Did Syria use chemical warfare on August 21st 2013

Did Syria use chemical warfare on August 21st 2013
By Alphee

I decided to try my New Moon Diurnal techniques to see if it shows anything about chemical warfare in Syria. I calculated the new moon for August 6 at 2013 and drop it on the locality map. Then I move the planetary lines diurnally for each day until the 21st to the 22nd August. And as you can see Neptune on that day goes right through Damascus. We all know that the planet Neptune rules chemical poisoning. They are estimating that there were over 350 people that die from chemical poisoning on that day.


If I keep advancing those new moon planetary lines diurnally to September 1st and 2nd the planet Mars goes right through Washington, DC. If we have to attack Syria to punish them for what they did expect it on that day.


Where I thought this would be the attack on Syria instead, here’s what happened. It works with Mars over DC.
MOHMANDARA DISTRICT, Afghanistan (AP) — Militants attacked a U.S. base in Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan on Monday, setting off bombs, torching vehicles and shutting down a key road used by NATO supply trucks, officials said. At least three people — apparently all attacking insurgents — were killed.
The New Moon Diurnal Mapping technique was copyrighted by Alphee Lavoie in 2000