Major Earthquake in Haiti (parallax..diurnal) January 12, 2010

The Earthquake in Haiti January 12, 2010
A New Moon Diurnal Maps
A technique copyrighted by alphee Lavoie (2000)

A major earthquake hit Haiti on January 12th, 2010 leaving hundreds of thousand of people dead. Let’s look at it astrologically with my discovery of using the parallax moon and diurnals.
I calculated a new Moon chart for December 16, 2009 using parallax. This is the new Moon prior to the event.


Next I calculated a diurnal chart using this new Moon as a natal chart for January 12, 2010.
The following chart is the diurnal from the new Moon chart of December 16, 2009 for January 12, 2010


Overlaying the diurnal chart onto our Locality Maps Astro Map program this is what was shown.


As you can see from the diurnal of January 12th the Ascendant is nine minutes from a conjunction with the planet Pluto. As you can see on the map. When overlaid onto the map, the Pluto rising line is right on Port Au Prince, Haiti.

The next diagram is a diurnal chart for January 13, 2010


Overlaying the chart onto our Locality Maps Astro Map program this is what was shown.


Now on the 13th the rising line passed over Pluto and the Moon and on the map it passed over Port Au Prince.
My method could be researched even more but I’ve done hundreds of charts using it and it seems to be extremely accurate to predict world affairs. By the way this was the topic for the lecture that I gave at the Isar conference in Chicago, 2009.
Copyrighted January 2010 Alphee Lavoie
The New Moon Diurnal MapsTechnique was created and copyrighted by alphee in 2000