Your Pet through Astrology and Numerology

Your Pet through Astrology and Numerology
By Carol Lavoie, Certified Astrologer, Ncgr level IV, counseling

Do you Have Your Pet’s number??
Numerology is a very self contained science but it also vibrates to many astrological correspondences. Here are some correlations that I have noticed with pets and animals. Since many pets are born without recorded birthdates it is much easier and much more appropriate to use their names for Numerological insights. To do so simply use the numerological grid located below to determine which numbers are assigned to each of the letters in your pet’s name. This method is using the Modern system. Then simply add the numerical values of the letters together and reduce them down to a single digit. Ex: if your pet’s name is Raggs, and you spell it with 2 g’s in it, then R= 9, and A =1, G = 7 and G = 7 again , and S = 1. Added together the total equals: 16 . Now ad 1 + 6 to equal a value of 7. Your dogs Raggs is vibrating to the number 7.
You may use either his given registered name (Gaylord Wadsworth Bunting) or your own name for him (which might be Scruff!). In fact, I suggest that you first see how his numerology fits him with your personal name for him and then for more insights into his behavior see how his given name (if he has one) fits as well! In either case, have fun learning more about your pet through numerology!
 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Number 1 – If your pet’s name adds up to the number 1 then his temperament will reflect his strong independent nature similar to the Arien energy. He can display a daring, courageous nature though he is really quite a scaredy cat deep within, often attacking and then running as fast as he can!! He is a poor loser and can go wimpering away if outdone by a competitor. Stubborn and willful, this pet can be a handful to tame or train. They are rowdy and needs a lot of room for playing and being rambunctious…even if they are small’ll be amazed at how quickly they zoom from one room to the other!! He also needs lots of attention and approval. This pet is not necessarily a lap pet though for a few moments here and there he can be still and express that kind of affection, but it’s more sporadic instead of long term. And affection is on his terms!! They can make very good guard pets and are alert so that the slightest sound or disturbance will get their ears perked and body tense. Loving hard and rough play he will never think twice of diving into the pool or getting all muddy and dirty.
Number 2 – These pets are more akin to the air sign of the Libra temperament. They need a special kind of balance in their lives and prefer the company of another pet or their beloved owner. They just don’t’ like to be alone and could do very well with a companion pet. You’ll see that they are very friendly and willing to run to strangers and anyone who is willing to give them a pat on the head! Obviously, they do not make good watchdogs!! They seek to please the other person or pet so frequently you will see them follow the lead of the other. They are not particularly aggressive or competitive unless seriously provoked. Watch how they sensitively seem know your next move or anticipate your next command or feeling. Stressful situations will definitely show in their behavior more quickly than in other numbers (except the 4 and 7 and 9). Harsh words or loud voices will also disrupt their even temperament and sensitive nature. Quiet and pleasant surroundings without loud, abrasive, harsh noise suits them best. These pets are so pleasant and loving that you just have to love them no matter what! They do seem to respond very much to music and pleasant sounds like singing or windchimes.
Number 3 – This pet is closest o the Gemini temperament . This pet is social and fun and willing to run to anyone passing by! You’ll see them groom their paws a lot and are very sensitive to their paws and nail areas. They will be curious and spend time at windows or glass doors or watching tv! Restless and interesting they can wander a bit but not for long periods of time and not too far away from home. These pets enjoy the company of other pets and lots of people so they want to be at the party and family gatherings. They love riding in cars and sticking their heads out the windows to catch all the sights and sounds. Their interests never stop grabbing their attention and often you will find them picking up one toy only to drop it and get distracted by another! Sometimes choices are difficult for this pet to make. These pets can be amazingly vocal, often barking at the slightest thing, wining and making all kinds of poochie sounds. They are actually talking to you and responding to you! They can also chew lots of things like toys and shoes and socks and other household items. Food is not usually an area of fussiness for this pet nor is where his bed is. He is usually an early riser and ready to go with energy to spare at any moment day or night! A bundle of fun and play and love! This pet is just so sweet…. Not a snarl in his body! And, being a ‘kid’ himself yes, he’s very good with children.!
Number 4 – This pet is closest to the Cancer/Virgo pet , loving the hearth and home and security of his own nest. This is probably the most domestic pet of the realm, filled with a love of routine and enjoying the security of his daily schedule. Consistency of his routines is one of the most important things for this pet to have in his life. He loves to eat and can have a huge appetite even when he’s not hungry anymore! Even a change of his food can upset his careful routine and digestive system. This pet can be easily housebroken and trained in other ways with a consistent training system. Praise and food are his greatest rewards. He can be a bit moody at times but mostly you’ll see an even temperament and good nature to this playful and loving pet. A warm blanket in the winter and even the summer might be needed as he is sensitive to temperature changes. Avoid harsh chemicals when washing his bedding and definitely when bathing him! Grooming can be done quite easily as this pet loves to please and grooming is one of those times when he can please the master he loves the most. This pet can also be a wonderful working pet depending on his breed and environment…either working in the fields, herding, hunting, or even as a seeing eye dog. He would also do exceptionally well in an environment where he is on load all day long to nursing homes and senior centers, as long as you are there for him at the end of the day or with him at the nursing facility throughout the day.
Number 5 – This pet seems to mimic the traits of the Aquarian/ Gemini/ Sagittarian nature. He can be very aloof, distance, fickle, curious and restless. You can find this pet wandering away at the drop of a hat to explore new and unknown (even dangerous) territories. He does not like to be fenced in so wide open ranges are a must for this pet. Collars and leashes are not tolerated by this pet no matter how strong they are the pet will somehow resist them and get free. This is the pet that can also be his own entertainment center so when he gets bored he’ll think nothing of raking through the towels and toilet paper and tearing things apart to make the biggest mess you’ve ever seen!! They are intelligent, friendly and love to play but are also very stubborn and willful. Affection comes only on their terms. Training them is not an easy task and when the session is over they will let you know!!! He has no qualms about getting down and dirty right after a bath! This pet is not particularly good with small children but love to accompany anyone going where the action is! So if you ride horses or often go for long walks in the wide open areas or tree filled woods this pet will make a path of his own and frequently catch up to you only to go his own way again!
Number 6: The Taurean pet and number 6 are very similar in nature. They, too, are home bodies and full of affection but demanding their creature comforts be met. So they really will be finicky with their food if they are not given the BEST..and that includes the table scraps, too! And his appetite doesn’t stop there. This pet will indulge in your human desserts if you let him and gravies and all the rich foods. These rich foods are not advisable for him so either don’t introduce them in the first place or indulge only in a very limited way. They have a fondness for belly rubs and between the ear rubs and even back rubs and massages. You’ll see them only wanting to sleep on the silk, satin or warm, soft fleecy blankets…nothing harsh or scratchy for them! This pet can be good with children but needs to be your number 1 child! He can be stubborn and can pout or do things to get your attention when he is feeling neglected. If this pet is not trained for some type of work then his lazy streak will emerge and he will quickly become accustomed to doing the minimum. When used as work pets they are very diligent and consciousness. Their stamina and endurance are great strengths.
Number 7 – The number 7 pet and the Scorpio/ Capricorn nature are very similar to each other. This pet is quiet and intense and brooding. You’ll notice how he just sits and observes and then makes his move on whatever has his attention. His movements are quite calculated. There is an innate shyness to this pet. There is a very strong intelligence to this pet and an insatiable curiosity. This pet isn’t likely to wander too far away but will snoop around a lot and make a mess of the garbage ferreting out some tasty morsel or some interesting bone that was tossed away. He is very possessive of his food and toys and his owner. This is probably the most one owner pet there is, loyal and trustworthy and very needy of the same from his owner. He is slow to develop a trusting relationship but when it is done it is steadfast. This pet will hide his toys and food. He will perform lots of tricks when he wants to and when he doesn’t ….nothing will get him to do so! When he gets hurt and angry he might take out his revenge in some unsavory manner showing his destructive side. He is very protective as a parent of offspring and will defend his young to the end. This, too, can be a very powerful work dog, enduring harships of weather and other environmental conditions and rising to the occasion of incredible heroism.
Number 8 – This number resonates mostly to the Leo pet. There is a showmanship about this pet that can easily win ribbons and earn money at any contest. They love the pampering getting ready for shows and they are mostly Leo dogs that have won the coveted blue ribbons! They love to play and also bask in the sunshine or by a roaring fire. This regal pet will always cut a striking pose and make heads turn no matter what the pet or the breed. He is a born leader so if you have more than one pet this one will lead the pack. Grooming, preening, petting…any form of attention is welcomed by this pet and the more you lavish on him the more he wants! It’s an unending demand! Pampering and making this pet know that he is your Number 1 object of affection is a must! So where you go he will be sure to follow. He might feel quite upstaged by children so often this pet does better with older children to feel secure. A real ‘ham’ this pet will do all sorts of tricks to be the center of attention. His even temperament is a joy and his affection is undying and unconditional no matter what you do to him.
Number 9 – This pet is a very touchy and emotionally tuned pet. Where the 1 and Aries energies are much more fiery the Number 9 temperament is more watery, like the sensitive Pisces. This number and zodiac sign both display the sensitivity to not only their owners commands and people but to their surroundings. These pets actually know what you are thinking! They can intuit how you feel and if you are sad they will be right by your side to console you and lick your tears. They crave affection and need a lot of your time to hug and spend in petting and other forms of attentive care. Often this can be the runt of the litter and can be overlooked. By nature he is shy and withdrawn except when he feels he is needed for emotional support or hugs are being given out! This pet is so tame and loving..the complete opposite of the number1. He is not competitive or aggressive. Playful, yes, but not in a rowdy way. He can frighten easily and be more susceptible to inclement weather and disturbances in the home. Instead of barking at intruders he might run and hide! These pets are often the ones with those dewy eyes and eyebrows and ears that are so expressive of how they feel. When being disciplined they may cower even at just a raised voice.
In some ways there is a timeless quality about this pet. The intelligence is so apparent from day one and these pets actually look like there is a human being behind those expressive eyes.
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