the life of Jesus through astrology part 2

by Alphee

From the points made in the last article (part I) it is easy to see many of the correlations between the meaning of the Piscean Age and the natal chart of its Avatar, Jesus the Christ.
The following picture is the prenatal eclipse, the solar eclipse before Christ was born.

To continue in that vein, let’s now explore Jesus’ natal chart (3-1-6 BC, 6:25 AM LMT, Bethlehem) for the triggering energies when he reached his first Rite of Passage at age 13 in the year 6 AD. On his 13th birthday transiting Jupiter was conjunct all of his planets in Pisces, with Jupiter conjuncting his Sun and Moon, and the planet Uranus sextile Mercury, he would have shown great spiritual wisdom. At that time Jesus had been instructed in Torah and Judaic Law by the Sages in the Temple. It is known that he often posed the most profound questions to these wise learned men, but his own wisdom was not known by many. At that time Neptune just entered Sagittarius, which indicates the beginning of the truth coming to the Earth. Similarly, his solar arc Sun sesquiquadrate natal Neptune lent strength to this mystical truth-sharing nature. It is at this time that we see the first real signs of Jesus coming into his own.

Let’s continue to the next important event that has been recorded… the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. Our calculations show this to have occurred in 22 AD (the year of his Saturn return) when Jesus was 29 years old. The evidence for an event of this magnitude is so great, well, you be the judge and see how the pieces fit into place!

JESUS THE CHRIST, March 1, 6 BC, 6:25 AM LMT 31N47 35E13 Placidus Tropical.
The middle of June, 22 AD finds transiting Saturn making a station on Jesus’ Ascendant which signals the beginning of the withdrawal period. This, of course, is a time of planting new “seeds”; a new beginning to be on His chosen inner path that his soul had previously set up in accordance with the Divine Plan. Transiting Neptune sextiles natal Neptune exactly, offering tremendous spiritual self-awareness. Transiting Pluto sextiles his Vertex, bringing the fated contact needed for the transformation. Additionally, transiting Jupiter sextiles his natal Mars, which offers a new, joyous happening or beginning. Just that alone can begin to indicate a time of great spiritual change but in addition, minor progressed Neptune exactly conjuncts the south node. Minor converse Pluto is on the descendant of the natal chart and tertiary converse Moon conjuncts natal Neptune.
At no other time around the withdrawal period are there such strong indications of an important initiation as the Baptism.
Another important time of Christ’s life was around the time of November 13,in the year 24 when he was at a progresses new Moon and secondary progressed Uranus was on his ascendant. Another indicator of a time of major changes and new beginnings.

Moving ahead we read of the betrayal of Jesus by Judas for 30 pieces of silver. The astrological indicators point to the beginning of February of 33 AD when minor converse Sun opposed natal Neptune, profection Saturn conjuncts the natal node and the tertiary Moon exactly opposed the Sun and Moon and conjuncts Pluto in the seventh house of betrayal. The first of these aspects speaks of being betrayed or sold out for money or valuables, quite possibly silver. The second aspect indicates a fated separation or encounter of a grave nature.
Without a doubt one of the most outstanding events in the recorded history of Jesus is his cruel death by crucifixion. Even a casual glance at his natal chart will show glaring indications of death. First, let’s refer to the data that is given in the Bible to get closer to the actual date of transition. The Bible states that shortly after Jesus was crucified the sky turned as dark as night. Few geological events can bring about such a quick change in the daytime; however, a total solar eclipse can readily blacken the sky, and seems to be the most logical explanation for such an event. If we begin to search for such an eclipse occurring during midday from 6 BC to 50 AD, we find that one did occur on March 19, 33 AD in Jerusalem. More precisely, that particular eclipse took place at 1:25 PM LMT. Although the eclipse was not total in Jerusalem it was close enough to significantly darken the sky.
This is the eclipse path on the day Jesus died.
If it is true that Jesus was put on the cross around noon, the sky darkened shortly thereafter, and his death occurred later that day in 33 AD, then He would have been 40 years old and not the age of 30 or 33 which most clerics espouse.
In reviewing the Bible we find that a commonly used number is the number 40. Jesus fasted in the wilderness for 40 days, during Noah’s days it rained for 40 days and 40 nights, Jesus was resurrected to Heaven 40 days after He died. In all the esoteric practices the number 40 is a very mystical number. It speaks of the Will of God working through the physical level and bringing about change. In looking at the Tarot Cards, the number 40 is connected with the Death Card which speaks of change and transition. According to the Hindu interpretations of astrology and cycles, the number 9 is a total completion or transformation. Even in our western form of numerology, 9 represents the end of a cycle, while in harmonic astrology the 9th harmonic is the pathway of destiny of the soul. Looking back at Christianity and its practices we find that 40 days of prayer was said to be the time needed to bring about the answers. Later the time was changed to praying for only 9 days, known as a Novena, which is still currently practiced.

Let’s see how 40 and 9 are related. A circle is a symbol of a whole and geometrically equals 360 degrees. When be divide 360 by 40 we get 9; conversely when we divide 360 by 9 we get 40. If we add the degrees of a circle we also get the number 9 (360=3+6+0=9). Harmonically, 9 and 40 are on the same frequency because of their relationship to the whole.
Magic squares, which were popular in ancient times, are all based on the magical number 9. It is the number of beginning and ending. Even if we take the number of the Beast (666) and the number of Redemption (144,(XX) and add them as we did the degrees of the circle, both of them equal 9. Adding the number of the Beast together (6+6+6=18=9) shows that consciousness will eventually equal the vibration of 9 (completion and illumination) but by taking that route the soul goes through tremendous trials of delusion, ego and self-deception. The soul working on the vibration of redemption will also attain the vibration of the 9 to bring about full consciousness and total enlightenment on a spiritual level but without any of the divergences or unconscious interference, rather, taking the “path of the straight and narrow” or the Middle Pillar as we see on the Kabbalistic Tree from Yesod to Kether.

But no digressions… back to the issue of the death of Jesus.
Almost all predictive techniques used by astrologers shows that Jesus Christ could have died on that day, using secondary progression Jupiter which exactly conjuncts his natal Saturn (the death of a king). The converse tertiary Sun conjuncts the Arabic Part of Death while the minor progressed Mars conjuncts the ascendant and the minor Sun squares the Part of Death. The converse minor progression Saturn Squares the planet Venus, his eighth House ruler. The Profection Part of Death was exactly on the Midheaven (moving each planet 30° for each year of his life). The converse solar arc Part of Death was exactly on the descendant. Transiting Pluto makes a station retrograde exactly on his MC portending a loss of power to an earthly authority while solar arc Neptune conjuncts his midheaven indicating the martyrdom. And, lastly, the solar arc converse Part of Death was exactly on the natal descendent.

Additionally, transiting Poseidon conjuncts natal Saturn which speaks directly about letting go of the physical world and giving oneself up to the Holy Ghost. Transiting Admetos on his natal Saturn equals stiffness or to be in a tight spot, and Saturn/Poseidon/ Admetos tells of the end of an education or period of training. Could death not correspond with the conclusion of one phase of learning, both for the teacher and the student? To discover the exact day of death we searched the Witte manual and came up with the formula: Moon + Admetos or Sun + Admetos = Day of death.

On March 19, 33 AD transiting Saturn was squaring the Moon/ Admetos and the Sun/ Admetos. These are not foolproof aspects heralding death, but they certainly point in that direction. As astrologers we know that when a chart is replete with evidence of the same “theme in variation” the likelihood of occurrence is heightened. To support the above mentioned energies here are additional planetary pictures:
Transiting Hades opposition his Sun, telling of physical troubles and a mutilated body; transiting retrograde Venus ruler of his eighth house at 0 Aries, indicating leaving an earthly home; and transiting Hades opposing his Moon, denoting an hour of ordeal by fate. A most strange planetary picture crops up here, that of Zeus/Mars. Witte defines it as “working in a blast furnace.” Could this imagery possibly be the spiritual descent into “Hell” made by Jesus prior to his ascension?
The planet Pluto went retrograde March 18, 33 at 3:08 p.m. probably during the last supper and Saturn went direct March 19, 33 at 10:21 p.m.
We now searched through the day of His death to pinpoint the time. It is generally accepted that 3 PM was the time that Jesus took his last breath in his physical body. We looked at this time but did not find any strong indications for this occurrence. We moved the time ahead to 3:43 PM and things seemed to click. Oddly enough, we found that sunset in Jerusalem in 33 AD came really early, around 5:45 PM or so. If you set the chart shortly after 4 p.m. the planet Mars was conjunct the midheaven and the Part of Death was right on the ascendant. That could be around the time when Jesus died.

Viewed from this perspective, it seems that some of the mystery shrouding this greatest of historical and religious figures of all time is somewhat unveiled. Perhaps the most important thing, however, is that His message of Love is clear to all and will live on for all the Ages to come.

Copyright 1983 Alphee Lavoie