November 4th Election

November 4th, 2014 Election
By Alphee Lavoie

What does astrology tell us about the Mid Term November 4th election? On this past Election day the planet Uranus made a tight square to the United States Sun and opposed Saturn in the 10th house of power. The minor Midheaven was exactly in opposition to the U.S. Pluto. This tells us that the power in Washington, D.C. has undergone a complete shift. When the new elected officials will be sworn in this coming January, Uranus will be again in opposition to the U.S. Sun.
The secondary converse Moon is exactly on the descendant indicating that major changes are about to take place. You have to remember that the Moon is the dispositor of the United States Sun. We will see all of this out-of-control power exercised when the converse progressed Moon conjuncts the U.S. Uranus in February 2015.
Take a look at the graph below. Note that in February and the beginning of March there is the highest concentration of these aspects of power struggles, (Uranus and Pluto to the U.S. Saturn and Sun) and these aspects run through all of 2015. One of the best lines in the movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, was when Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) yelled to the little boy, Short Stop and the heroine when they were hanging onto the frayed rope of the collapsing bridge. He shouted in Japanese and Short Stop translated “HOLD ON LADY WE’RE GOING FOR A RIDE!“ Then Harrison Ford cut the rope. That’s a great example for what is coming in 2015 in the United States.  HOLD ON WE ARE GOING FOR A RIDE! All of the craziness will end on September 26, 2016 when Pluto will make an exact station on the United States Saturn in the 10th house.


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