Astro trading ideas



Does astrology work in predicting the market?
Yes! but not exactly how we learned it
Planet in signs does not give is much help in trading the market.
This graph shows that Saturn in Sagittarius bring high gain. This only happen every 28 plus years. There a lot of thing that can happen in between.


Mars in signs has a 2 1/2 years cycle.


Sun in signs 1 year cycle. Notice the Dow Jones brought lower price in October


At the end of each year’s I used the NeuralNet artificial intelligence to analyze all of my mutual funds that always helps me to see downs and ups in the market. Mutual funds seems to follow the market quite a bit. Here I don’t use aspect I use cycles. It Analyze all the cycles that creates major move.

The following graph is a NeuralNet forecasts for the Dow Jones for the next couple months. I always like to do that when I see major aspects coming up. Because the artificial intelligence will analyze close to 2000 astrological criteria and gives the appropriate numerical weight for each one according to their past performances. In the following graph I used all the transiting Ptolemy aspects to the Dow Jones chart of May 17 1792 7:52 a.m.. In New York. This is the chart that I rectified back in the 80s. it shows a down next week. It show the bottom will be more toward the of the week. When we look at the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and the DJ. It went down heavier after the exact aspect.


The following graph was calculated with AIR Software version of Bradley Barometer


I remember March of 2009 there was a Mars conjunct Neptune aspect and a lot of astrologer were predicting that as a major down. I did the efficiency testing on that aspect with the Dow Jones. The following graph indicate that the Dow Jones in the past went up twice as much as down.

if you analyze 10 days before in 10 days after the aspect to profitability would be the market would go up. But we all know that we cannot predict the market with one aspect only. There are many many things going on in the sky at the same time. After I calculate the NeuralNet A.I. where many astrological criteria were analyzed it showed a major down. This is exactly what happened.
That’s why it’s so hard to predict any market using only one aspect. There is too many things going on in the sky at the same time.
Another thing that I like to say here if that if we were to trade the market delineating all the aspects as we learn as astrologers. We would not last long in this business. Because astrological aspects react totally different when dealing with the market. In astro finance the square doesn’t create down and that trines doesn’t create up. So to use astrology to predict market you to need to do research. Most astrologer does Mark’s believe that astrology should not be research. Because most astrologer feel if it works for you use it. I think it would be a good practice for astrologer to put their life saving and use their knowledge of astrology to trade the market. They would learn real quick that there is a lot of stuff about astrology that needs to be research.
I inserted a few graphs to demonstrate this. The following graphs shows How aspects react between a planetary pairs in the DJ.


Notice that the trines does not bring the market price up in either the front and the back aspects. The square seems to do better. But the best aspect seems to be the sextiles. We can also see that it goes up in the conjunction.


In this graph the front square seems to do better than anything. we can notice the Dow Jones goes way down in the front trine. The back aspects doesn’t do so well.




So in order to make money in the market using astrology you need to research, research and more research otherwise you will end up flat broke. In Astro trading we use a lot more than aspects.