Regular chart or whole house system

By Alphee Lavoie, Ncgr Level IV

When I began studying astrology in the late 50s and early 60s the astrologers of the time were pretty much all thinking alike. We had astrologers like Mark Edmond Jones, Dane Rudhyar, Charles Jayne, Ivy Jacobson, just to name a few. You could read many books and the techniques did not vary very much. Today it’s a different story and there are hundreds of disciplines in astrology all claiming to be the ‘right’ ones to use. To a young astrologer wading through the vast astrological material on the market today this can be extremely confusing as to what to use and what works with accuracy and what not to use and does not work. I’ve been a full-time astrologer for close to 50 years now and when I examine all the disciplines I am totally lost because they are so contradictory from one another. How can all of these different techniques that are totally opposite from one another possibly work.
In the 80’s astrology took a major 180 degree turn about. That’s when astrologers began translating the ancient astrology writings into English. Then all of a sudden astrology found itself caught between the old and the new. Are we really helping astrology by going back in time and trying to use astrology the same way they used it 500 years or more ago? It’s wonderful information to have to get back to our ancient roots and see how our forerunners employed this amazing science. But I have a hard time believing that the ancient ways will make astrology better.
I have been using Ivy Jacobson’s horary technique since the early 60’s. THEN HERE COMES LILY! Now a lot of astrologers think that the only way to do horary is to employ Lily’s methods. And if you were not using his technique you cannot classify yourself as a horary astrologer. When I tell astrologers that I have more practice doing horary than Lily they freak out. I answer more horary questions in one year than Lily did in his entire lifetime. And I’ve been doing it for close to 50 years. I can also guarantee that I have answered a much wider range of questions than were posed to Lily. People are busier now than they were in Lily’s time with so many more choices and decisions that they have to make.
Horary is not the only discipline in which astrologers feel that the old-timers knew more than us. The old-timers didn’t use planets beyond Saturn, the Ring Pass Not. Many of today’s astrologers also refuse to use the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in their chart delineations. Let’s look at one example how the delineation changes when ignoring the outer planets.
Here is the chart for Miley Cyrus only using from Sun to Saturn:

We see that her chart ruler, Jupiter, squares Venus in the second house. There is no other affliction to Jupiter. We also notice that Mercury conjuncts the Moon in the 12th house showing her to me sensitive and caring in her communications.
Now by putting in Uranus through Pluto see how her personality changes:


Wow! Look at this. Her Uranus and Neptune both square Jupiter, her chart ruler while also semi-squaring her Ascendant. Neptune is also opposition her Mars. That soft sensitivity in communication that she had with Mercury conjunct her Moon in the 12th house isn’t quite as pronounced now that Pluto is involved, which definitely changes the way she communicates.
Let’s take a look at another old technique.
The Whole House System
In a whole house system 0° is on the Ascendant. For example I have 22° Gemini rising. In the whole house system my first house cusp would be 0° Gemini. Let’s say that somebody was born using the modern system with the Sun in the 12th house. They could very well move that Sun in the first house. And many other planets that would be in the 12th house now move into the first house. If you’ve been an astrologer for long enough and did a lot of charts reading you absolutely know that there is a big difference in the personality between a person with a 12th house Sun and the first house Sun. An experienced astrologer would automatically see the difference.
For that matter it will move planets from the sixth house to the seventh house. This system takes a lot of planets in a mutable house and places them in angles. That definitely puts a different light on a chart reading. We learned that in astrology 101. A planet behaves totally differently from being in a cadent house than in an angular house. Let’s just take an example in horary. Suppose you are looking to recover a lost item. If by using the whole house system the planet ruling the lost item moves from the sixth house to an angular house could you find the item? No! I’ve done thousands of charts for lost articles and I know lost items could not be found with this kind of mentality. Of course a seasoned astrologer would know the difference.
Let’s take a closer look:
This chart was calculated the usual way like all the good well-known astrologers such as Rob Hand, Noel Tyl, Charles Jayne, Ivy Jacobson did back in the 70’s.


Now let’s look at this chart using the whole sign system.


As you can see in the Whole house system Mars and Saturn moved from the 12th to the first house. With the Placidus house system Venus is intercepted in the first house. In the Whole house system all of a sudden Venus is not intercepted anymore and now it’s in the second house… HELLO! If this was a horary question for a missing item Venus would rule the missing item but with the Whole house system it’s ruling the third house. Let’s say that this was a lost diamond ring. In the Whole house system I would have to use Mars instead of Venus to locate the diamond ring. OH MY GOD! there goes my reputation as the best horary astrologer to find missing items, missing kids or missing pets!
Notice that the chart also moved all of the eighth house planets into the ninth house. Wow! The Moon went from the second house into the fourth house!!! DON’T YOU FEEL THAT THIS CHART JUST GOT HIT BY A TORNADO?
Leaving all kidding aside let’s say the person that was born with this chart went to see a Western astrologer for reading but also went to get a reading from an astrologer using the whole house system. We know the reading would be completely different. One would have to far off the mark in his reading…Which one?
I’ve heard some astrologers say both chart readings would right. IN YOUR DREAMS!
Just as an example I have quite a few business clients and a few of them are International. I’ve been using I guess what you would call the regular system of calculating charts with them for years. I make million dollar decisions for them so I must be doing something right because they all have been with me since the early 70s and continue consulting with me for business dealings. A few months ago I used to look at both charts but I always use the Placidus house chart to help them make their decisions. I must be doing something right and I must be using the right type of charts.
Let’s take a closer look



What we have to do is this. Let’s collect charts of some of our clients using both the modern chart calculation system and the whole house system. This can then show us which major aspects hitting planets to discover which house or houses indicate the particular events.
The above chart example using Whole house system moved the Sun, Uranus, Mars and Pluto from different houses to the 10th house. And it moved the 10th house cusp from Scorpio to Libra. When a major aspects hit any these planets what could have happened in that person’s life? Was the career changed like the whole house system suggests or was it something else. I think if we do enough of these comparisons we may be able to realize which house system works more accurately and which one fails to prove its merit.
My ‘gator research group has done enough research on house rulerships and planets in houses and we’ve proven beyond a shadow of the doubt that they work with at least 92% probability.
If you take a room full of astrologers many of them are years apart in their techniques. This is not a joke. Some still work with techniques used 600 years ago and more. And some use today’s more modern techniques. So that’s years apart.
I was told one time by an astrologer using the Whole house system that this was the first house system ever used by our ancient colleagues. Hundreds of years ago then the only way of traveling was walking I don’t see any of these astrologers today walking from conference to conference. That’s what they should do if they believe that things from the past were better than the tools we have now. Society didn’t get where we are today by adhering to the ways of the past.
Recently an astrologer came in from out of town to lecture to our group. He made an announcement that he would do reading while he is in Connecticut. When asked what house system he used, he proudly said with a smile, “I use the whole house system, Sunrise chart and a few others that you mention”. Yet this guy claims he’s been a professional astrologer for over 25 years and yet he has a full time day job. After hearing that I said to myself it’s easy to figure out why he has a full-time job. It’s like telling you I know something you don’t know. So please anybody interested in checking both systems let’s work together. My email is Let me know how you can help.
God bless,