The life of Jesus through astrology part 1

by Alphee Lavoie, Astrologer

Many astrologers and scholars have spent hours trying to unravel the mystery of the greatest story ever told… the birth of THE CHRIST CHILD.

Noted astrologer, John Addey, believes Jesus was born on August 22, 7 BC. while another astrologer, Craig Roberts Wich, believes His Sun sign is in Scorpio. Over the years I have seen the Christ chart fall in every sign of the Zodiac. Seeing that Jesus is considered the Avatar for the Piscean Age, it would make much more sense for His birth to have taken place in the constellation of Pisces. A closer look shows that His entire ministry symbolized the Piscean energy with the miracle of the fishes, changing water into wine, healing the sick, and showing selfless compassion for all. The parables taught concepts such as the
Good Samaritan, The Golden Rule of loving your neighbor as yourself, and the Kingdom of God is within which are all outstanding characteristics of not only the message of Jesus for the Piscean Age but also the prominent symbols and character traits of individuals born under the sign of Pisces.

The traditional celebration is held on December 25 honoring His birth which supposedly took place shortly after midnight on December 25th, 0 AD. He was sought by the three Magi following a bright star in the sky for a year prior to his birth. This bright “star” creates the biggest mystery to us because with all the astronomical research this phenomenon during that period could not be substianted. There was no comet or nova to glow brightly and take the name of the Star of Bethlehem at that time.
However, in the Spring of 6 BC all the visible planets (except Mercury) were aligned in the sign of Pisces. This was the closest and only planetary lineup around the time of the Holy Birth. It is said that Saturn-]upiter conjunctions bring royalty or kings into the world but, as we know, these two planets come in conjunction every 19 or so years. A soul born during a planetary lineup would be much more focused to materialize his plans. This lineup was visible in the nighttime sky and the eastern horizon. The planet Uranus, which was not visible to the naked eye, was the first to rise. Then came the brilliant majesty of Jupiter. Calculations show that this happened 13 minutes before sunrise at 6:37 am, so Jupiter on the eastern horizon would have been bright enough to point the shepherds in the field toward the direction of the stable when they were told to follow the star by the Angel.
If we cast a chart for Jesus having His birth on March 1, 6 BC for 6:25 am LMT In Bethlehem Lat: 34N47 Long: 35E13.

We see that He has Pisces rising and Sagittarius on the Midheaven. This combination would have made Him the martyr (a Piscean trait) and the spiritual leader bringing in truth to the planet Earth (Sagittarius on the Midheaven). With Mars and Pluto in the 7th house of relationships He had His fair share of power struggles, but enough strength to stick to His guns. With the strong Pluto opposition to all His Pisces planets and sextile to Neptune in His 8th house he had great healing power, the ability to transform the world around Him and, according to Catholicism, to heal the original sin.
Pluto applying an opposition to His natal Sun would explain the possibility of early death through the hands of Herod’s soldiers when he ordered that all the male children under two years of age be killed. On February 20 B.C. the planet Mars and Saturn and the Moon were all conjunct in geocentric longitude and in declination in his first house. That means they were all occulting each other. That would’ve been the day of the death threat and probably the day that they left for Egypt. The Uranus’ solar arc being less than 2 years away from conjuncting His ascendant would explain his early unstable years of life seen through the move to Egypt. After Herod’s death on the lunar eclipse of March 13, 4 B.C. Jesus returned to His native home. From the time of His return to Nazareth, Uranus was in His first house until His passing out of the body.

Now you can see why Jesus never established a home or family and was to wander. The negative side of that aspect made Him highly rebellious and trend setter working against the system. He demonstrated that many times. A good example was in the temple when He chided those who valued money more than the truer inner values (North Node in the 2nd house, lessons involving values and money). The positive side of Uranus gave Him a powerful force to make changes in the world. Conjuncting Jupiter these changes involved religion, faith and the belief in higher principles. All these planets in the first house made Him a strong individual (Sun, Saturn) and a nice lovable soul Moon, Venus, Jupiter). Most of the aspects are conjunctions and oppositions, two of the strongest aspects to have. There are no squares between the planets but only to the midheaven in Sagittarius, showing strong religious and philosophical convictions, and also making Him an extremist in his plan for social and religious regeneration. An unaspected Mercury in the sign of Aquarius in His natal l2th house made him a visionary and an idealist with a vivid imagination, the capacity of being a genius and well plugged in with the universal mind. With all the water emphasis and Neptune in the 8th house, He had great sensitivity and intuition. It also gave Him the capacity for sympathy and compassion to help others. Note that all the trines and sextiles are to Neptune, the inspired soul, in the house of healing (8th). The bundle of mutable planets and the lack of cardinality gave Him the ease of “going with the flow” , making him very focused on people needs. You see none of the good stuff like the grand square, grand trine, or even a cradle; just an intensely aspected chart with trines, conjunctions and oppositions. The Marc Edmund Jones pattern would have to be a bowl with Pluto leading, or it could also be a bucket with Venus as the handle. The charts also shows that he has a mystical rectangle, which is a very powerful mystic configuration, involving the planets Neptune, Pluto, the Node to all the Pisces planets. If you use the nodes you can see a strong mystical rectangle in the chart.
From the time of Egypt to John the Baptist, there is not much known about the life of Jesus. Most scholars believe that He spent time with in the Essene community of monastic life at Qumram near the Dead Sea where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered some 40 years ago.

Part II of this article will cover the life of the Christ astrologically from the time of His meeting with John the Baptist until His death. Part III will cover the
teachings of Jesus and the changes of His church through the first 2,000 years.
Copyright 1982 Alphee Lavoie