August 1st Eclipse and the Olympics in Beijing China

Solar Eclipse of August 1st, 2008 by Alphee Lavoie
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On August 1, 2008, the solar eclipse is at 9°34′ of Leo and when calculated it falls directly over Beijing China where the Summer Olympic games will begin seven days later. Notice that the Sun and Moon for this eclipse are setting less than 200 miles miles away from that city as seen on the map of the eclipse path below.

Notice how similar the chart of China is to the eclipse chart. Both rising signs are a few minutes apart. In the eclipse chart the positions are nearly in opposition to the Moon of China.

The chart for the eclipse path is calculated using parallax for Beijing, China. Notice that the eclipse Sun and Moon are setting less than a two hundred miles from the city Beijing.
The following graph is the path of this eclipse. Beijing, China is where the Olympic games will be at the beginning of the path. it goes without saying that there will definitely be a lot of activity in that part of the world (in or around China).

The Olympic opening will occur on 08. 08. 08 at 08. 08 P.M.
This is the chart for the opening of the games.

Actually, the chart is not really too bad, however, there are a few significant oppositions, those being Mars in opposition to Uranus and Mercury in opposition to Neptune. Because it’s right around a solar eclipse, the Sun is on the South node. The Moon is applying a first square to the eclipse energy. There is a tight semi-square between the Moon and Pluto which is in China’s chart. In the eclipse chart Pluto rules the midheaven. Just like the eclipse chart China’s natal chart and the chart for the opening of the Olympics both have Mars in the seventh house. This is the house of competitiveness and surely there will be a lot of competition. I suppose Mars fits there perfectly. When calculating the eclipse from Washington, DC the planet Pluto is less than 100 miles rising from Beijing, China. So Pluto is a very important planet in this situation. Look at the Sun when the games open. It’s exactly on the Mars /Pluto midpoint of China’s chart. I am sure that Pluto will be a significant player.

The quarter Moon in Bejing on the August 9th places China’ s Moon on it’s descendant. Days of tremendous stress could be the 15th, 18th and 20th.

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