new way to look at thw astro mapping concept

A Research by Alphee Lavoie, NCGR Research Director
Certified C.A. Ncgr Level IV

Wouldn’t it be nice to know where you can make MONEY?   Do believe that if you move under your Jupiter line, you will be extremely fortunate with money and material things? Or maybe by moving under your Venus line you will have love?
I feel that using only one planet at a time in the Astro Map technique is like Sun sign astrology. As an astrologer when we first begin to learn our trade we learn it in small slices.  But when you work with a client you have to look at the whole chart at once.  It’s the only way you can help your client with astrology. Furthermore what if you were born with Jupiter in a grand cross? Would you want to move where Jupiter is on an angle? That would mean that all the planets in that cross would be on angles. We also learned that planets on the angles are the strongest ones. By moving Jupiter on an angle in Astro mapping you would have to live with that grand cross working against you every moment of every day in that locality. THAT’S NOT GOOD!
I remember a couple of times I talked to people who were certified in the Jim Lewis technique. I tried to explain to them that it would be better if we looked at the whole chart on the map.  In other words if you’re looking for love then find a place on earth where your ruler of the fifth house, planets in the fifth house and Venus would be well aspected. To me that just makes more sense. The people looked at me and said “SO WHAT”.  It’s funny how a lot of astrologers can be very narrow minded. They are not willing to look at the bigger picture. No offense to Jim Lewis because what he did was revive a wonderful ancient method of working with localities. Like everything else every technique can be improved. This is how we moved from the Stone Age to today. Today we are so fortunate we have computers to help us come out with better techniques and test them out.
I personally think that the energies of astrology are more complex than one planetary line on the map. How about finding a place on earth where the fifth house, the ruler of the fifth house, planets in the fifth house, the ruler of the fifth house dignified by house, and all the aspects to these positions and points are at their strongest. To me that’s the only place where you going to find true love! The same holds true for money and the second house and also career and the 10th house and so on.
I did a research using 1300 millionaires and discovered that very, very few made their fortunes under their Jupiter line.  Actually all of them found their fortune in the locality where their second house was the strongest.
Let’s look at this another way. Assume you were born with Jupiter trine the Sun. Would it be more logical to move to a location where you would have Jupiter in the second house trine the Sun in the sixth house, both in trine to the Midheaven? How about making the trine work with the Ascendant. This should be more powerful that just moving under a Jupiter line. I think every astrologer would agree with that.

Air Software’s Astro Investigator Research Program has a module in which we use NeuralNet mathematics to create an artificial intelligence to give weights to thousands of Astronomical/Astrological criteria. Using many different statistical mathematics to arrive at strong and weak criteria, the program will show what all of these have in common. Depending on the strength or the weaknesses of the criteria, it gives each one of them a weight value. In this system we use the usual Astrological criteria but go far beyond that. We use unusual, different, and out of the ordinary criteria, such as, planetary phases, aspect between planetary phases, planetary speed and acceleration, all types of planetary pictures and more.
The Astro Mapping software program uses these models to calculate and find where they have the strongest energy on the map. It then paints those areas in a reddish brown color. Our Astro mapping Locality Maps program comes with many of these models already made for you, including love, career, writing, traveling, retiring, education, and more. Remember, these models are very complex and weigh hundreds of astrological techniques and criteria.
I took over 1300 charts of millionaires and ran them through Astro Investigator NeuralNet program. The program created a ‘wealthy people’ model. The program can convert all these criteria to Astro mapping coordinates.  The beauty of this technique is that I can take anybody’s natal chart and find a location on earth where they have the criteria of the ‘wealthy people’! DOES IT WORK? SEE FOR YOURSELF.
The following map was prepared for Arnold Schwarzenegger. According to his biographical information Arnold moved to Hollywood from Germany with $20 in his pocket. It was in Hollywood that he made millions of dollars. Check out the map. You’ll see that the area painted in the reddish brown goes right through Hollywood.

According to the biography of President George Bush, he made his first million in western Texas. The following map using the ‘wealthy people’ model shows exactly that.

Ted Turner was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and he made his money in Atlanta, Georgia. Notice that on his Astro Map the city of Atlanta is colored in reddish brown, indicating that as the strongest place for him to make his fortune.

Years ago, I had a friend who was really poor. He couldn’t even afford furniture in his tiny apartment and had to sleep on the floor. In the late seventies, he moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Today this man is a millionaire and he made his fortune in Santa Fe. The following map uses the ‘wealthy people’ model and without a doubt shows Santa Fe as his place of financial fortune!
This is certainly one of the most exciting discoveries in astrology and Astro-Cartography techniques!

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