Learn horary from this Modern Day Master.

ALPHEE is known as the Astrologer’s Astrologer. Alphee has been doing horary astrology since the early 60’s. You have to remember that horary did not come popular until the mid 80’s. When  professional astrologers want a horary chart answered correctly, they call Alphee!  He has perfected the art of working with horary techniques and has counseled thousands of clients for over 55 years! He has been writing his much loved horary monthly column for Dell Magazine for over twenty years and has also written three best selling horary books:    

    1- Lose this Book…and Find it with Horary        2- Horary at its Best           3-Horary Lectures      4-Alphee has also created a fantastic  companion software program that specializes completely in only Horary Astrology. It’s called Nostradamus.  Check it out on our website.

This new series of horary lessons takes you from the very beginning steps right through to the professional level with many in-depth chart analyses.  Each lesson is packed with such incredible and invaluable information found no where else!  Even if you are an advanced horary astrologer, these lessons will teach you many of Alphee’s special tips and tricks  that he has discovered and developed from his more than 50 years of expertise! Included in the course is a PDF booklet of basic horary rules with pertinent information and as well as all the charts he uses in each lesson so you can follow along on screen and afterwards review the charts yourself.

This VIDEO course contains 22 hours  of 10 two hour classes plus an entire introductory class of horary rules and other important horary information that you need to master this subject .  Each lesson is taught by Alphee, the Master of Horary himself! In this 10 class course of 20 hours of study with Alphee he will cover planets, houses and people in the chart along with the rules to apply to read a chart accurately. He will explain how to properly clocking the time of the question, and where the chart should be drawn and other simple but important items. The course covers many areas: romance, career, finances, moves, buying, selling, surgery, lost articles, pets, relationships, gambling, choosing schools or colleges, and much, much more. 

This course will be the ‘State of the Art’ Horary Course for years to come!

20 Hour VIDEO Study Course   Price $269.00

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This day long counseling workshop was videotaped from a live presentation by Alphee in the Autumn of 1995.  In this workshop he brought in his 30 years of experience from being a full time astrological counselor.  

Alphee did something so special in this workshop that no other astrologer has ever done.  Alphee was the first astrologer to conduct a live counseling session with one of the participants whose name was pulled out of the hat! You have the privilege of watching him in action and you’ll be astonished and amazed by this… and you’ll learn how he approaches the chart with a client first hand.     

During the first four hours of the all day workshop Alphee discusses various methods of  counseling techniques; the roles that each planet plays in the counseling session;  the do’s and the don’ts in dealing with clients; definitions of the houses and the aspects.  All of this information is  presented in a simple, logical, practical manner so that you can apply this information to your life.

You will be amazed how astrology concepts come together!

The final hour and a half of this workshop is a live counseling with the randomly chosen attendee. 

This all day workshop is one of the very best demonstrations to show how astrology comes together in a counseling session. These DVDs will give you a deeper understanding about how the universal clock plays a role in our lives.  Remember, through the heavenly bodies God speaks to us. These DVDs makes you clearly understand this universal language.

If you are interested in any part of astrology this DVD is A MUST to learn from.

5.5 hour DVD  Counseling Workshop  $49.99




Alphee conducted this workshop for the astrological group in New Jersey and takes you from the basics right to reading the charts.  Alphee goes through the 12 houses explaining people, places and things and all the rules you need to begin reading a  horary chart.  Professional horary astrologers will find delight in the accuracy of his special tips and tricks.  Lots of chart examples are presented.  This workshop is a must for your astrology library.

This excellent workshop is a MUST for every horary buff!

5 hour Horary Workshop $49.99