To use Parallax or Not to use Parallax!

To use Parallax or Not to use Parallax!
By Alphee Lavoie, Air Software

Today is March 4, 2003 and I wanted to see how this technique works.
This new Moon for March 2, 2003, calculated for Washington, D.C., provides an excellent example to test whether or not the Parallax for a new Moon works better than not using the Parallax.
In our regular astrological work, astrologers calculate the Moon without using parallax. Even the Michelsen American Ephemeris for the 21st Century shows the times for new Moons without Parallax.
Using Parallax changes the degree of the new Moon and, therefore, the time for chart significantly. Without using Parallax, the March 2nd new Moon calculated for Washington D.C. yields a time of 9:34:59 PM and an Ascendant of 25 Libra 53.

Using Parallax, the calculations for the same data result in a time of 10:35:35 PM and an Ascendant of 7 Scorpio 59 .


When placing the Parallax new Moon chart for Washington D.C. on our Locality Mapping program, the planet Pluto passes directly through Baghdad, posing a real threat for war.

The new Moon, calculated without Parallax, places Venus on the IC, going right through Washington D.C., speaking of peace at home and no wars being waged.

I always felt that when working with my weather research, the new Moon calculated with Parallax gives me better results. I’ve always had much more success and better results in weather predicting when using it. For one of my researches I calculated over 750 days on which there was over an inch of rain in New England.
For the first file I calculated all the quarter moons prior to the days of rain using Parallax, and for the second file I calculated the same Moons without Parallax. I compared the two files using our NeuralNet module of our Research software program, “The Astro-Investigator”. The correlation between all of the astrological phenomena was stronger and better in the chart file calculated with the Moons using Parallax.

The primary question posed now is: Are we going into war as suggested by the new Moon seen on our Locality Maps calculated with Parallax, or will we experience a peaceful time as seen on the map by the Moon calculated without Parallax?

Copyright 2004 Alphee Lavoie