Horary: Timing your horary charts

Horary Astrology by Alphee Lavoie, C.A. Ncgr Level IV

Copyright Alphee Lavoie, June 13, 2014

We know that when working with horary astrology timing is the one of the most important factors needed to correctly answer the question. I always felt that the best time to use is the one when a client calls the astrologer and the astrologer has a clear view of what the client is asking. I don’t believe that if you get a question by mail that you should take the time when the astrologer reads the question. I’ve been doing horary since 1965 and I never had a question by mail. In the 60’s and 70’s 90% of the astrologers didn’t know anything about horary. Horary astrology only became popular in the early ’80s. I’m sure that back in the time of Lily questions by mail could have been quite popular.
Today we have some similar foibles to consider when asking the question. What if a person calls you on the phone and they get your answering machine? Would you use the time that you listened to the message to erect the horary chart? Or if you received an email…what time would you use?
Remember I said that the best time to use is when the client calls and speaks with the astrologer. If the question came on the phone answering machine that means that he asked the answering machine the question but not the astrologer. This is also true when you receive the question in an email. Nine times out of ten when the question came from email or was left on the answering machine the client goes on forever trying to explain what they want to know. When you read it or listen to it you are not quite sure about what the client is after. This is why when the client calls directly on the phone you can discuss all the necessary information of the question to give a correct answer. And when you completely understand what the client wants you are able to repeat that information back to have certainty of the question. This allows you, the astrologer, to hang up the phone and know exactly what houses to use to answer the question.
I receive a lot of horary questions from professional astrologers worldwide. And if it comes in an email or is left it on the answering machine they leave the time on the machine.
The hardest thing for an astrologer to do is to arrive at the right time for their own horary questions. They could’ve been thinking about the question while they were working or shopping, then they come home and go to the computer and calculate chart for that moment. When it comes to answering your own questions you need to mark the time when you were thinking about it and ask it out loud. But most astrologers do not do that. Again this is why I don’t use other’s time. When questions come in email or on the answering machine I tell the person to call me up and that’s when I go through the process of asking them for details about the situation and then clock the question.
Recently a professional astrologer called me because she had lost some very expensive jewelry. She left the time on the answering machine when she called at 6:20 PM. My wife, Carol, listened to the question the next day at 9:05 AM. Of course she marked the time. I wrote an email and told my client to phone me. I was able to ask her questions to help me find her jewelry. I asked her to recall when she last had the jewelry and if she was home or traveling. I also asked if she had visitors in the house and some other important things. Once I had enough data to work and fully understood her movements it was 7.23pm. I then told her to ask me the question and she did.
Usually I answer all horaries on the phone but this time it was after hours so instead I sent an email explaining step for step where she should look for her jewelry.
I use all the rules to find her jewelry as laid out in my book “Lose this book and find it with horary”. That book is in its second publication which is the revised and expanded copy. It is often referred to as the Bible for finding loss article by astrologers all over the world.
One thing to remember is that if I had used the time left on the answering machine I would never have been able to point her in the right places to look for her jewelry.
So when the client calls the astrologer that’s a time to use. After 49 years of doing horary and doing an average of 15 to 20 horaries a week. I still believe that’s the only way to do horary for accurate results.
A couple hours later I received this email.

Alphee, my husband tried to call you at 6:45 when he found the rings.
My husband found the rings exactly where you said they were – on my night table on the north wall with that 45 degree angle. They were in a box in the corner of the box.
I’m so grateful, thank you Carol and Alphee. I thought I’d never see them again.
I’m sending you a check in the am. God bless you and I feel like a dark cloud is lifted. SO happy.
Forever grateful