Can we predict breast cancer with astrology?

Can We Predict Breast Cancer With Astrology?
By Alphee Lavoie, Ncgr Level IV

The Astro investigators Research group better known as ‘the ‘gators’. The ‘gators began seven years ago in the state of Connecticut and today our membership is international.
Astro Investigators has done an intense research to see if breast cancer can be predicted using astrology. We determined that we have better than a 90% probability to accomplish that. Over the past three months I have collected additional data about women who had breast cancer so I decided to redo the research. For this approach we utilized all the charts for breast cancer as a sample. We then used the timed natal charts for those who had other types of cancer and used this as the control group.
In this research we employed astrological criteria far beyond what astrologers normally use.
We checked aspects, signs, houses, declination, occultations, intercepted planets in houses, planetary phases, planetary speed like acceleration, slowing down in direct or retrograde, out of bound planets, planet rising before the Sun or Moon, last aspect of the Moon and we also conducted an in-depth analysis of the rulers of the houses.
All of this criterion was then sent through our AIR software Research program which calculates and finds all important criteria with a Chi-Square higher than three. There were 235 astrological criteria with a chi-square higher than three. We then took the resultant files and sent those through the neural net module of the program. Neural net is a complex mathematic that details how important each criteria is. It then assigns numerical weights to each criteria in the resulting file according to their strength and how important they are in the research project.
Next, we sent the breast cancer file through the neural net module to see how well each breast cancer chart conformed with the model. The control group file was also sent through the module to see how well it conformed with the model. If the neural net model shows excellent results with the breast cancer sample file and very poor results with the control group file then that means that each astrological criteria with a high chi-square shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that these criterion only pertain to breast cancer.
The results are seen in figure 1 and 2. Figure 1 shows those with breast cancer while figure 2 shows the results of those with other types of cancer. As you can see by the breast cancer graph of Figure 1 almost all the charts show the strength of the graph to ‘Yes’ meaning that they conform very well with the model. All the charts in Figure 2 do not even reach the strength of ‘Don’t Know’ indicating that they do not have any of the astrological criteria contained in the file of those with breast cancer. This proves that astrology can differentiate between breast cancer and other types of cancer.


Here is an example to show that the neural net technique works very well in astrological research. I sent the charts for 2400 musicians through our research program and then took the results to send through neural net and let it create a model for musicians. Next I took to my two buddies who are musicians and sent them through the neural net module. I did not include these two in the research sample. One has had his own band for years and plays gigs throughout the week and the other friend is nationally known, plays gigs and teaches music at a very well known local university.


Breast cancer is headline news everywhere right now. After spending hundreds of hours researching the topic I believe that astrology can predict the probability of a woman who is susceptible to breast cancer. I felt that if I could get a large enough sample I could write an article in one of the major science or medical magazines. I’m sure such an article would put astrology on the map. A few months ago I sent emails to every possible astrology group that I could find on the Internet requesting data of women who had breast cancer. All I received were 36 charts for woman with breast cancer. And 90% of these charts came from astrologers outside of the United States. In 1973 I was the force behind changing the Blue laws in Connecticut. The Blue laws read: if you do astrology, psychology, psychic predictions or any kind of predictions with or without pay you will be fined $20,000 and serve 10 years in jail. We were able to remove the words psychology and astrology out of the Blue laws. Today psychology is accepted everywhere. What happened to astrology?