USA and North Korea June New Moon

By Alphee, Written June 16th, 2009

If we calculate a new moon chart for Washington for the new moon of May 24, 2009 and place the chart on a locality map it is so easy to see that Uranus is anti-culminating in Pannyong, the capital of North Korea. We all know the chaos that happened after the new Moon.
In the middle of June there were rumors that North Korea was going to send rockets towards Hawaii. The rumor stated that it would occur sometime around July 1 ,2 or on the United States birthday, July 4.
I calculated the moon for June 21, 2009 from Washington DC. Saturn was anti- culminating while the new moon conjoins Pluto is rising and the asteroid America was setting.


If we look at Hawaii the planet Saturn, Mercury, and the conjunction of Neptune Jupiter were close but no cigar.
Another major configuration is that of the moon conjunct Pluto culminating exactly over Teheran, Iran. I think this will bring a lot of hot issues from that capital city in the next month.
My next step was to find a method to bring the energy of July 1st to the 4th to work with the maps. I thought about using transits but the mapping techniques totally depend on exact time. If you change time you get a different picture. So I used my New Moon Diurnal Maps techniques. When you calculate the diurnal chart you use the same birth time and latitude and longitude of your original chart. So here I took the new moon chart for Washington DC on June 22 and I calculated the diurnal for the beginning of July. I move in the planetary lines diurnaly day by day I found that on July 2nd going into July 3rd the planet Uranus would move right on the capital of North Korea. Watch for the rockets.
So that would bring the Uranus energy back there. The asteroid America is not too far either but now on that diurnal chart the planet Saturn goes right through Honolulu, Hawaii. Exactly what that means I’m not sure. But I am sure that Uranus back on North Korea’s capital city will bring a lot more chaos from there.
While looking at the United States chart on July 1st, Uranus will make a station retrograde right on the United States IC. The IC rules the our HOME LAND. Almost at the same time – July 3rd — diurnal Uranus goes through North Korea’s capital. The backward transiting Sun will be squaring the United States Saturn and Uranus will be in opposition to United States moon. And Mars will also be squaring the United States 10th house Saturn. The tertiary progressed Sun will be squaring United States Uranus while minor ascendant will be squared US Mars. All of these aspects are very tight.
Rockets were fired on July 3rd but never reached Hawaii.
If my rectified chart for the United States holds true there should be great chaos around our country’s7 birthday. I rectified this US chart 25 years ago when the Ncgr had a challenge to rectify the United States chart and they published it in their journal.
copyright 6/2009 Alphee Lavoie
The New moon Diurnal Maps techniques was discovered and copyrighted by alphee in 2000