Election work in 2014

By Alphee

Some years pose a real challenge to finding really powerful electional charts. When searching for good election charts we prefer to have the advantage of a grand trine or many sextiles in the chart, particularly those to configure a kite pattern. According to Mark Edmond Jones the kite is a very powerful configuration because like the kite a child would fly in the sky, the kite chart pattern would also climb higher and higher.
Take a look at Figure 3 below. The patterns calculated without using the Moon yield only grand trines at the beginning of October along with long periods of T-squares. Figure 1 displays patterns in which the planets including the Moon use a 5° orb. As you can see there are a couple of grand trines that do not fall under the T-square. But if we use a 7°orb there are a few more grand trines as shown in Figure 2. Look at figure 4 which was calculated with 7°orb and no Moon for the summer of 2013. There are many more grand trines and lots of good kites which help tremendously in election charts.

Let’s take a closer look at the science of election charts. I’m sure electional work was very important many years ago when people didn’t know the time of birth or even the day that they were born. So astrologers felt that if they calculate a chart in which the heavenly bodies were in good aspect to each other to begin any new endeavor things would come out favorably. Astrologers know that when we begin something such as a new business, marriage and so on, each activity has its own birth chart. The common person may not be aware that any new venture undertaken has a natal chart but we astrologers know how importance timing is for beginning any new venture.
This brings up another point. Many people ask if the natal chart is more important than the electional chart. Today we can work with exact birth charts of individuals and we have computer software accuracy to calculate the planets within seconds of arc. So, should we pay more attention to what’s going on in a natal chart or the formation in the sky when we begin something new?

When two people marry we know from their natal charts their pitfalls and strengths in relating and can predict fairly well where the marriage is going. We can see when the potholes, bumps, and even separations appear in their highway of life. We can make very accurate predictions for the couple using the Davison chart as well. My research group, ‘THE GATORS’, has proven that from the researches in marriage that we’ve completed. With 50 years in this business as a professional astrologer I also verified that the natal chart, using time and dates that these two people got married, can also predict exactly what will happen to the marriage.
I have erected thousands of electional charts for many of my business clients. I see time and time again that more accurate predictions as to the outcome of the business comes from the electional chart rather than the natal charts of the partners. In light of that, when my clients call me to help them make a decision in business I do pay attention to the partners’ natal charts but put more weight on the electional chart when they began the business. I believe so much in election charts that when I take on a new business client I always have them reincorporate with a new chart.
But this still leaves us with an unanswered question. Is the natal chart more important that the electional chart?

FIG 1 Patterns in the sky using Sun to Pluto including the Moon 5° orb


FIG 2 Patterns in the sky using the Sun to Pluto including the Moon 7° orb


FIG 3 Patterns in the sky using the Sun to Pluto no Moon 7° orb


FIG 4 Patterns in the sky using the Sun to Pluto no Moon 7° orb


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