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Now offer your family, friends, and clients Natal reports, Transits reports, and Progressed reports! Each report is complete by itself!
The Natal Report includes a full introduction, Planets, Houses, Signs, Aspects, Nodes and Angles.
The Transits Report covers all the transits with dates of occurrence for the time span that you select.
The full Progression Report gives all the planetary progressions and ingresses into signs and houses. Run it for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years or for a lifetime!
The full reports are in color, on-screen, and easy to print. Also print them in color if you prefer. The horoscope wheels are also in beautiful color. The booklets make wonderful gifts for all. Print a Natal chart, Natal chart with Transits, and natal chart with the progressed chart.
You can also print a Natal Chart Profiler of GOOD & BAD DAYS which show the strengths of each planet – RED indicates a stress period and Green a positive period. The stronger the color, the stronger the energies.
The Following is a Profile for President Bush:

Sample Partial Report
Natal report for GEORGE BUSH JR
Sun in Cancer
Your spirit is fueled by your emotional exchanges with life. Home and family can be heartfelt needs. The keyword phrase for Cancer in traditional astrology is “I feel.”
Your drive to express your innermost dreams is strong. Privacy can be highly valued. You need some moments alone to recharge your battery. You are likely territorial in defining your own living space.
A shadow of watery Cancer is emotional fear. Another is unclear dependency needs. Master each of these tendencies and life will seem more rewarding. Self-honesty goes far in keeping you on the right path.
Relationships test your emotional nature. Balancing your dependency needs keeps your partnerships stable. Loved ones will rely on your nurturing tendencies and caring. Getting the closeness and distance you need could be important. Feeling secure with others is essential.
In business you can have an intuitive way of making the right decisions. Your ability to make others “feel at home” makes people want to trust you. Starting a business or special projects could be especially rewarding. A spiritual test is not digging up the seed before it has a chance to grow. Try not to second guess your abilities or opportunities in life. Allow yourself to remain open to new learning. Feel. Taste the many experiences that hide behind the doors of your subconscious mind.
Transcending old fears is liberating. Your allies are the power to make your fears turn into strengths and the capacity to forgive the past.

Sun in 12th house
Your Sun lighting up the 12th house points to expressing yourself through imagination and intuition. You are driven by your idealism. Finding a true cause and purpose is deep in your soul. You are sensitive to the pain and suffering of others. Psychology, metaphysics and aesthetics may be passionate interests. Spiritual values are important to you. Finding a sense of unity and harmony are motivating forces. Working in fields that allow you to help heal the physical or emotional wounds of others is a natural calling.
The Sun in this house challenges you to not hide from the truth. Denial can delay resolving problems. Believing too much in others can create unbalanced relationships. Clear communication keeps you in the light. Guilt is a trap. Faith in self and a higher power makes your life journey smoother. Be reasonable in your expectations of self and others.
Your creative energies merge with your emotions in this feeling-oriented territory. An artistic consciousness can make frequent visits to your psyche. Feel. Flow. Let your imagination guide you. Your healing energies get aroused by creative drives. Stay loyal to your heartfelt needs.

Moon in Libra
Your inner world is a people-oriented landscape. Your social instincts are accentuated. An artistic ability might be developed. Aesthetics can be a source of peace and joy. Creating beauty and displaying social grace are primary instincts.
You are more likely to become intimate with people and life pursuits that make you feel appreciated. A test is balancing dependency needs. You need not lose yourself in others or demand extreme amounts of attention. Another challenge is indecision. Know thyself. Concentrate on your own needs. Believe in your choices.
Relationships are an innate drive. Finding a soul mate can grow intense. You likely need a wide range of peers. Partnerships offering balance and equality are special. Shared decision making builds trust. You may be attracted to people with peaceful emotional natures.
You enjoy a home and family setting with little tension. You appreciate a city or community that offers romantic atmospheres and an abundance of places to socialize. Your geographical location needs to feed your inner being with beautiful nature spots and opportunities to establish stimulating peer groups.

Moon in 3rd house
The Moon glowing in your 3rd house symbolizes you seek comfort through developing clear perceptions. You thrive in a learning environment. Your instincts for communication and teaching are strong. Having a person to confide in is reassuring.
Emotionally intense situations may fog your reasoning powers. Stay cool. Let the weather clear. Honest communication points you in the right direction. Your words can comfort others.
Your home and community may need to provide an atmosphere of imaginative options. Live in a location that lifts your perceptions into worlds of greater inspiration and tempts you to leave the safety of yesterday.

Mercury in Leo
Your perceptions are dramatic in nature. Lively gestures are commonly seen when you communicate. Humor is relaxing and entertaining. Your ideas can spark confidence in others.
Willful opinions might get you into trouble. Expecting others to think like you is sure to cause tension. Express yourself. Laugh. Admit your mistakes. Learn from exchanging ideas. Keep moving ahead! Be sure to include those near and dear to you in important decisions.
A work atmosphere that allows you to be creatively spontaneous is enjoyable. Leadership roles can suit your capabilities. Influencing the direction of a company or organization makes you feel needed. You take great pride in doing a job with excellence. You do even better when others pay attention to your talents. Promotion and advertising skills might be utilized. Your mind is fueled by the mental adrenalin of the creative process.

Mercury in 1st house
Your thought processes lead you in search of energizing ideas. Communicating directly with others might get them to move in new directions. You may be quick to act on a hunch. It is fun to be on the cutting edge of innovative thinking.
Intellectual exchanges refresh your outlook on life. Be careful to not let nervous energy get the best of you. Being constantly on the go mentally or physically can get tiring. You need a lot of mental stimulation.
Communication and consulting can be skills. You might be perceived as perceptive. You thrive on exposure to various learning environments. Travel and reading can make life interesting. People encouraging you to explore alternative solutions to challenges are valuable.
Your mental powers are deepened through self- examination. Suddenly putting an idea into action could be the fuel to get you out of a rut or difficult situation. Alter or change your perceptions to find more positive highways.

Venus in Leo
You are attracted to people that are wealthy in material and emotional resources. Partners and peers enjoy your humor. Individuals who know how to make things happen get your attention. You may be seen as dramatic. Your enthusiasm motivates the creative urges in others. Finding a romantic partner is an innate drive.
It is important to own possessions that make you feel proud and very much alive. The giving and receiving of gifts is enjoyable. Generous individuals win your trust and respect.
Tension can result due to the clash of wills. Some flexibility on both sides will be required. Don’t be too sensitive over a bruised ego. You will not always get the attention you want. Your desire to be loved and appreciated cannot be compromised.
You are lively and high spirited when working. You probably don’t tire easily. Your cheering others on makes them more capable of great accomplishments. People showing admiration and belief in your ability are good for your self- confidence.

Venus in 1st house
People may find you outgoing and eager to meet new experiences. You can be fast to initiate relationships. Social interaction makes you feel more action- oriented.
You can pursue harmony through doing something rewarding that is just for you. You are more relaxed around assertive individuals. People able to accept you the way you are win your admiration. Don’t get too compulsive in looking for approval. Be yourself. Decisive partners and peers appeal to you. Your love of entertainment is easy to see. Generous partners are easier to trust.
You energize others when working. Patience. Others might work slower than you. Your tact and diplomacy are talents.

Mars in Virgo
The warrior planet placed in this sign points to initiating shortcuts to self-sufficiency. Find those skills that best make a statement about your capabilities. You can be bold in serving others. Exercising ferociously to strengthen your body is possible. Too many routines make you restless. Schedules keep you organized.
Change your daily habits once in a while to keep life interesting. If you get too devoted to perfectionism you can grow unhappy. Be patient in taking on new challenges. Be direct.
Avoid being too critical of self and others. Learn from your mistakes. Keep moving. You need work that gives you a feeling of being efficient.
Starting a business or a project is rewarding. Service professions capture your helping spirit. You can be tireless in business. Pay attention to all aspects of your life. Work hard. Relax in the company of your favorite interests and with the people you enjoy being with the most.

Mars in 2nd house
You can be spontaneous in entering situations to enhance your financial security and ownership. Fighting for your values and livelihood is a natural drive. Sharing your possessions with others makes them trust you. You can be a catalyst in getting people to improve their emotional and physical wealth.
Work that brings out your pioneering spirit is energizing. Taking a risk gets your adrenalin pumping.
Avoiding all conflict could keep you from experiencing growth and opportunity. People may like the way you put your resources to work.
You might show courage in dealing with crisis situations. Physical exercise has a calming effect on you.
Sun 90° Moon
Emotions and will power occasionally collide. People critical of your self-expression irritate you. You do better in not letting everyday problems get the best of you. Dramatic displays of creativity attract attention. Don’t hide your talent. Conflict with family members bothers you. Accepting the past helps deal with the present.

Sun 90° Jupiter
“Haste makes waste.” You detest limits. You believe in fighting for your principles.
Excessive indulgence in sarcasm and bragging will irritate others. A lack of confidence is contrary to this planetary combination. Show your stuff! Your restless energies need to be put into sports and work. People might get inspired by your enthusiasm. Look. Then leap! Some foresight helps you stay clear of embarrassing situations. Your communication power is persuasive and gets attention. Focus on creating greater understanding in your negotiations with people.

Moon 60° Venus
You are flexible in relating to people. Those closest to you like your caring attitude. Your sense of hair styles and clothing trends is upbeat. Overly intellectualizing feelings may be a defense mechanism. Being in social situations is exhilarating. Entertaining others in your home is enjoyable.

Moon 0° Jupiter
Travel is good for your soul. You are restless to find new learning material. Living far from your roots is possible. Your faith in others entices them to grow. You have the soul of a writer and teacher. Educating people is rewarding. You have a sincere desire to expand the knowledge of others. You could be impatient with people not willing to follow your advice. Watch overconfidence! You are probably fast to take advantage of opportunities.

Moon 120° Uranus
People with upbeat ideas accelerate your inventive thinking. You are more secure when life does not feel confining. Free thinking individuals and groups get you to think about new options. Don’t always look to others for permission to make needed changes.
You have good instincts to anticipate future trends.

Mercury 60° Neptune
Your mental and emotional natures can be nicely integrated. Intuitive hunches form quickly when encountering new situations. People with vivid imaginations excite your intellect. You may be perceived as persuasive. Too much concern over details confuses you. Pleasurable escapes calm your nervous system. Go slowly with big decisions. Listen to good advice. Follow your intuition.

Mercury 0° Pluto
You have a probing mind that enjoys going beneath the surface of things. Problem- solving could be a forte. Your business perceptions are pronounced. Research and deep study may be passionate interests. Fighting to preserve the life of an endangered species or society is possible. You are likely perceived as introspective.
Processing events long after they occur is a habit. Learn to transcend your most negative thoughts. Turning painful memories into positive learning experiences is refreshing. Privacy makes you feel safe and centered.
You bond intensely with friends and lovers that communicate to the deepest levels of your consciousness. Death and loss teach you much about yourself.
Studying the mysteries of life reveals much about you.

Mercury 0° Asc
People probably perceive you as mentally quick. You are fast to grasp new concepts. Diversity and change keep you mentally alert. “Thinkitis” could be a problem. Learn how to relax.
Exercise is good for your nerves. Discipline and focus deepen your perceptions. You have the persona of a writer or reporter. Communicating ideas is exciting. Teaching and consulting roles showcase your talents.

Venus 60° Jupiter
Your social instincts are sharp. Being able to change life directions quickly is an asset. People probably like the way you help them find options. You are fond of people able to deliver what they promise. Sharing knowledge with others is energizing.

Venus 60° Uranus
Exchanging ideas with others gets you motivated. You like people willing to be supportive of your goals. Business ideas could prove profitable. Versatility is an asset. Changeability might be a nemesis. Follow through on important decisions. You can display tact in getting your unique ideas accepted.

Transiting Sun 180° natal Sun
from now to Jan. 5 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 4 2003 08:42 AM
Transiting Sun oppose natal Sun:
Entertaining Spirit. Vacationing or dining with lovers is a good idea. Show your humor. Advertise your abilities! Avoid ego wars with bosses or those working for you. Do something rewarding for self and important partners.

Transiting Venus 120° natal Saturn
from now to Jan. 5 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 3 2003 06:34 PM
Transiting Venus trine natal Saturn
Flowing Decisions. Your common sense can be well received by people. The simple things in life may appeal to you. A highly valued partner can be “wined and dined”. Don’t let flattery from others deceive you. Consulting with a wise soul may save you time and energy.

Transiting Mars 90° natal Venus
from now to Jan. 5 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 3 2003 06:42 PM
Transiting Mars square natal Venus
Rivalry. Competition is in your veins. Partners might appear impatient with you. Anger issues might surface. Pushing a business deal is within your grasp. Act. Bargain. Watch out for a careless risk.

Transiting Jupiter 60° natal Moon
from now to Jan. 12 2003
Transiting Jupiter sextile natal Moon:
Giving Advice. Your counseling ability and faith help others. Opportunity is at hand. A more abundant philosophy may point you in the right direction. Giving and receiving emotional support adds greater substance to everyday life. Stay open to new truths.

Transiting Saturn 60° natal MC
from now to Jan. 18 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 3 2003 07:27 PM
Transiting Saturn sextile natal Midheaven:
Working Spirit. Your attitude is super in getting jobs completed. Organizational abilities are in great form. People working under you are cooperative. Leadership roles go smoothly.

Transiting Neptune 180° natal Mercury
from now to Febr. 4 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 8 2003 03:11 AM
Transiting Neptune oppose natal Mercury:
Intuitive Gazes. Follow your highest ideals. Stop to make sure you are not living in illusion. Communication with others is apt to be mysterious and stimulating. Transcending negative habits in relating to people inspires you. Your eye for detail is sharp. Color and beauty take your mind to other worlds. Your romantic partnerships can blossom. Focus on each other’s attributes. Keep criticism to a minimum. A union of your souls is exhilarating. Be honest with yourself and others. Your relationship with a higher power may become more intimate. Life might send you a special mission.

Transiting Neptune 180° natal Pluto
from now to the end date of the report Peak Date: Jan. 28 2003 08:12 AM
Transiting Neptune oppose natal Pluto:
Attracting Power. You may feel like you are in the right place at the right time. Power people may be generous toward you. Your talents might capture the imagination of others. A special partnership could inspire you. Letting go of a difficult situation fills you with hope. An attraction to unstable partners may deplete you emotionally and materially. A deeper understanding of death and the mysteries of life raises your consciousness.

Transiting Pluto 60° natal Jupiter
from now to Jan. 27 2003
Transiting Pluto sextile natal Jupiter:
Benevolent Attitude. Investing in the ideas of others is possible. Your own insights can prove lucrative. Adjust your expectations if needed. Learning lifts your spirits.

Transiting Pluto 180° natal Uranus
from now to the end date of the report Peak Date: Jan. 27 2003 03:31 PM
Transiting Pluto oppose natal Uranus:
Relationship Mystery. Lovers or new peers can challenge you to look at the world differently. Joining forces with a partner might help you both. Your insights into people can become clearer. Your inventiveness may motivate others to invest in you. A special group could help you find purpose and stability.

Transiting Mercury 180° natal Saturn
from Jan. 5 2003 to Jan. 8 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 7 2003 12:37 AM
Transiting Mercury oppose natal Saturn
Communication Strategy. Listen with an open ear and mind. Your romantic partners and peers might need your practical experience. Business associates probably want more of your time. Plan your schedule wisely. Dealing clearly and perceptively with employees or bosses is in the cards.

Transiting Sun 90° natal Moon
from Jan. 6 2003 to Jan. 8 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 7 2003 05:29 AM
Transiting Sun square natal Moon:
Lively Moods. Sudden bursts of energy can get a lot done. The adventurer in you is easy to show. People may marvel at your readiness to walk through obstacles. A loved one may need “a shoulder to cry on”. Strange mood swings can dominate. Be patient with self and others. Stay cool.

Transiting Sun 90° natal Jupiter
from Jan. 7 2003 to Jan. 9 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 8 2003 03:23 PM
Transiting Sun square natal Jupiter
Creating Luck. Your pride in your work may open doors. Faith in self is awesome. You might need to fight for your beliefs. Expansive thinking can help you reframe negative or confining situations. You can make important partners or peers feel better about themselves. Dogmatism limits you. Stay clear of judgmental minds.

Transiting Venus in 5th house
from Jan. 8 2003 to the end date of the report
Transiting Venus enters 5th house:
Social/financial fun! An outgoing spirit will probably lead to numerous people encounters. Great for expressing creative talents and showing a confident nature. Keep an eye on taking an excessive gamble. Watch extravagance. A sense of humor and a party atmosphere are accentuated. Purchasing clothes, a new hairstyle or travel tickets can inspire self-confidence.

Transiting Mercury 90° natal MC
from Jan. 8 2003 to Jan. 10 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 9 2003 06:01 AM
Transiting Mercury square natal Midheaven
Alternative Solutions. Don’t get mesmerized by what you cannot fix or change. Trying to settle an unresolvable situation may need a fresh approach. Think smart rather than work hard. A mental challenge could test you. Roll up your sleeves but enlist good help if available.

Transiting Mars 120° natal Saturn
from Jan. 10 2003 to Jan. 13 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 11 2003 01:14 PM
Transiting Mars trine natal Saturn
Managing Stress. You can handle difficult challenges with a relaxed attitude. It is possible to move fast and still be well organized. People want to follow your leadership. Authority figures support your actions.

Transiting Venus 60° natal Neptune
from Jan. 12 2003 to Jan. 14 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 13 2003 04:42 AM
Transiting Venus sextile natal Neptune
Breezy Relating. Your business instincts can serve you well. People can be impressed with your intuitive decisions. Fashion and fantasy are fun. Transcendental experiences excite your consciousness. Comfort and abundance surround you.

Transiting Mercury 90° natal Jupiter
from Jan. 13 2003 to Jan. 15 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 13 2003 10:38 PM
Transiting Mercury square natal Jupiter
Fast Judgments. Your intellect can quickly discern right from wrong. Don’t put your foot in your mouth. Promise what you can deliver. Stretching the truth may backfire. Exaggerating your talents needs to be reasonable. You can sell anything! Broaden your knowledge.

Transiting Venus 120° natal Asc
from Jan. 13 2003 to Jan. 15 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 14 2003 07:52 AM
Transiting Venus trine natal Ascendant
“Taking It Easy”. Self-indulge in being good to yourself. Your friendliness and affection means a lot to peers. Express your love of color and beauty. Your personality attracts abundant experiences.

Transiting Sun 90° natal MC
from Jan. 13 2003 to Jan. 15 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 14 2003 02:13 PM
Transiting Sun square natal Midheaven
Challenge Yourself. Take responsibility for that which is expected of you. Try not to force issues but do stand your ground. Respond to a personal test of your strength. Don’t let stress get the best of you. Balance work and pleasure.

Transiting Mercury 90° natal Moon
from Jan. 14 2003 to Jan. 16 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 15 2003 03:36 AM
Transiting Mercury square natal Moon
Emotional Reactions. Fast thoughts and sudden feelings! Someone close may need your clearest thinking. Stay on the move if you are restless. Get quiet if mentally tired. Try not to draw erroneous conclusions. Talk slowly, think inwardly and act insightfully.

Transiting Venus 90° natal Mars
from Jan. 15 2003 to Jan. 17 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 16 2003 10:21 AM
Transiting Venus square natal Mars
Competitive Edge. You may fight for your values. Your feelings and actions may be way ahead of your intellect. Forcing issues could backfire. Business dealings may need your most competitive nature. Unfinished projects by others may irritate you. Courage brings you to meet a challenge.

Transiting Sun 180° natal Saturn
from Jan. 16 2003 to Jan. 18 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 16 2003 08:29 PM
Transiting Sun oppose natal Saturn
Play Versus Work. Make time for the important people in your life. Your creative powers are ready for anything. Willpower and focus are in sync. Business savy is strong. Relax in the quiet moments. Serious people enjoy your humor. Control issues with a partner may be brought to your attention. Be flexible in business and personal relationships.

Transiting Venus 120° natal Mercury
from Jan. 16 2003 to Jan. 18 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 16 2003 10:09 PM
Transiting Venus trine natal Mercury
Relaxing Perceptions. Travel facilitates feelings of harmony. Thoughts are lined with abundance. Buying gifts is fun. Radiating your positive energies brings harmony to others. Mental challenges are easy to climb over.

Transiting Venus 120° natal Pluto
from Jan. 16 2003 to Jan. 18 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 17 2003 03:13 PM
Transiting Venus trine natal Pluto
Empowering Abundance. People can be attracted to your charisma. Embracing your own values yields fulfillment. Too much of a good time can exhaust you. Being in the company of those you trust is comforting.

Transiting Mercury 180° natal Sun
from Jan. 17 2003 to Jan. 20 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 18 2003 08:06 AM
Transiting Mercury oppose natal Sun
Robust Communication. People can be impressed with your insights.
Thinking romantically is easy. Relax your mind. Creative thoughts dance brightly within you. Speak boldly but do make room for the thoughts of others. You or a partner may get over attached to concepts. There might be joy from good news.

Transiting Mars in 5th house
from Jan. 18 2003 to the end date of the report
Transiting Mars enters 5th house:
Initiating risk-taking. Creative sparks should be widespread! You motivate people to act. Be reasonable in demanding attention. Don’t ignore those people near and dear to you. Let others run their own lives. Your hobbies and most pleasurable activities call to you. Social urges will probably be strong. Take chances that bring out your self-expression.

Transiting Venus 60° natal Moon
from Jan. 22 2003 to Jan. 24 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 23 2003 08:19 AM
Transiting Venus sextile natal Moon
Financial Instincts. You can make frugal purchases. Buying items for your home is enjoyable. Abundant inner feelings are confirming.

Transiting Venus 60° natal Jupiter
from Jan. 23 2003 to Jan. 25 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 24 2003 04:06 PM
Transiting Venus sextile natal Jupiter
Lucrative News. Peers or business contacts may suggest ways to make more money. Your affable nature encourages people to help you. Sitting comfortably with a book relaxes you.

Transiting Venus 180° natal Uranus
from Jan. 24 2003 to Jan. 26 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 25 2003 02:16 PM
Transiting Venus oppose natal Uranus
Opposites Attract. People may be intrigued by your lifestyle. Unconventional individualists may desire your company. Sharing aesthetic likes or dislikes with others can be fun. Your aloofness might disturb peers or romantic partners. Group involvements are highlighted.

Transiting Mars 60° natal Neptune
from Jan. 24 2003 to Jan. 27 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 26 2003 04:20 AM
Transiting Mars sextile natal Neptune
Hot Pursuit. You may actively seek escape. Surrender your stress to a massage. Right-brain experiences instill faith and sensitivity. Be good to yourself.

Transiting Sun 120° natal Neptune
from Jan. 25 2003 to Jan. 27 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 26 2003 02:55 AM
Transiting Sun trine natal Neptune
Heartfelt Escape. Go to the movies or find entertainment that allows you to escape. Your humor and confidence could help someone get through a problem. You may feel great appreciation for those you love. Waiting for the perfect moment to arrive could delay actions. Aesthetic self-expression or being entertained can bring you to a sense of peace.

Transiting Mercury 180° natal Sun
from Jan. 25 2003 to Jan. 29 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 27 2003 07:44 PM
Transiting Mercury oppose natal Sun
Robust Communication. People can be impressed with your insights.
Thinking romantically is easy. Relax your mind. Creative thoughts dance brightly within you. Speak boldly but do make room for the thoughts of others. You or a partner may get over attached to concepts. There might be joy from good news.

Transiting Sun 180° natal Asc
from Jan. 26 2003 to Jan. 28 2003 Peak Date: Jan. 27 2003 06:37 AM
Transiting Sun oppose Midheaven:
You may feel like you need some quiet time. Balance your private and public lives. If you need some rest and relaxation, take it! Though if it’s time to take your show public, let it rip. You will likely be extra sensitive to criticism. Listen to those people who really care about you. It could be time to get your home organized. You are seeking inner peace. Your feelings may intensify. Try to tune into your inner motivations for actions to maintain your clarity.

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