AirHead Astrology Software

AIRHEAD Astrology Game

Our AIRHEAD game is a wonderful way to have fun while you are learning astrology, or just testing your own knowledge! It is suitable for children, young adults, adults, seniors, astrologers and lay people. AIRHEAD can be played by one player against the computer, two players against each other, pair up into teams and more. All the questions are multiple-choice, offering four answers from which to make your selection.

To play the game: Simply begin by entering the player’s names. Assign each player a color. With the Option button, set up the amount of time, in seconds, that will be allowed for each question to be answered. If the question is not answered within the allotted time, the score will be considered incorrect.

First player rolls the dice and then advances counter clockwise the number of houses around the chart according to the value of the dice. If he

answers the question correctly, then he temporarily owns that house and the answer is scored as correct. If he doesn’t answer the question correctly,

then he doesn’t temporarily own the house and the answer is scored as incorrect.

The second player rolls the dice and the above rules apply. If the answer is correct, he temporarily owns the house and if it is incorrect ,then he does not own the house and does not receive points..

Notice that when you temporarily own a house, the display under your name will read: You own House #

If you temporarily own a house and the other player lands on it and answers the question correctly, you will lose ownership and the other player will temporarily own that house.

If you temporarily own the house and land on it a second time AND answer the question correctly, you will now Permanently own this house. Underneath your name it will say: You now permanently own House #

The OBJECT of the Game is to see which player is the first to permanently own any two houses. When that happens that player is the winner and the game is over.

When the game is finished you will be scored on how well you answered the questions and see a score to indicate how well you know astrology. The scale ranges from a grade of A = 90 to 100, B = 80 to 90 and C = 70 to 80 and a D for any score lower than 70.

This first version of the game has TWO levels of testing: Beginners, and intermediate .

In the future we will have more levels for different types of astrology techniques; including more of the basics, aspects and houses to special techniques such as to horary, predictions, astronomy and much more.

Have fun and learn at the same time.