Right Decision Astrology Software



Astrology just got more exciting!
This fantastic program helps you make the Right Decisions in your life.
To know when to TAKE the RIGHT ACTION at the RIGHT TIME for the greatest SUCCESS is without a doubt a real blessing. And, the Right Decision Software will do just that for you! The power of this program is truly amazing!
This exciting program works for everyone – you don’t even need to know astrology to reap all of its benefits!
It’s so simple. Now take all the guess work out of knowing when to act on plans! Right Decision combines the best of Alphee’s Nostradamus – Horary software which answers your questions and Father Time -Election software which tells you precisely when to take action!
If you are an astrologer, then this program will give you fast and accurate answers for your self and your clients. You can manually select the houses and rulers needed for the question and timing and view the chart wheel for the calculated day and time.
If you don’t know astrology, then this program will work for you just as effectively because of the built-in artificial intelligence. The program understands English sentences. The A.I. will translate your English sentence into the astrological language and give you the answers. Trust it – it makes the Right Decisions for you!
The A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) in the Right Decision is similar to that in our Nostradamus II and Father Time II software. It understands English sentences, words with multiple meanings, and it accurately answers your horary questions and gives you the BEST timing to act!!
Ask for the best timing about anything! – When to see a doctor, When to lecture, Contact a publisher, Make an appointment for business or beauty, Visit a friend, Talk with your children, Open a business, or Sell a house, Buy a car, Go on an interview, Telephone someone, Go on a date, Marry, etc. The possibilities are as unlimited as life itself! And, you can work with many criteria at one time.
This is a software program that tells you ‘YES’ or ‘NO’, if you should or should not take action, and if YES, then it tells you WHEN!
Here’s an example: Your question is, “Should I take this trip?” Type that in the entry box or if you know astrology, manually click on the houses in question. Click the Clock button for this moment’s chart data to be calculated or enter the chart data for any date. Right Decision is so smart that it will even ask you if this is a short or long trip, as the houses will be different. Click on your reply. The Red and Green Percentage color scale will indicate whether or not you should take this trip. All of the aspects will be displayed as well. Click on Dignities to view them and display the Wheel if you wish. Click “I don’t know astrology” and the astrological information will not appear on the screen but all the other information will be there for you.
Here is how it works!

The answer to ‘should you travel” is YES and it is clearly seen on the scale which gives 40% GREEN lights. Now you want to know when it is BEST for you to travel.
Go the Calendar icon and type, “I WANT TO TRAVEL.” Set the calendar for the month and the A.I. will use the natal chart to find the best day . The program calculates all the strengths and weakness using the A.I. and displays the best days in green lettering on a calendar layout. On the same calendar, in red letters, it will also display the days to avoid traveling.

Just click on the days indicated in green as best to travel, and the best times during those days will be displayed graphically and numerically!
The next graph shows the best time using the combination of the natal and the transiting planets, calculated with electional concepts.

The next box displays 2 graphs. The top graph, labeled Personal, was calculated to show the best days using the natal chart and the bottom graph, labeled General, shows the best times using electional concepts.
With these three-steps you can utilize all the power that astrology provides to be doing the right action at the right time!

That’s how to be successful in life! And, there’s MORE!! The Program DOES EVEN MORE !!
Let’s say that you and your partner want to travel together. The Right Decision can help you with that.
Click on the family icon. Enter your natal and your partner’s natal charts. The Right Decision will find the best day for both of you to travel.
The top graph are my best days to travel, the middle graph shows my wife, Carol’s, best days to travel, and the bottom graph is the sum of the two. The darker the shade of green, the stronger it is for travel. The darker the shade of red, the worse it is to travel. The best days should be picked from the bottom graph if you are both traveling at the same time.
You can store and retrieve all charts in a file. Select some charts from your Favorites file. Make chart notes for each and at any time you can append more information whenever you wish.
Print your Personal Calendar based on your natal chart or for the transits in the sky for Good days and Bad days to act in all areas of life! At a glance, see when it is best for you to do the activities associated with each of the houses of the horoscope. Modify the list of actions yourself and select as few or as many as you want on the calendar. The calendar will be coded in GREEN and RED.
ACT when you see the Green Checks next to the action! Click the diagram and choose a graphic display of either an easy to read line graph or bar graph. All is printed in beautiful color.

YES! The Right Decision program can be used to find the best days to go to a Gambling Casino and the best time to start gambling! And our users have WON with this!
The Right Decision is also is chart calculating program so you can calculate horoscopes for any date, time, and place, save any them to files, and retrieve them as you wish. We even have a feature to fast store and retrieve your favorite charts. You can send the chart wheels to a file, to a clipboard, or the printer. The program comes with an atlas). The program offers you a choice of using over 30 beautiful chart wheel formats in 25 different colors. They are all just Gorgeous!

Displays Planetary hours and planetary strengths in two choices of either Ptolemy or Egyptian.

You have the choice of displaying all the rules and weights that the program uses to arrive at an answer. This is a very good learning tool if you are interested in knowing more.


You can view each astrological criteria and the assigned weight used in our calculations, making this program an excellent learning tool.

If you use a word that is not in the program’s dictionary, that word will be automatically sent to our webpage where we will be able to add it into the new dictionary and then will periodically place it on our web site to be downloaded by the program owners.

Now YOU can Make the Right Decisions in SECONDS! Knowing when to be Successful was never this easy!
It’s just NOT WISE to a make a decision without  AIR Software’s The Right Decision. It’s also anAstro Clock
You can set the program to work as an Astro_Clock. It will recalculate and redraw the horoscope wheel every 18 seconds. You can minimize the program and it will continue to recalculate in the background. At any time you can bring the real-time horoscope chart wheel on the screen. It is a great tool to keep up with the planetary positions of the moment. You will only find this type of program at AIR SOFTWARE
the FIRST in Artificial Intelligence and many other features!


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