The New Moon of June 3, 2008

The New Moon of June 3, 2008
By Alphee Lavoie
Written June 5, 2008

The June 3, 2008 New Moon will bring activity with Iran.
By calculating the New Moon using parallax and drawing the lines on our locality map you’ll see that the New Moon (Sun and Moon) crosses over the line of  Saturn exactly in Tehran, the capital of Iran. The New Moon’s position is 13 Gemini 37:13.  On the 19th of June Mercury will turn direct at 12 Gemini 58:51 to conjunct the New Moon in Iran’s  capital city.
This should bring some sort of Saturnian news.
On June 26, 2008 the planet Uranus will turn retrograde at 22 Pisces 39:18 in opposition to Neptune at 22:24:56 in the U.S. chart.  Uranus is transiting through the third house of the United States chart while opposing the United States natal Neptune in the ninth house.  This will provide more energy coming from some type of unexpected news.
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