works with all kinds of predictive techniques. Set the techniques and the planets that you want to use, then calculate each individual event to help you arrive at a rectified time. This module is worth the price is the software by itself. A must to have for any working astrologers.

STATISTIC: Take any chart file and the program will give you a break down of planets in houses, signs (geocentric and heliocentric), zones and aspects. The graph below is a breakdown of 1000 charts of artists.

CHART FILTER: You can search in any chart files for certain preset criteria. These searches can be done for the natal charts as well as for predictive techniques to natal charts. Example: You can search for all the charts in a chart file that have the planet Jupiter squaring the Sun or solar arc Saturn squaring the natal Sun for a certain period of time. This module works with over 60 predictive techniques. You can mix and match your search criteria. For example, use all the charts in a selected chart file that have the secondary Moon conjunct the tertiary Ascendant. This module also calculates specific charts such as quarter Moons for each selected chart file or ingress charts for any planet for each chart in the file. You can view any chart horoscope in the ‘results’ window by double-clicking on it. The results below show all the countries that have solar arc Uranus conjunct, square or opposition the natal Sun within one degree orb for Nov. 7, 2000
A MODULE CALLED RATING: This is a very unique module. Create any model by giving weights to any aspects and then compare an entire chart file to this module. You can create a model for relationships then take your chart and compare it with many others. It sorts the relationships from the best to the worst. Let’s say you play cards every Thursday night and now you have a good idea of your winning aspects. You can create a black box giving weights to all these aspects depending how strongly they are in your winning. Run this black box for the next 30 days and find out when you will have a winning night again. Let’s say you create a black box for dishonest people. You can then run a whole chart file against this black box and it will weigh how dishonest everyone is in your file. This module is as creative as your imagination… there’s nothing like that around anywhere—- it’s only here from AIR Software!

SPECIAL URANIAN TECHNIQUE MODULE (8 hypothetical planets): Allows you to work with the hypothetical planets calculating predictive techniques to planets and their midpoints and calculating all kinds of planetary pictures. The module calculates multiple sensitive points within the natal chart, transiting planets to the natal chart and solar arc converse and direct to the natal chart in any harmonics.


ASTEROIDS AND SPECIAL POINTS MODULES: Allows you to calculate 730 Asteroids, eight hypothetical planets, planetary nodes, planets, perihelion for natal chart or any date. It displays all points aspects to the natal chart. With one click of the mouse you can view the movement of the chosen point for many years.

PLANETARY PHASES: Every planet goes through PHASE CHANGES just as the Moon does. This is one more exciting calculation that the Millennium program can do for you!

Now we can all use K.T. Boeher’s technique. She changed the position of the planet’s declination to the equivalent of the Sun’s geocentric position in longitude. This technique works with all 60 predictive techniques, in the dynamic black box module, in the ephemeris module and the chart rating module. You can create ephemerides for these positions and print them in a beautiful layout format.
Description of the Hit List module
You can create a hit list using over 60 different predictive techniques in geocentric longitude, geocentric latitude, heliocentric longitude, right ascension, declination, and sidereal. It allows you to set all kinds of different options for every technique in your hit list and then save it to a file. At any time you can open these files and it will create a hit list for the exact options that you have set.

View, Print or send it to the Clipboard as a list

Or view it in a Calendar Format

KEY CYCLES: This part of the program shows the aspects that are occurring today. Set a beginning date and this module will calculate dates when these aspects occurred in the past. It’s an amazing feature that allows you to see what was going on when these aspects were present in the past.
This is a wonderful module to keep track of planetary aspects to show how they react from the past to present.


FAST ELECTION: Great feature to find the best time to start anything (business, marriage, phone calls and so forth). It uses all the Electional astrology concepts.

PROFILE: Calculate the future strength for all your natal planets. It’s great to look at the future and see where your positive and negative areas are and showing which planets are being triggered.




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