Astro cartography new method president Obama

Astro Cartography’s New Method Applied to President Obama’s Chart

by Alphee Lavoie

My belief when working with Astro-Cartography is that it is imperative to look at the whole chart.  One planetary line is not enough to make a decision about where to move. I feel doing that is like Sun sign astrology. We learn astrology piece meal which is okay but in order to be a good astrologer you have to allow the entire chart to speak to you. That same principles applies to Astro-Cartography. It is necessary to find a place on earth where a certain house, its ruler, ruling planet and planets therein are at their strongest. For example, if you were focusing on finding romance you would focus on the fifth house. I created models for all of the areas of life found in the chart and each model contains hundreds of criteria that is examined.  Just for the fun of it I decided that I would put President Obama’s chart on the map using the ‘success’ model that I created. Lo and behold! He was born in Hawaii but he became famous in Chicago. Check out the map. The strongest location is where you see the red/fuschia mark. I have hundreds of examples where this technique works…and it surely works for our president.


If you want to see more example go read my article. Use this URL.
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