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Market Trader Bronze Plus – the first step

In this article we introduce the simplest financial astrology program – Market Trader Bronze Plus. You will see that even the simplest AIR software program allows to make calculations that twenty years ago were simply impossible.
We begin with downloading the price history. The program supports more than a thousand of text formats, Metastock, CSI formats. Also it is possible to download price history using Yahoo financial server, eSignal, AmeriTrade and Interactive Brokers systems.
As in any technical analysis software, you can display any indicator there – moving averages, RSI, MACD and many others:

This is how your working chart may look:

Market Trader software (including Market Trader Bronze Plus) gives you ability to apply other techniques than those you may used to see in technical analysis software. These are astrological techniques. These techniques provide you a vision of the stock market from a totally different point of view. The core idea of using astrology for financial market is that astrology makes connections between things that happen on the markets and astrological events. And here the good part comes: we know when astrological events occur a way ahead of time (it is possible to calculate the actual date of any astrological event NOW for many years ahead). In brief, you would expect from Market Trader software the ability to find such connections.
,This ability is realized through different modules of the program. Let us start with the simplest module “Phenomena”. This module is a quick way to look at the price chart in regards to one basic astrological feature – planetary positions. Here is the difference between any astrological software and Market Trader: astrological software just calculates planetary positions, while this module of Market Trader gives you a picture together with the price chart. It saves a lot of time when you research how the position of different planets in different signs of Zodiac affect the price. If there is any pattern between ups or down and periods when some planet is in some Zodiac sign, you will see it immediately. This is how it looks, a price chart together with positions of the planets (in this example, the Sun, Mercury and Venus are shown) in Zodiac:

or display the price chart in respect to the periods when planets are direct/retrograde (in this example, Mercury, Venus and Mars are shown):

or, for intraday price history data, watch all moments when the transiting Moon changes the degree of Zodiac:

Using this module is very simple. And you do not need to know astrology at this point (though you may). Look at this “Phenomena” module as a set of patterns that you compare to your price chart. Choose them by their names and watch them together with the price chart. We have already calculated all these astrological phenomena for you. Imagine how much time it would take to perform these calculations using pure astrological programs!
Next level is using SuperSearch module. This module allows you to create your own astro indicators. Here you may want to learn some astrology (at least, names and basic ideas) – or you have to rely on statements of those who apply astrology for trading. In brief, this module is a toolbox to calculate quickly the astrological part of statements like “the next up/low is expected to be when transiting Venus/Saturn makes something…” and compare it to the price chart. This module is here:

Let’s create one of these indicators together. Suppose we are looking for this indicator: “the transiting Sun makes “good” aspects (60 and 120 degrees) to Natal planets”. You have not much to do, just fill out the form this way:

This is how this “Solar” indicator works in time:

This is one more example. It is another kind of “Solar” indictor; it shows the balance between “good” and “bad” aspects that the Sun forms to Natal planets:

You can create practically any astro indicator using SuperSearch module. As an example, try to create the indicator of the balance between “good” and “bad” aspects of the Sun to transiting midpoints. You can construct this indicator this way:

There is another module there.
When you deal with long term financial data, the Efficiency Test module may help you to analyze a big volume of information to figure out how astrological phenomena affect the stock market.
For example, we have analyzed all New Moons since the year 1885 (more than 1500 New Moons!) and calculated the Efficiency Test for this event. This is how it looks:

It shows that the price has a tendency to go down five days before the New Moon. This Efficiency Test module uses the models created in SuperSearch and looks more deeply into your financial instrument.